AYT Auto Closing at 14th and R St, NW But Reopening in 2 Other Locations

by Prince Of Petworth December 1, 2011 at 10:30 am 46 Comments

Earlier in the week we looked at some renderings for a new building coming to the corner of 14th and R St, NW. As a result of that discussion, I was alerted to the fact that the super popular AYT Auto Mechanic will be closing next door. A reader writes:

“This morning I dropped off my car for repairs and talked to the guys about it. Confirmed. I was told the owner will not renew their lease and DC will not zone for an auto repair shop anywhere else in that area. There’s a condo (the Aston or something?) going up right next to the building, and the AYT building will not be torn down but renovated. Was also told there used to be a garage 10-12 years ago on 14th between RI and P or so, and the guy who owns that building now wants $45k a MONTH in rent.

They have a flyer on the counter announcing the closure and that as of January 2 you can visit their two other DC locations. Of course these are not as convenient for someone to drop off a car at 14th & R and then walk downtown. They’re aware of that and say customers have expressed their displeasure about losing that convenience and the overall loss of an auto repair shop in the neighborhood. The other locations will be offering shuttle service to help downtown workers get back and forth though, so that’s something.

I for one am going to miss them. They’ve always treated me right and they’re really nice guys. Shame that 14th St is becoming less a neighborhood and nothing but restaurants, bars, and high end furniture stores. Oh, and condos–you know, full of people who will need services. *sigh*”

I spoke to the folks at AYT on the phone and they said, indeed that Dec. is their last month. The two new locations will be at 620 I (Eye) St, NW and 2121 West Virginia Ave, NE.

In the past we’ve spoken about good mechanics here.


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