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New Home Being Built in Crestwood

by Prince Of Petworth December 29, 2011 at 2:00 pm 13 Comments

Dear PoP,

I don’t know the last time that you came into Crestwood, but in the last 6 weeks or so a brand new house has been under construction. For as long as I have lived in the neighborhood (2005), there have been two empty, wooded lots for sale on the right side of Mathewson, as one comes up the hill from Blagden. Well, there now is a new house under construction on one of those lots.

Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  • One of the nicest streets in DC in my mind. Good to see the rest of these lots slowly getting filled up!

    • Anonymous

      what makes it so nice to you? i just looked at it on google street view and i couldn’t disagree more. looks dull to me. no sidewalks even.

      • Great location (1.5 miles to Connecticut Ave) big lots (.2 acres or so on average I would guess), super quiet, but you don’t need to have two Lawyer/Investment Banker salaries to afford to buy here.

        I have no intention of living here ever, but I could see this as a wonderful alternative to a family who doesn’t want to have to move to Gaithersburg.

  • jm

    as far as new construction goes it looks pretty tasteful and the lot size works to keep that crestwood density.

    on the flip side of new construction, anyone been to foxhall rd lately? one of my long running routes brings me over there and it’s a mcmansion zombie attack, makes me feel like I never left the burbs.

    • Ugh, yes. I drive down Foxhall regularly, and there have been some monstrosities built over the past couple years.

      But for once beautiful streets now littered with revolting McMansions, nothing can beat River Road in Potomac, between the Beltway and Falls Road. Twenty years ago it was horse farms with an occasional tasteful (large) house. Now it’s covered with subdivisions of huge houses that look like they were modeled after Versailles, but made of plastic.

  • Anonymous

    typical looking uninspired suburban design.

  • Melissa Gilbert

    The wooded lot next door has been for sale for years.

  • There have been two wooded lots for sale there for years. And it always seemed odd to me that there were still wooded lots for sale to build to suit in the District, particularly in Crestwood and a stone’s throw from a great entrance to Rock Creek Park and crossing into Upper NW. But there they were.

    And then suddenly, the lot was denuded. At first I didn’t believe someone was building there, and that perhaps the owner had just taken off the timber to make a little cash.

    But soon enough there was a house being framed up. Truly new construction is just so, so strange in DC.

    As for the street – there are some nice houses down there and some boring ones. The mid-20th-century stuff in that area is generally pretty blah, but there are some older houses that are very, very nice and some modern space-age outliers.

    I don’t live far away, and at the right price, actually, at anything other than an obscene price, I’d move over there.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, there’s a lot of rush-hour traffic on that street both morning and night, at it connects to Upshur and is a mainline into RCP.

  • dj

    What’s wrong with just a wooded lot?

    • Nothing – there’s a giant one a block away called Rock Creek Park.

  • another mom

    We just moved to Crestwood from Petworth, and now live about 2 blocks from this construction. We had to stretch to buy here, and we bought a very modest home for the neighborhood, but every day I feel so blessed to be in such a lovely, peaceful area.

    • crestwood mom

      We bought in Crestwood 2 years ago (we live on Taylor) and because the house needed some cosmetic work we could afford to buy here with a *gasp* yard when the same $$ would have gotten us a 2BR condo in Logan or Columbia Heights (or a townhouse that needed serious work). We never wanted to live away from the main areas but in retrospect it’s the best of both worlds, especially with a 1yr old baby!


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