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Boloco Burritos Coming Soon to Downtown

by Prince Of Petworth November 29, 2011 at 5:05 am 53 Comments

Boloco is coming to 1028 19th St, NW between K and L Streets. Looks like they have a ton of locations in the Boston/New England area. Their Web site says:

“Food is what we do. It is what we stand behind. It is what defines us. We strive to provide our customers with the unexpected. To surprise the palate with every bite. Every ingredient has a purpose, a meaning and, when combined, results in bold and addictive flavors that can only be described as “inspired”. It’s about choice… a true variety of options that matter so that at the end of the day, we satisfy stomachs of all colors, shapes, and sizes. It is what makes us different. Not every option is for every body. We know that. Keep exploring. Your vice is on our menu, unless you don’t like food. But you do. This is good food to the core. Enjoy.”

You can see their menu here or in PDF below:


Anyone ever try their burritos up in New England?

  • BF

    I frequented the Burlington VT location. Its very good with fresh and interesting flavor combos. If I remember correctly, it is run as a very green operation. This will be a plus to the people who live or work close by.

  • jumpingjack

    I’ve never been, but I love the names of their sizing – Original, Small, and Mini (“Disturbingly small”). It’s like the anti-Starbucks.

  • I don’t know how I feel about an “inspired” burrito. Will it “knock my socks off?” What if I’m wearing Birkenstocks? Do I get pro-rated sockless discount? So many questions.

  • BW

    New England Burritos is an oxymoron. Like Southern efficiency or Northern Charm.

    • Jim Ed

      DC has both of those in spades.

    • Rachel


    • That’s what JFK

      only better

    • saf


  • dk

    I have been a couple times and haven’t been impressed. The burritos were pretty tiny and I guess when I get a burrito I want it pretty plain mexican. Buffalo chicken and asian fusion aren’t really my thing for burrito flavors.

    • eldad

      sounds like wraps to me…

  • Dans

    I’m declaring myself an expert. I lived in DC for 18 years and moved back in Boston this summer. I can speak to this issue! Boloco is the Starbucks of lunch around here. Absolutely everywhere and I’m not sure why. Many of my burritos have been surprisingly flavorless, despite a ton of seemingly high quality ingredients.

    In short, it couldn’t hold Juana’s hair net at the Adams Morgan Burrito Brothers. But that’s long gone, sadly. (Why can’t anyone steam spinach anymore?) It’s in the middle of the standard chain burritos. It’s not as deathly salty as Chipotle, probably about on par with Qdoba, etc. but better/healthier ingredients.

    • pc

      You lost all credibility when you cited Burrito Brothers as the standard. I nearly cried when I moved from California and found that (at the time) being the prevailing option around here.

      • The Heights

        Finally, a voice of reason. Burrito Brothers is a joke.

        • Rukasu


      • Dans

        And you lost credibility when you decided to move to DC from California. BAM! (Or something)

        • pc

          Oh, totally, and that is why I am trying to move back!

    • Anon DC Rez

      “Adams Morgan Burrito Brothers.”

      Oh, jeeze! Worse than Burrito Brothers?!? Now I *am* scared.

  • sameasiteverwas

    I have zero experience with this chain but am wary on principle and doubly so after reading their annoying “Food Philosophy.” It’s a burrito, not an invitation for an inspirational talk, folks.

    Then again, I like Chipotle, as well as salt, so what do I know.

    • Emmaleigh504


    • You should try the burrito at Don Juan. Big as your head, salty, and just in case it isn’t salty enough, they throw extra salt packets in there.

      • sameasiteverwas

        I will do that!

  • The Heights

    A New England Mexican food chain? DC has cornered the market on bad burritos.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, we need an invasion of Freebirds from the great state of Tejas!

      • Warder Kid

        + 1000

        Freebirds is AMAZING!!!

        Seriously though, I agree with most of you- a New England “burrito” sounds about as appealing as Pacific Northwest “gumbo.”

      • Anonymous

        Love love love love love Freebirds. I once had a layover at DFW and asked my parents to bring me a burrito at the airport.

      • Anon

        Well, technically, it is from Santa Barbara…land of many amazing burritos. Go Gauchos!


  • jm

    I’m from boston, used to go to these occasionally. definitely on the blander side of the burrito spectrum, but it is kind of nice that they have non-burrito filling options too (basically making it a wrap). I personally enjoy that their burritos are kind of small, because when you order chipotle, you know you’re going to finish it, and then you feel terrible.

    I wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

  • Anonymous

    You are all wrong. This place is delightful, and great for vegetarians, as it serves tofu. Hooray!

