Win Two Ticket to Jason Mraz and His Super Band w/ Colbie Caillat 9/24 at Merriweather

by Prince Of Petworth July 19, 2011 at 1:30 pm 76 Comments

Photo by Flickr user Anirudh Koul

Sa 9/24
Jason Mraz and His Super Band
w/ Colbie Caillat
Merriweather Post Pavilion ‧ Columbia MD
6:00 PM Gates

Tickets on sale Friday, July 22nd at 10 AM through Ticketfly

As always just let me know why you want to go in the comments. Winner will be randomly picked and gets 2 lawn seat tickets to the show.

  • U street guy

    Hey PoP:

    My husband and I just got married in Provincetown, Ma this past June and we danced our first song to Jason Mraz’s Sleeping to Dream!(live version of course) He is one of our very favorite artists and we would love to go see him. Thanks

  • anon

    Who is Jason Mraz?

  • Let me have em

    Everything I know about DC since moving here 9 months ago – I learned from the POP. This experience would make my DC life that much more incredible! Long live POP!

  • BK

    I have been a big fan of Jason Mraz since I was a sophomore in high school (2002-ish), way before anyone knew who he was/before he had a single on the radio, and so some of my fondest memories of growing up come to mind when I hear his music – so it would be awesome to see him perform live with one of these old high school friends and reminisce.

  • KB

    My wife and I are big fans of both of them – especially when they collaborate.

  • anon

    Have a new baby and would LOVE to get out just the 2 of us!

  • Clarence Brown

    My partner and I are big fans of both and I LIVE for his rendition of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean! It’d be nice to see them in concert. Also our 9 year anniversary is approaching and it’d be a wonderful surprise gift!

  • Guy

    Definitely a big fan of Jason Mraz and the Merriweather Post Pavilion. But my favorite part is the fact that the show is in September and these are lawn seats. Nothing better than music and the outdoors.

  • jason

    Because my name is jason.

    • Larry Mraz

      But my name is Mraz, so I think I win this one, okay?

      • Larry Mraz

        And also, you guys do realize he’s from Virginia, right? And you all spend most of your time hating on all things Virginia.

  • LN

    Soothing music. Big fan

  • Christina

    I’d just like to go because I like Jason Mraz. And, it’ll be 5 days before my birthday! What a present!

  • Stavros

    What does the losers get, 4 tickets?

    • Kev29


    • D

      I laughed.

  • Dave C.

    I want them because I’m broke and would like to sell them to my friends who are fans…

  • Mike

    Would love to have a date to take my girlfriend on that I didn’t have to pay for.

  • Stephanie

    Because ‘Live at Java Joe’s’ has been one of my favorite albums since HS. Many albums have come and gone (his others included) but that live show takes the cake :)

    Colbie is pretty awesome too. I’ve also never had reason to go to Merriweather!

  • Sarah

    Love Colbie Caillat, love Jason Mraz even more! It’s also hard for me to justify buying two concert tix on my entry-level salary. Help a sista out? :)

  • Kate

    I would love to see both of them in concert!

    Hopefully they sing their duet together too! :)

  • Jack

    Because I love Jason Mraz!

  • nan

    huge fan of both – i’ll be 3 weeks from delivering our first child and would love to get out one last time! :)

  • anastacia

    because it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to clumsily play his songs on my uke.

  • this will be a dopeee show. pleasepleaseplease hook it uppppp.

    i have a person-of-interest that i would like to entertain here and think it will be b-e-a-utifullll. ha

  • MT

    Love Jason Mraz and like to support other vegans

  • BP

    “waiting for my rocket to come” was one of the albums to get me through high school, and finally getting the chance to see mr. mraz perform these songs live would be lovely.

    not a hugeeee fan of colbie, but maybe seeing her live would sway me?? thanx PoP!

  • BrennaLM

    I love MR. A to Z! Wedding trifecta in play: My husband and I had “I’m Yours” played for a recessional after the ceremony. And I have never been to Merriweather either, I’d love to go see both Mraz and Colbie. Congrats and have a good time to whoever wins the tickets, but I hope it’s me!

  • Sunny

    This weekend, while eating outside at a city restaurant, I endured hours of a street musician singing every song Mraz ever recorded (some songs were even performed multiple times). It would be beyond wonderful if I could hear the real Mr. Mraz, to cleanse my musical palette, if you will.

  • MD

    Trying to convince my fiance that Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillet should be played at our wedding. He’s not sold yet.

  • dd

    I’d love to go! I have yet to check out Merriwether pavillion and I hope to surprise my bf (who will back from the middle east in a few weeks) with something fun!

  • MC

    My mom is currently unhappy with my recent decision to purchase a house in Columbia Heights with my sig other. This would be a great way to help build our relationship back since we both love Jason, Colbie, and Merriweather!

    PS thanks PoP! as an almost resident of CH (one more week!!) your website has been an awesome source of information

  • CTK

    Because I hate that stupid hat he’s wearing in that picture and I have no idea what his music sounds like and it would be funny to give those tickets to me over people who actually like him.

    Well, mildly amusing. To me, at least. Plus I’d give them to charity. Y’know, for the kids.

  • Kdc

    So we can have a fedora-off…and because ‘You and I Both’ is pretty fantastic.

  • Dog walker

    Because I have not had a vacation all summer and this might, just might, make it all ok.

  • Ryan

    I want to go because I play the ukulele, and it’s awesome to see ukulele players treated like rock stars.

