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Bonus Friday Contest – Win 2 Tix to Thievery Corporation Tomorrow!

by Prince Of Petworth August 19, 2011 at 9:30 am 43 Comments

Thanks to 9:30 Club for offering up two tickets to tomorrow’s Thievery show at the SW Wharf (Kastles Stadium) tomorrow.

As always just let me know why you want to go and I’ll pick a winner at 4pm!

Ed. Note: Last time a reader complained that I only picked heart wrenching stories that can’t possibly be beat by “normal people”. In addition to some heart warming winners, well, I’ve picked winners who’ve entered first, entered last, and other completely random picks. So fear not and good luck!

Also please make sure you have access to email at 4pm to confirm winning. If I don’t hear back in 15 minutes I’ll have to pick an alternate winner.

  • Anonymous

    Because I really, really, really want to see them! And I promise to wear a PoP t-shirt and take pictures!

    • no-email

      And I’ve been so out of it all week that I forgot that you’d need my email!

  • Anonymous

    They were awesome last night at 930.

  • Anonymous

    Because it’s been way too long since I’ve had a chance to get jiggy!

  • TC!

    I would love to go! This is my last free-to-do-whatever-I-want weekend before starting grad school, which will include studying every weekend since I also work full-time. It would be a really cool way to say goodbye to (most of) my down time for the next two years. Plus I’m curious about the venue (never been) and some of the other acts on this list.

    • Caroline

      Yikes, you’re completing grad school in two years AND working full time? I’m on the 6-year plan and it’s still been rough at times, especially when I’m on travel a lot. If I were you I’d start with just one class this semester, to ease your way into it. You’ll get burnt out trying to do too much at once.

      • TC!

        Caroline, good points. I’m definitely a little nervous about the intensity of the next couple of years, but I think it also really depends on your specific program and its requirements. I’m starting with two classes per semester. I hope to not burn out too too fast, though I’m sure I will, at some point.

        • Caroline

          That’s true. I’m doing electrical engineering and some of the classes require a ton of work, although there are others that are easier. I recently started doubling up on classes (I had to miss a few semesters because I was traveling too much) and aside from the exhaustion of having two 14-hour days back-to-back it hasn’t been too bad.

          Anyway, best of luck to you! I’m looking forward to the new semester myself and I’m sure I’ll be missing it next year when I’m done.

  • Michael

    Because I just got back in town after two weeks of being out for work, and I find out a lot of my DC friends are already going. I’ll probably just be at home receiving their cool picture/video messages :( …. very sad, i know.

  • Sully

    I have lived here for 6 years and have never seen them and I am ashamed to call myself one of PoPville for this infraction.

    • anon

      I’ve lived in the area most of my life and never heard of them until I started reading local blogs.

    • Caroline

      Same here! And I think I’ve been a fan longer than 6 years. I already ahve my tickets to this show. :)

  • jill

    Becuase i just turned 34 and am thinking it would be a good time to work on turning up the cool in my life. a theivery corporation show could help kick start that…

  • Jen

    Because I love their music!….AND because I’ve had a rough week at work and could REALLY use this to unwind and end the week on a good note!

    P.S. – I love that it’s at Kastles Stadium because the venue is not very big…so I’ll have a great view no matter where I sit! :)

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Congrats to Jen.

  • B

    Because of all the money I’ve spent taking dates to 18th Street Lounge

  • Julesonprinceton

    Because summer is almost over and this would be the biggest thing I would have to talk about when people ask, How was your summer and they really only wnat to brag about theirs.

  • DD

    Because Thievery Corporation is awesome! I have been listening to their music for the past 5 years, and they just make one of the best music out there. I’d buy a ticket, but I’m literally too broke to get a ticket for a concert.

  • Cornholio

    B/C I have never seen them in DC. And I live in a van, down by the river, conveniently located near the Kastles Stadium.

  • John

    I’ve eaten Indian food for the past 4 days straight in a row and I have been unable to go to the bathroom. I need the Thievery Corporation tickets to reach catharsis. Please consider my bowel movements.

