(Was it a) Good Deal or Not? “you can move right in” edition (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth November 3, 2011 at 1:00 pm 19 Comments

This home is located at 3035 Sherman Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Not a fixer upper-you can move right in! A great condo alternative. Brazilian wood flr. Decorative FPL (sealed woodburning “as is” ) Skylts. 3 blks to metro, shops, rest. New roof. Gas cooking. Outdr patio; front porch. Sherman Ave reconstruc proj featuring medians; tree boxes on going. Tub will be reglazed! High ceilings. Freshly painted Kit. updtes 2007. Home Warranty”

You can find more info here and photos here.

The reader is curious about what you guys think of the Sherman Ave streetscape project and how it affects prices. Also the fact that this went one went under contract in only 2 days. $299,800 sound right for this 2 bed/1 bath or you think it was bid higher?

  • Anonymous

    Great deal! Can’t hardly find a two bed for 300k and under and no condo fees. I pay 2k for a similar rowhouse with parking.

  • Chalk

    An amazing deal. I can’t believe it lasted more than 2 hours. Very charming and plenty functional.

  • DCster

    I imagine that triggered multiple bids/a higher price. The streetscape improvements should really help in that area. The kitchen is small/basic, but that’s typical of the Park View homes I’ve saw.

  • Renter

    First poster: where did you find your 2 bedroom for 2k in columbia Heights? As a recent transplant, I’ll say it’s tough finding decent housing!

  • M

    I would be concerned about living right on Sherman Ave and the tiny size. If you personally didn’t mind living on Sherman Ave and planned to stay there for the long term, then I’d say it’s a good deal. But if you were looking at it as an asset, I’m not so sure.

  • Dan

    774 Irving St, right around the corner, sold in 5 days at $410,000, $10k above the asking price.


    (I know the listing says 1300 sq ft, but there is no way those tiny houses are that big.)

  • The Heights

    I was in the “relatively good deal” camp until I saw the square footage. Overpriced for a place that size and in that location. None of the improvements really change that perception, either.

  • Kyle W

    I think it is a great deal. Wonderful condo alternative, in a great location super close to Metro and downtown. I am quite jealous.

  • SF

    Good deal, less than .5 miles from CH Metro station and around the corner from everything on 11th. I’m sure it went for well over asking.

  • Soozles

    Teeny, but I think a great deal. Not my style, but lots of opportunities to be creative. Good job!

  • textdoc

    Seems like a very good deal to me. Yes, it’s small, but it’s attractive and the major renovations are already taken care of.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there had been multiple bidders and this had gone over the asking price. It’s an excellent condo alternative.

    When I was looking last year, the only places in this price range either needed major renovations, were on sketchy blocks, or both.

  • Sully

    Good deal. I hope more of the same will show up like this little gem.

  • Cait B

    Thanks for posting, PoP!

    As a neighbor a couple blocks down the road, I was particularly curious to see what folks thought about this house and I’m psyched to see such positive reviews! I’d also love a follow-up on this to see what actual sale price was settled on.

    Another house (albeit a bit bigger and an end unit) recently sold for slightly $50K over asking in a similar length of time – http://www.redfin.com/DC/Washington/3301-Sherman-Ave-NW-20010/home/10033028 – so things certainly seem on the up-and-up on Sherman!

    • Cait B

      Oh and if/when we sell our house, we’re definitely going to ask PoP to do an owner-requested GDoN (in the event that it doesn’t get snapped up in a matter of hours, that is)!

  • mmm

    That price is not too uncommon for a house that size in that part of town — most need work, but you can get them for even less than this (I did). There are 2 for sale on the 700th block of Morton St and one a bit further up Sherman…similar properties, but need some work.

  • Anonymous

    652 square feet? For both floors? Is that even mathematically possible? I lived in a 740 square foot 2 bedroom apartment with a galley kitchen and I don’t see how it could have been any smaller. Am I missing something?

    • Anonymous

      Nevermind. 832. Still small but at least possible.

  • Austin DC

    Seems like a great deal, especially with its proximity to all those good restaurants on 11th. And Sherman is going to be so beautiful when they are done with it. Seems like a great little home!

  • D Yacob

    Walked into this place to see since I am in the market – looked great and is truly a Condo alternative, but it was just too cramped for my taste.


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