Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I was at Meridian Hill Park today enjoying the beautiful weather today, and had an interesting conversation with a gentleman about the recent addition of the koi fish to the pond there. I apparently had the fortune to bump into the man responsible for adding the koi. He said he purchased 80 small koi from a pet store and dumped them in the Meridian Hill pond back in June. 60 of them died, but the 20 that survived have spawned quite a lot of new ones. There were easily a few hundred medium sized koi swimming around, and countless little guys.

Normally they drain the pond during the winter. Are these koi doomed to die? I was also wondering if dumping fish into a park pond could end in some sort of fine/infraction from the city?”

Wild. You’re right – the pond and fountains get turned off for winter. Is anyone a Marine Biologist!?!? Sorry I’m actually a huge tropical fish enthusiast so this would be horrible if they were killed. Anyone have a good contact in the Federal Parks Department?


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