Washington, DC

Ed. Note: It amazes and saddens me how many emails I get every month about stolen bikes. It is very rare that bikes are reunited with owners but perhaps there is some therapeutic value in posting. Also, I hope it is a good reminder to be super vigilant about always locking up your bikes. Perhaps some folks will recognize these bikes – if so please leave a note in the comments where you may have seen it.

If you’re bike has been stolen send an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail with Stolen Bike in the subject line. Please include the location where it was stolen and let me know if you’d like me to include your email address with the post.

For the bike above:

“Custom made bike was stolen from outside of the Starbucks on 14th St. (Columbia Heights?) Attached to this email is a picture of the bike, since it was put together from scratch it is very distinctive”

“My wife’s wheels just got stolen, and we hope your readers can help us find them. The bike, a cream-colored Abici Donna (like the one shown in the photo, except with a wicker basket in front), was my anniversary present to her, and she uses it for her commute and all kinds of errands. Any tips will be much appreciated by us both.”


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