    • Eli


      • +1 cosign for the vegetarian options

        They make a mediteranean (sorry my spellcheck is busted) salad with tofu that was my go-to lazy lunch for awhile. Get it in burrito-form if you’re not afraid of carbs and want to try a tasty “inspired burrito”-which-is-really-a-wrap.

  • aaron-anonymous

    I went to college where there were two bolocos in walking distance. It’s good, not great. Their food is more of a wrap than a burrito, and actually their dish that is most like a mexican burrito is kinda crappy. but they have some specialty ones that are kinda good.

  • Hobie

    I don’t think of Boloco as a burrito place, since I always opted for the non-burrito options. I used to frequent Boloco when it was still known as “The Wrap”:

    I still think of it as “The Wrap” because I get everything but the “classic Mexican”. There’s a lot of overlap with Chipotle but there is a lot of stuff that Chipotle doesn’t offer.

  • Anonymous

    Boloco, meh. Now if Ana’s were to open up down here…

    • Hobie

      Anna’s is so overrated and underflavored. Boca Grande is slightly better, but mostly because their menu is more extensive.

      • yunkstahn

        Ah! The memories! How well I remember the Ana’s vs. Boca Grande arguments from my Boston days. Boca Grande won it for me because it was convenient for a quick work lunch.

        Between those two places and QDoba, Bolocco, and Chipotle, there were (and presumable still are) some serious burrito wars in the Greater Boston Area.

    • jm

      I think ana’s is pretty great but DC isn’t doing too bad on the taqueria front.

      this also reminds me about that upper crust in downtown, that ever open?

      • Hobie

        Upper Crust is open as far as Yelp reviews indicate… the reviews are mixed, but I think the Upper Crusts in Boston had mixed reviews as well. Or maybe that was just me.

  • Nick

    Boloco was in my heavy lunch rotation while I was working in Boston. It makes more sense if you think of it as a wrap place more than a burrito place. Anyway, I enjoyed it quite a bit and look forward to frequenting this location.

  • KR

    Holding out for the Arizona Lobster Roll Company, I hear they are great.

    • textdoc


  • Prince Of Petworth

    Boloco let’s us know on twitter that this location will open Mid-2012 and:

    “19th Street mid 2012. Bethesda Row too & 1 other we’re working on. It just got too cold in New England ;)”

  • Nikki

    I <3 Boloco. You guys are in for a treat. I live in Boston, so I've been a loyal customer for years. :) Food is tasty and the burritos are easily customizable so you get exactly what you want. The smoothies are also quite refreshing.

  • Native American JD

    Menu reads like more disappointing East Coast attempts at mall Mexican.

    • Anon


  • hcfoo22

    Like others has said, it doesn’t try to be mexican at all. I never understood why they changed their name from The Wrap. Either way, it’s pretty good. Not the most amazing food ever but a good option for a cheap lunch. I used to live down the street from one in Cambridge and went about once a month.

  • EyelessinGaza

    Like who would get excited over a dull wrap/burrito place going into a dull intersection like 19th and L??? And they’re going to compete with Baja Fresh only a block away, which is undoubtedly better.

  • Anon DC Rez

    The success of Burrito Brothers in the DC market for *years* has pretty much discredited DC residents from making any claims about how “good” a burrito is. Painful.

    When the Hell are we going to see http://www.buenachicago.com/ come to town? Perhaps we can drive out to Hyattsville and Shanghai some cooks.

    • Warder Kid

      Agreed- when I arrived here 6 years ago, I asked about where to find a good burrito and was directed to Burrito Brothers on the Hill.

      Let’s just say I chose…poorly.

  • Nice. I loved them up in Boston. Their barbecue burrito is especially good.

  • Lamont St grrrl

    I had Boloco last month in Cambridge, MA. I enjoyed my Asian fusion “wrap” and appreciated their broad use of tofu across the menu.

  • Mike

    Went to college at Northeastern, which has a BOLOCO on campus. Formerly known as “the Wrap,” my heart kind of broke when they changed the name to BOLOCO ( Boston Local Company). Despite the branding change, the food is more wrappy than burrito-y. Not as tasty as chipotle or qdoba, but also it’s not nearly as bad for you. Also, their “jimmy carter” smoothie is the worlds greatest banana peanut butter milkshake/ smoothie thing. Get that first.

  • sistergoldenhair

    It’s kind of silly to argue over whether Boloco’s burritos are authentic “burritos” or not, since what we eat up here in the US of A is not even close to what a real burrito would be like in Mexico.

    That being said, I like Boloco because it doesn’t have one-size huge servings like Chipotle, and the assorted toppings aren’t like other chains’ offerings.

    I think a DC Boloco is a definite plus.

  • cait

    Second Anna’s moving down here!


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