Dear PoPville – Mt. Pleasant Crime Alert

by Prince Of Petworth December 1, 2011 at 11:00 am 69 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user AaronLeavy

“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to let you know about a strange occurrence over the last 2 days in my neighborhood. My girlfriends car has been broken into twice in the last 3 days. On late Sunday/early Monday somebody smashed her back windshield and took a coat, but nothing else (although they clearly rummaged around the glove box area). This happened, according to google earth, at 1638 meridian place. Then, late last night (sometime before 5 45 am when she left to drive to her job at a hospital) someone shattered entered through the back right passenger door. Nothing was stolen this time (which is odd given that there was a GPS, but it was hidden under a seat luckily, just by chance). This happened no more than 50 yards away from the original break in – this time her car was parked on 16th about 20 feet from the intersection of 16th and Meridian place.

I’ve lived here for over a year and never had any problems like this, and I see broken car glass maybe once every few months. Have you been hearing anything about this increasing in occurrence recently? The police came and took photos and tried to lift some fingerprints as they think it might be the same person.”

I have been hearing about a rise in car break ins. So just a reminder to never leave anything in your car even if you think it has no value like a jacket or bag of gym clothes. It’s a pain in the ass but better than replacing broken glass.

Another reader writes:

“I live in Mount Pleasant and was hoping you could pass along some information in regards to the increase in break-ins in Mount Pleasant. Around 4:30 this morning, as I was walking down my stairs to grab a glass of water I saw a man on my porch in all black, with a black cap. Unfortunately, he must have noticed me before I noticed him because he was already running down my stairs and to the street before I made it to the door. No windows were broken, the door doesn’t appear to be tampered with, but I just wanted to get the word out about it so people in the neighborhood can be on alert. If you could possibly post something, it would be appreciated, just want to make sure everyone in my neighborhood stays safe! And it has not been reported to the police yet, but I do plan on calling them after work today.”

Ed. Note: No need to attack this reader – I told them they should always call the police immediately in situations like this. They agree, and have since alerted police.


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