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  • g

    people should wear real shoes in the city.

    • anon


    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Or just, you know, lift their feet at the bottom of the escalator. Maybe people think it feels neat when the bottom step of the escalator pushes their feet so they slide over the threshold, like I did when I was five years old.

      • g

        that too. but wear real shoes. seriously.

        • Denizen of Tenallytown

          I agree. Wearing sandals is great at the beach reclining on the deck. Not so great for an urban environment.

    • anonymous

      nobody over 19 should wear flip flops unless they’re at the beach. but the shoe on the left is a real shoe.

      • bernadette

        Agreed. Especially for men. Sorry guys, it’s just not a good look.

      • rjs

        To me, the shoe on the left is a slipper. What is up with girls wearing SLIPPERS as shoes? In the city?

    • bloom

      Women should wear tan hose with tennis socks and walking shoes. It’s the most practical thing.

      • bernadette


    • Hispanic and Proud

      Flip flops are meant for the beach!

    • Hispanic and Proud

      Flip flops are meant for the beach.

  • Ace in DC

    Well atleast there weren’t any toes pulled out with the shoes.

  • GiantSquid

    Oh for fuck’s sake.

    It had to be said.

  • JMidwest

    How do people not know to pick up their feet when they get to the end of the escalator?

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Too busy texting or playing Angry Birds.

  • Liz
    • caballero

      Flip flops are ridiculous. It is hard to take anybody seriously when they walk around like awkward and dainty birds. They look trashy on women, and they make men look like weenies.

      • anonymous

        weenies. ha.

        so I agree, but then what do those stupid “foot shoes” make people look like?

    • er


  • andy

    everybody needs to stop wearing shoes.

  • NE Groover

    Meanwhile folks continue to blame Metro for broken escalators when the idiots wearing these types of shoes that can’t lift their feet are at fault. I saw a pink flip flop stuck in the teeth of an escalator at Chinatown the other day. Ridiculous.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      I don’t think that absolves Metro of the responsibility to put these escalators back in service within a reasonable timeframe. I can understand an escalator being out of service for a few days, maybe a week. Two, three, four weeks, especially when it’s multiple escalators at the same station? No excuse.

      • NE Groover

        I’m with you there. Metros response time is inexcusable. It just really pisses me off when these situations can be avoided by simply lifting ones feet.

    • Anon

      Right, because DC is the only city where people wear flip flops on escalators. Wait, they’re not, but Metro is the only entity that is incapable of fixing their escalators in a timely fashion.

      As for the dumbass argument “wear real shoes”… they are “real shoes” they’re sold in “real shoe” stores. Just because you dont happen to like them doesnt mean they shouldnt be worn. People just need to learn how to walk. Or better yet, people just need to learn not to ever make mistakes.

  • Anonymous

    Why’s it always the right foot?

  • Anonymous

    That’s my shoe!

    just kidding.

  • Rosie

    How do you all know it’s because people didn’t pick up their feet enough? I’ve had plenty of times where I was pushed into the person in front of me, or the person in front stops short and you bump them with people crowding behind you. In a crowded mess it’s as easy as someone stepping on the back of your shoe and off it goes.

    • Anon

      Another good reason to wear real shoes — they don’t go flying off if someone bumps into you.

    • fz

      Rosie, is that your shoe up there? ;-)

  • RnR

    Wait, so there were three people limping home with one shoe? I would not want to walk around the metro systems and the streets with a bare foot.

  • Anonymous

    To give these shoeless people some credit, I also had my shoe (a sturdy flat – not a flip flop) caught in the escalator once. I wasn’t texting, talking, or doing anything really. I was getting off the escalator and the next thing I knew I was wearing one shoe, while the other flopped around the still-moving escalator. So, it can happen to anyone.

  • Club Get Right

    A ballet flat, a beaded flip flop, and a rainbow sandal… What are the three pieces of footwear you would expect to find in a Foggy Bottom Metro escalator

  • Kat
  • tinker

    In the city? lol DC is a big small town @ best..wtf are real shoes anyways grampa?

    • Anon

      Good god, do people in NYC have nothing else to do besides troll DC blogs?

      The fact that you THINK something doesnt make it true. I dont understand why people so anxious to prove their ignorance.

    • g

      admittedly, yes, you are right, dc is a “big small town”. i’m sorry the point of the message went over your head. i’ll tell you about big shoes when you’re old enough to hear the truth.

    • mv

      agree with you… DC is def not a city. Big small town is right.

  • Rock Creek Churcher

    I think that pink flat is adorable. Too bad the owner lost such a fun pair of shoes.