  • Josh

    Because I want to take my friend Jason who just got laid off (and can’t afford to go do anything these days).

  • PICK ME PICK ME!! :) why? cuz its good to see the boys’ homecoming!… plus frankly, I’m so broke, I decided to sell my soul to the devil, only for him to ask for a refund! ..baddomch! :( anyway, would be awesome-blossom to get to see TC at an awesome stadium! kthnxbai!

  • Clif

    I would like to give them to my brother and his wife. They are big fans and he was just telling me this morning about how he wanted to go but couldn’t afford too.

  • PG

    Who won the Dylan tickets?

  • joe

    Because my wife is neither Lebanese nor Blonde!

  • GreenRoofGoddess

    Because I have only 7 weeks to go before I have our first baby–so this will likely be our last concert for a loooong time. My hubby is a HUGE fan, and introduced me to Thievery almost 10 years ago before we even moved to DC. He’s been awesome during my pregnancy, so this would be a great surprise for him. PLEEEEEEEASE!

  • grateful

    Props to the Thievery Corporation for staying loyal to IMP! They put on an amazing show, and I’d love to go. Pick me!!!


  • NW’s Finest

    I love DC! I love live music! I would love to check out more incredible live music here in DC!

  • Corrine

    Because I’ll tell everyone I know to follow @PoPville on Twitter… ;)

  • ShawRes

    Because the first time I saw them in 2003 at 9:30 we got pulled backstage twice by the same dreadlocked horn player, even though we’re a bunch of dudes, and while that was pretty awesome and I gave Eric and Rob a hug, their shows have become staid and predictable ever since, so I’d probably just scalp the tickets if I got them.

    But have fun everyone! Guarantee they end the night with “Warning Shots” and every college kid in the audience goes nuts with “Lebanese Blond.”

  • MishiL

    I would love to win the tickets – my boyfriend is a long time Thievery fan, but in all of the 10 years we’ve lived here he has never logged on early enough to get tickets to a show! I would love to be able to take him to one, finally!

  • MnomeNa

    Live music. Kastles Stadium. 1 year of living in SW! <3

  • Tina

    Pick ME!!! Because I would love to take my boyfriend to the show and dance with him all night! :)

  • Pixelww

    I would like 2 tickets the Theivery Corporation’s concert because…. they are Freakin’ Awesome! :)

  • Jo

    Because I heart bongos!

  • RB

    just because…you’d make my day.

  • Jason

    Because I’ve listened to them for a while and think it would be great to see them live.

    No stories here, I’m just a guy that likes TC.

  • aaron-anonymous

    I saw them at FreeFest last year and often long to be back under the sun just taking in their terrific music live. And a quick Google search shows that Kastles Stadium is open air and it’s going to be sunny tomorrow — perfect!

  • Broke in SE, Lovin’ TC

    Because my new kitchen cabinets were delivered today (I no longer have a dining room) and the automatic gate is being installed in our backyard as we speak. Basically, I am broke and can’t afford the price of admission!

  • Jeff

    Bought _The Mirror Conspiracy_ when I was in 7th grade and to this day and evermore owe it to them for opening my mind to a wide array of new music/cultural rhythms.

    …a prime example is discovering Bebel Gilberto (ft. vox on Thievery’s “So Com Voce”), whose “August Day Song” is a joy– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV8PoUWQ5tc. Awesome respect for Thievery’s genre-fusing finesse and influence. An August day with them live would be unreal.

  • Annie Waits

    Me me me! Because I am training someone 30 years my senior at work, and have had to demonstrate more patience than I have ever had to use before! And because it will make my husband extremely happy!

  • Sarah

    not for me but for my boyfriend who is a huge thievery corporation fan, has all their music and has been following them since very early on. he really really really wanted to go to this show. he’s at a job interview right now, and doesn’t even know about the extra ticket giveaway, so i’m his ticket getter proxy person. so please please please. it would really make his day. he’s been looking for another job recently with no luck. he needs a little luck and something to cheer him up. so what do you say prince of petworth? pretty please with sugar on top?


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