Washington, DC

Back in Aug. ’11 I was able to get a pre-preview of Boundary Stone coming to 116 Rhode Island Avenue, NW in Bloomingdale.

At the time I could only get a taste of how cool the place was going to look. Now it is confirmed how cool this place looks:

In August we were told that they’d definitely be opening in Autumn – and as you can feel it the air Autumn has arrived. Boundary Stone has received their C of O yesterday and pending a few more final details they could open as early as this Friday or possibly later next week. I’ll be sure to update/tweet an exact date when it is chosen.

Back in August we got a look at the menu but here’s a look at the beer list:

This is one of the bars where your jaw just drops when you enter because of the transformation. For those that live in the area this should take a little sting out of the Shaw’s Tavern debacle. Boundary Stone is a big score for Bloomingdale.

A few more shots of the inside, including an old school juke box, after the jump.


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