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Your Afternoon Animal Fix

by Prince Of Petworth July 28, 2011 at 3:30 pm 23 Comments

If you have any fun or interesting animal/pet photos please shoot me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say what neighborhood you’re from or upload to the PoPville flickr pool with your pets name and neighborhood. I can’t guarantee I’ll get them all posted but I’ll do my best.

“Minnie Pooper woke up from her nap to watch Falkor the luckdragon from Never Ending Story. She lives in Capitol Hill.”

“This is Viola J. Fatpants, who lives in Columbia Heights. She’s as tough as nails, but is not supposed to be on the bed.”

“Bosco from Bloomingdale picking up his Old Fashion from the Dunkin Doughnuts on Rhode Island Avenue.”

  • C3PO

    I want those dogs! Heads up to the owners: if I see your dog, I’m totally going to kidnap him. :)

  • A

    Bosco! +1,000,000,000,000

  • Megan

    Oh, Bosco, I know that look. I get it from my Zoey all the time. Just let go of the napkin! Paper is not food.

  • anonimouse

    Wow! what a look from Bosco! Oh please, if you take this napkin from me give me something else tasty!

  • Andy(2)

    Bosco (Seinfeld reference?) is the new Ernie.

  • elcal


    • Monster Cow


      I’m with you homey. Falkor for life.

  • ET

    I guess Viola’s human has as much success keeping Viola off places as I do. Which is to say, none at all.

    • spirit

      Fortunately, viola’s excessive weight limits the number of places she can venture.

      • MaryEdith

        This must be a good angle for her. She looks quite petite!

  • ToCareNotTo

    Who’s a little cutie?

    Mini Pooper is a little cutie ohyessheis

  • Eli

    Minnie Pooper is cute! What breed is she?

    • Vest

      Looks like a Bichon Frise

  • LA

    OMG this is the funniest Animal Fix.

    They all look guilty in some way, especially Bosco!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Viola is a pretty kitty!

  • dt

    The phrase “not supposed to be” is not in a cat’s vocabulary. There’s only “can do anytime” and “can do when Bowl Filler is out of the room”.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Also “can do while looking the human in the eye but stopping & running away before she can reach me”. My cat is fond of that one, I call it, “stop scratching the damn couch!”

  • Bloomingdude

    Fssssst! Kitty off the bed! Fsssssssssst!

  • Call me that asshole…


    sorry, I had to.

  • CE

    I want to steal Bosco. That face!!!

  • Griffin

    Hey Bosco, want to wrestle? Winner gets the doughnut.

    Meet me outside after our walks…

  • Bosco

    Griffin! It’s so on!

  • La

    Minnie Pooper’s theme song goes like “my name is Minnie boom boom, you got to scoop my doo doo”


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