Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user bajidc

“Dear PoPville,

I keep on seeing black garlic all over menus in the area, most recently being brunch at Poste this weekend. I love it but I don’t love paying for expensive meals or shipping to order the black garlic from online stores. Any suggestions from PoPville for a good place to get black garlic?

Also, I’m from Catonsville where there is an amazing H Mart and I am dying for something similar around here. Is there anything metro-accessible that is comparable? Thanks!”

Back in Aug. ’10 I had heard some scuttlebutt that an H Mart (grocery store) could be coming to the old Secret Safeway on 19th St, NW in Dupont. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case. But the readers question above got me thinking about other coveted retail that we don’t have yet in DC. It seems like there are so many big new developments coming down the pike that we might be able to attract some.

Some of the places I’ve heard spoken about that we don’t have include: H Mart, Eataly, Uniqlo – who else?

So for the Friday Question of the Day – What retail do you want to see in DC that we don’t have yet?

And of course – where can you find reasonably priced black garlic? Would the Hana Japanese Market have it at the corner of 17th and U St, NW?


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