Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth July 28, 2011 at 3:00 pm 23 Comments

This rental is located at 1445 Ogden Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“The closet is soooo big…you will use it as a bedroom!! Ready for move in 9/1/11.

Tivoli Gardens Apartments- Sorry NO PETS!

Professionally managed by Borger Management featuring — loads of natural sunlight, beautifully manicured landscaping , crispy hardwood flooring, on site laundry facility, walking distance to Columbia Heights metro, a few blocks from major grocery stores, Target, Marshalls, Best Buy, Chipotle, Panda Express, Starbucks, Adams Morgan, Downtown DC and Wisconsin Ave. (who needs a car with a location like this?)

We are located inside the heart of the City!

Extremely low move fee $350 (no security deposit) application $45

Walk into this completely renovated home and you will never want to leave. Units have brand new hardwood flooring while others have perfectly refinished hardwoods. The kitchen has been completely re-done with granite counter tops, tile flooring, built in microwaves and a breakfast bar. If closet space is what you need. . .this home is for you. Rather it’s a studio, one bedroom or two bedrooms. . .we have you covered with plenty of closet space.

We offer all utilities paid Except electric, free window treatments, A/C, cable ready, ceiling fans, on duty security, 24 hour emergency maintenance, on site management office, front desk service”

$1066 sound right for a studio here?

  • caballero

    What is “crispy hardwood flooring?”

    • Woof

      Itttttt’s bacon!

      • TEM

        Mmmmm…tasty, tasty flooring.

    • MtP

      My question, too…along with “Who writes these things??”

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know much about that specific building or the mgmt company but $1066 including some utilities seems like a pretty decent deal.

    • textdoc

      It sounds like the only utilities they cover are gas and water.

      Somehow “all utilities except electric” seems like strange phrasing to me. Like “all letters from A to C, except for C.”

      • styglan1

        big building would mean central AC and hot water, no? that would be a pretty darn sweet deal, IMHO.

        • Meg

          Window unit = no central air.

  • Anonymous
    • textdoc


      Most of the positive reviews look suspiciously like they were planted by management.

  • MTP

    If it’s Borger Management, don’t walk, run, run, run away as fast as you can!

    Let me tell you the tale of Harvard Hall and the infestation of cockroaches, both great and small.

  • Anonymous

    Why would I want to flush $350 down the drain (move-in fee) rather than loan them $1000 (security deposit)? I guess some people might not have the money but if you’re moving from another place presumably you have the deposit from your old place? Just seems like a raw deal.

  • Yes

    Does anyone know anything about the Envoy, which I believe is another Borger property?

    • Anonymous

      Oh my yes! I lived in the Envoy for 5 years. I wouldn’t recommend it. Not the worst building, but probably the least responsive management ever. The location is good though, and they just got new windows, but the appliances are wicked outdated and the building has problems.

      Our apartment in the Envoy flooded twice, and this resulted in gross mold growing inside the drywall and in the dingy carpet. They cleaned the carpet, but just painted over the wet walls, so we had a constant mold problem. Also, I don’t know if the new windows have helped solve this, but the building was poorly insulated. Get ready to pay a high price to heat the apartment in the winter and to cool it in the summer. Beyond that, the other cons were consistent increases in rent, not obeying DC recycling laws, and poorly functioning washing machines.

      Good stuff about the Envoy was proximity to Harris Teeter, great staff at the front desk, thick walls to cut out the sounds of your neighbor making sweet love to some guy named Steve, and very few roaches. I think they may have updated a few apartments, so it’s worth a look now, but I think you can probably get more for your money just about anywhere else.

      • Yes

        Great info – thank you!

      • Steve

        ,,,and it was great!

      • H Street Landlord

        Couldn’t have been too bad if you chose to live there for five years.

  • Grand Funk

    “Extremely low move in fee” …come on, I still can’t bring myself to pay somebody to allow me to move my stuff into an apartment that I am paying rent to them

  • thomasrufus

    I’m actually going to check out this place on Saturday. I’ll report back. Seems like a good deal (if there are no bed bugs!eek!). Guy said the studios are around 600 square feet ranging from $1002 to $1226.

  • krod

    I am with the others re: move-in fee. I like how this ad tries to trick you by advertising the “extremely low” Charge You For No Reason Fee. Cute.

  • Move-in fee? BS. At least you get a security deposit back. Ogden is a bit too far north for my liking as well.

  • Anonymous

    So I’v lived here for about 5 months, so here’s the low down of Tivoli Gardens

    Firstly, by some luck (due to rent control rules) I got my studio for $950 :) Before I took up the place I did a whole lot of research so yes I read up about the roach rumors, the bed bug stories etc, and Im glad I disregarded all of that BS.

    The apartment – Its INCREDIBLY big. I have my bed in the giant closet so that the rest of the apartment is more of a living space. All the appliances were as good as new, the bathroom was redone, the kitchen was redone. Even if they were lieing about it, it looked brand new (and thats good for me). Plenty of light, plenty of space to host guests (iv had almost 6 ppl crash during 4th July). Iv had several parties, and never had noise complaints.

    the management – borger seems like they know what they are doing. keep in mind, borger took over the place only abt 2 years ago, so all these renovations are part of their effort to upgrade the entire place. they are incredibly good with responding with service requirements (granted Iv never had anything serious go wrong)

    the neighborhood – yes it can seem dodgy, yes you need to be careful late in the night if you are walking by yourself BUT that should go without saying for most DC neighborhoods. if you are careful and aware of your surroundings, there’s nothing to worry about. if random harmless people standing on the street freak you out, then you need to grow up a lil. Having said that, if you are a girl new to the city, its best you get warmed up with Dc in a ‘safer’ neighborhood like van ness, cleveland park or heaven forbid arlington.

    there are a TON of bars within crawling distance, several great cheap restaurants, and anything in the city is a 10 min bike ride away. as for the bed bugs,roaches, rats.. all i can say is that I’v never had any issues and its coz I clean shit up !

    i agree $350 is money down the drain. but hey i can live with that since i pay just 950 a month ! after all that group house interviewing ordeal, im glad i have a place i can call my own !

    • Anonymous

      “all i can say is that I’v never had any issues and its coz I clean shit up !”

      Hate to break it to you but it has absolutely nothing to do with that.


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