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  • I can’t be a missionary! I don’t even believe in Jebus!

  • MK

    Definitely not what I had in mind when my girlfriend told me I had a one-night, free pass to check out other asses.

  • HolidaySpirit


  • I swear honey, I asked for the manager. Not the MANGER.

  • James A

    “Let’s name our own price online” you said. “What could go wrong?” you said.

  • (Donkey to Cow) “Is the dog drunk?”

  • The Occupiers figured out how to keep their wooden structure — Nativity Scene FTW!

  • The NeighborHood Reporter

    Boy am I Hungry, those animals are starting to look good enough to eat, Maybe Noah won’t notice if they happen to disappear

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. Sure. Angel of the Lord. Whatever, Mary.

  • OEP

    From the National Geographic feature on Nativity-Americans.

  • Well, I’m never going to lose my virginity with those guys around…

  • jm

    urban outfitters has the best displays

  • G. Willikers

    DC hipsters – bringing back the “no room at the inn” look

  • Anonymous

    The occupy movement finally hits Kansas

  • Holy Mother of God this has got to be the worst job ever. I am never temp’ing again.

  • Kevin


    • Kevin

      crap… holiday spirit beat me to it

  • dl

    Years of just kissing and holding hands. YEARS, Mary. And now you show up here pregnant. I don’t even want to look at you.

    • HolidaySpirit

      HA! Great photo, PoP, so many good captions to choose from and it’s still early.

  • MLO

    I still don’t understand why I have to sleep in the manger if we both know I’m not the father.

  • TG

    You’re right Mary, I am pissed. First, I am spending the night in a fricken barn, and second you decide to tell me now that the baby is not mine. WTF!!!

  • Capital Goatshare has not matched the success of a similar bicycle-sharing program in the District.

  • shhhmedium

    The very first episode of Maury Povich. In the case of baby Jesus, our lord and savior… Joseph, you are the father!

  • ShawGuy

    Things didn’t work out quite as planned in the Thurston Sixes at GW’s new co-ed freshman housing options….


    As it turns out, the Republican party was sadly correct, and allowing same-sex marriage in the District quickly resulted in other, “non-traditional” couples…

  • Come on…just the tip?!

  • Maestrobe

    Jesus Christ, it smells in here.

  • Caroline

    Mary punished Joseph for his decision to shave a chin strap and soul patch before he met her family over the holidays.

  • ebrandau

    This is the LAST time I book with Priceline!

  • jt

    Birthplace of Tim Tebow

  • sswdc

    I told you to turn left at the end of the road, but do you listen…no.

  • ZZInDC

    In the morning, Mary was still in shock over what she’d seen Joseph doing with the animals last night.

  • Anonymous

    Mary and Joseph found themselves in a “deep pile of sheep” once they realized that the StarBucks they camped out at would be closed during Christmas…

  • The DC Occupiers never learned what happened to the OccuBarn after it was auctioned by MPD…

  • Justin B. Morris

    “Are you kidding me, Mary?! You’re Pregnant?! And you want me to believe it was immaculate conception?! Jesus Christ! Wait a minute…”

  • Lisa

    And 30-year old Jesus is now like the rest of Generation X…living at home with mom and the pets.

  • “No room at the inn” my ass.


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