Scuttlebutt Confirmed: 4 Fields (4Ps) Closing in Nov. in Cleveland Park

by Prince Of Petworth August 9, 2011 at 10:30 am 46 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I shared some scuttlebutt that 4 Fields (formerly 4Ps) would be closing in Nov. at 3412 Connecticut Ave, NW in Cleveland Park. The owner confirms on the Cleveland Park listserv:


Sadly the rumors are true. It is with heavy heart and with much regret for me to inform you that Ireland’s Four Fields will close on November 5, 2011. Unfortunately, the requested increase in monthly demands will not make it economically feasible to remain at this location. It is my understanding that the building will be leased to a chain restaurant.

Ireland’s Four Fields (the old 4P’s) has been a member and a proud contributor to the DC community and especially to Cleveland Park for over 35 years. We are a neighborhood and a DC icon. We have been host for numerous events: fundraisers, reunions, receptions and wakes, among other things. Many, many wonderful memories were made here. I discovered many years ago that no matter how far I traveled, I would always run into someone that had either been here or had heard of us.

As for me, I have come full circle. I opened the doors to the 4P’s in 1976 as manager, one of the few Irish restaurants at that time, and I will now be here the day the doors close.

My intentions are to reopen at a different location and I have several options which I am currently exploring. I will be sure to keep everyone updated.

I would like especially to thank all of you for your continued patronage and friendship over the years. I have enjoyed meeting all of you. I hope to see all of you before we close.


The owner mentions that he hears the space will be leased to a “chain restaurant”. Back in Nov. I heard a McFadden’s had leased the space. I’ve heard a little bit more scuttlebutt on that front. I am still hearing that the ownership behind McFadden’s has leased the space but there is actually a different concept planned. So it is very unlikely that we’ll see a clone of McFadden’s on Pennsylvania Ave, NW set up shop here. It’s not even clear what the new name will be. In Nov. I’ll try to get more details. And if 4 Fields finds a new location, I’ll be sure to update that info as well.


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