  • yep

    if this is random then i will only give a reason why i am happy to see him after ive won

  • RH

    1. I have a pandora station dedicated to Jason Mraz.

    2. Last time Mraz was at Merriweather, I did not go because my boyfriend and I had broken up.

  • Adam D

    Without a doubt, Mr. Mraz put on the best concert I’ve ever seen, two years ago also at Merriweather. He played for hours, including a kick ass cover of the classic “All Night Long”. The best part though, was when he took a “break” only to show up in the middle of the lawn to play for those of us in the cheap seats. It would be awesome to see him again!

  • JPS

    I have seen Jason Mraz a few times back in the midwest where I recently moved from, BUT never with Colbie or at an outdoor venue. So that means I havent seen Colbie. I own all of their (both Jason and Colbie) CDs to date and it would be AMAZING to see both of them performing colaboratively. Heck I even bought a “Jason Mraz hat” (as seen in the picture above) for my 10 year highschool reunion this summer and it looks pretty darn good.

  • J

    Cause he’s fine like a ticket on the dash… ;)

  • erin

    I fell in love with Jason Mraz the summer I got my drivers license. Nothing like driving through the park with the windows down and blasting Waiting For My Rocket.

  • I’d like to go because I’m a “Geek in the Pink” that would like to be a “Beautiful Mess” at the Merriweather. Winning these tickets would mean that “Life is Wonderful.”

  • Heather

    yes please! I would love to go to this!

  • Bort

    Because I’m a lawn side prophet!

  • MT

    After living in DC for 10 years, I’ve actually never been to Merriweather. I’ve also never seen Jason Mraz live so this will kill two birds with one stone.

    • Joesep

      Merriweather was beautiful when it opened up, but has not been well maintained for the last decade or so. Sound is not very great and facilities are pretty worn out. This is because a lot of fighting has been going on over what to do with it. It will probably be torn down and replaced with condos someday.

  • hh


    Jason Mraz is my favorite artist because he believes not only in good music but good messages and good vibes. I have been a faithful fan since when I thought he was just another John Mayer wannabe back when infomercials for his WFMRTC CD was first released in the early 2000s. I have not yet been able to go to one of his concerts yet and would love to! Please!

  • Lindsay

    This DC teacher will most definitely need a fun time out after enduring the tireless hours it takes to start another school year.

  • Jujuberrie

    Because I’ll need a break from studying and I love live music!

  • Daniel

    Yes yes! I’m a Merriweather virgin.

  • Citi

    This concert would mean so much to me in patching up a damaged relationship with my daughter. She feels misunderstood and I feel used. Nothing too out there or too heavy, but a lift like this would be amazing. Life is so short.

  • AK

    Please, please, please. He is the most amazing artist, and to see him LIVE (and outdoors, to boot) would just make my summer.

  • RMJ

    I’ve loved Jason since before he was a star…since he was playing at Java Joes.

  • Allison

    I would love to win these tickets because I have loved the both of their music for long! No bigger or better reason than anyone else that has commented, but would be so happy to get these!! :)

  • j

    no thanks.

  • Because I want to crash their performance with a flash mob dance of my own with my tweeny bob fans!

    Look at this hair, who wouldn’t prefer me to him?!? NO really? WHO?!?

  • MnomeNa

    I would love to attend this! It’s a week after my 25th birthday – which sweetens the deal that much more!!

  • Trixie

    Would love to take my kid sister – I know she adores him.

  • cait

    My best friends walked down the aisle to “I’m yours” last year, and it would be a heck of an anniversary gift for them (and it would mean they would have to visit)!

  • Holly

    Well, what can i say? I am a sucker for his raw vegan recipes as well as his tunes. simple as that.

  • Hil

    jason owes me $2. i want my $2!

  • FAA Loser

    Because I just got furloughed due to a Congressional pissing contest so free concert tickets would make my day better.

  • Friends since middle school, dating in high school, Forest and I spent some time apart in college in which I became pregnant and he remained my closest friend and biggest support, and I thought I’d lost my love forever when we lost touch for a year; But by the time my son was 2 we were back together as if we’d never lost time. Now married and raising my 7 year old son together for 5 years, we listen to Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat and thank our lucky stars that we survived it all and are still lovers and best friends.

  • Veronica


  • SW

    Oooh I would love to go! I love them both–separately and together!

  • LA

    Dear PoP,
    Please send me to the Jason Mraz/Colbie Caillat concert because I am in need of ‘that’ summer concert.
    Merriweather is one of my favorite, local venues and I haven’t been back since the super-rainy, but awesome Sweetlife festival. I love both JM/CC and think they will be an awesome, kick-ass duo, which will make this the one of the best concert series this summer.


  • Dan

    I would love to win these tickets as I am a big fan of both of them!!!

  • Danielle

    I’d like to win these tickets – I love Jason Mraz and he was the first person I saw in concert (without my parents)

  • evice7

    Huge Mraz fan! Haven’t seen him in a large venue like merriweather yet though.

  • Camille

    My parents would love these tickets. If i could win these for them, that would be amazing.

  • I would give these to a great friend who has finally met a fun, regular guy after smooching one too many frogs…from tutoring my son with dyslexia, nannying, plying me with tequila shots to get through my divorce and generally a shoulder to cry, a friend to laugh with, a sistah whose always got my back….

  • Tarsila Torrens

    I know I should win these tickets and the reason is only one: I WANT TO!

  • Danielle

    When I was lost in my journey and didn’t know how to take the next step, his lyrics inspired and reminded me of why I am here

  • Jen

    I love both Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat! Their music is so calm and soothing :)


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