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Dear PoPville – Anyone Know What’s Going on with the Buildings next to Yale Lofts

by Prince Of Petworth July 28, 2011 at 4:00 pm 12 Comments

“Dear PoPville,

Walking home yesterday, I noticed that a fence had been installed around these two buildings next door to Yale Lofts on New York Avenue, NW.

Any news on what the definitive plans are for these to buildings or this lot? One is a gorgeous victorian home, and I would hope that at least the facade is preserved.

Does anyone know if these are going to be part of the Yale complex or is this lot going to be something entirely on its own?

Anyone know for sure?”

I’m really hoping these get restored. I’m eager to see what they end up looking like on the inside. Anyone know who the developer is?

  • Anonymous

    Developer is Bozzuto. Think the ultimate plans are to have the historic houses moved to the perphery of the lot and preserved, and the rest of the lot developed into a mid-rise (7-8 story) apartment or condo building. There aren’t really good economies of scale to this project though, and it is costly to move and restore these old buildings. I think Bozzuto is also having the same issue across the street, where they own a plot with a nondescript “historic” warehouse (so declared by HPRB) that needs to be preserved as part of any new construction.

    That said, it’s incredibly easy to get financing for multifamily rental projects in good locations in the city… if you have enough equity backing.

    • o2bncdg

      Wow. Great info. I pass by here every day on the way to work, before scooting down the expressway into SW. The building to the right has some gorgeous detail, and I always thought it must have been a fine single-family home in its day. Would love to see some historic pics on that one.

    • crin

      Almost, kinda.

      The warehouse across the street is not in a historic district so it’s not subject to HPRB and doesn’t need to be preserved.

      In January 2008 HPRB approved a project at 465-471 New York Ave for Bozzuto Development that would allow them to tear down the small two story house (it was determined to be structurally unsound and beyond repair), move the three story brick house to the west edge of the development site and restore it, and build a new 13-story apartment building.



      • truxtonite

        The warehouse currently serves as a urinal for the homeless men who hang out in the tiny adjacent park. You can’t walk on that side of the street in the summer without being overwhelmed by the odor.

  • Bloomie Res
  • Mike

    Based on this listing, I’m going to go ahead and guess it’s going to be redeveloped in a big way:


    Just as well in my mind; that area should be high density.

  • If anybody wants to spot me some cash, I’ll gladly open a bar in the Victorian building. I’ll even promise discounts for anybody wearing a PoP t-shirt.

    • anonimouse

      I will gladly accept any discounts leading to cheap drinks at a bar in the Victorian building. I think we have a plan…

  • Bozzuto is no longer part of the project. They backed out several months ago. The parcel of land is still being talked about with other developers and there is not a definitive plan as of yet. The fence was put up at the request of the Yale West developers for “curb appeal” since they will start leasing their new rental very soon.

    Rachelle P. Nigro
    Commissioner, ANC 2C04
    Vice Chair/Secretary
    Twitter: @nigroanc2c

  • Logan Res

    Thanks for the update Rachelle. I was hoping that the fence meant development was starting but appreciate the update.

  • Sigh…at least they put a proper fence around it. The owner worked on the structure of the big house what seems like eons ago in preparation to move it but the project has languished. They should be paying vacant property tax.

    The warehouse across the st was Bozzuto as well. HP deemed it historic so the plan was to build a great big glass thing on top. Right now its an eyesore and people keep pooing on it.

    • crin

      Si, the warehouse across NYAve is not historic. HPRB has never reviewed or said anything about that building. Check Property Quest.


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