    • ColHe

      I have those shoes…they’re from Target and are cheap. Just sayin’

      • ColHe

        I meant that they are cheap in a good way and you should pick some up. It came out weird in my comment. I love them.

  • e-beth

    goodness I didn’t realize there were so many flip flop haters out there. It’s hot people. I’m going to wear flip flops outside and yes I might take the metro. I also have some flats, sandals, and heels that fall off just as easily as my flip flops. I’m not going to wear sneakers and socks every time I want to go somewhere. People need to stop pushing through crowds in the metro and stepping on other people and then we won’t have this problem.

    • Anonymous

      +1 I think it makes people who have to wear a suit in the 95+ summer heat smug to hate on flip floppers.

      I got my jeans and flip flops on and I’m designing transistors! Suck it hill staffers.

    • anonymous

      whether you believe it or not, wearing flip flops will affect your career. I am in a creative field and I wore them for too long. I used to think that as long as I could dress really casually it didn’t matter, but it does. it affects how people view you and how you carry yourself. you can’t be put together in flip flops. plus, simply put, flip flops are for slobs.

      • e-beth

        so far so good, I wear flip flops occasionally and it hasn’t ruined my career–and I am not in a creative field, I work at a research institite. No I don’t usually wear them at work but I have worn them to commute to work (beats the hell out of wearing heels on my 10 min walk to and from the metro). I don’t think that wearing flip flops around town or to commute to work makes you a slob, it makes you comfortable when you need to be.

      • WDC

        I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone blaming shoes for their professional failures before.

        Next time my mom tells me it’s still not too late to go to medical school, I’ll tell her that I *wanted* to, but all those years of cheap shoes she made me wear just ruined my potential.

      • noodles

        Agreed, it’s silly to think you can wear flips at work. I definitely wear them into work but there is a pile of work appropriate shoes under my desk that are worn while in the office. When the work day is done, I put my flips on and comfortably stroll my way home.

        But here’s my real issue…NOT BUYING THIS EXCUSE FROM METRO! So you pulled 3 shoes out of the escalator. I’m guessing that the 3 individuals who lost these shoes in the escalator each reported it to the station staff on-site at the time of the incident. How long did it take to respond to report #1, report #2 and then report #3 or did you just wait until the escalator was incapacitated not by 1 errant shoe but 3?

      • Anonymous

        Depends on your corporate culture. Wearing khakis and a button down to my office will get you ridiculed and ostracized.

        The tech boom was the greatest thing to happen to corporate dress culture since we stopped wearing vests under our suits.

      • Anony

        Whatever. I’m a securities/commodities attorney at a small firm, clients are never in town. My boss even wears flip flops. If someone of importance is in town we wear suits.

        Funny how you’ve magically found an excuse to blame for your bad career. It will come like a ton of bricks to the face when you realize it’s not the shoes.

  • Rock Creek Churcher

    Thanks – I will :)

  • Flip Flop Love

    Stop hating on the flip flops. I have worn them my whole life and never had a problem. Mabybe you have some weird hate for feet; then dont look down, but dont hate on my shoe choice. SF has pently of escaltors and I have never heard of someone losing a flip flop in the BART. Its clearly a user error.

  • Quack

    So whay causes Metro escalator breakdowns in the winter? Gloves, hats, and scarves?

  • eldad

    I work barefoot. Suck it, haters.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Funny the tangents these posts veer off on. How did this devolve into a discourse on flip flops?
    Of all the times I have seen a nonworking escalator, I’ve never seen a shoe or any other object stuck in it. And Metro’s escalators are problems all year round, not just during flip flop season.

    • Lisa

      “flip flop season”

      lol, you must be new in town. Transients (not Washingtonians) in DC wear flip flops year round, rain or shine, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

  • greent

    Can I hate on heeled hard-soled shoes/boots?

    They ruins yer back and makes loud noises that annoy me when I have to walk near you. Clomp clomp clickity clack. Wear soft soled shoes people!


    • Anon

      DC is kind of a conservative town for footwear and clothes. I know all the young women think they look super cute in flip flops, but all of us middle aged people at work see you in flip flops and think they make you look Unserious and Unprofessional. You may not care what we think, but we are the ones who will be doing your performance reviews for the next 20 years. So keep in that mind as you’re staring into your closet on Monday morning.

      • WDC

        Perhaps you should clue in the middle aged (and older) VPs in my office… you’ll recognize them by their flip flops.

      • greent

        Haaaahaaaaaaa. Unknown person, you are funny.

        If your company does not have a dress code policy that forbids flipflops and your sole judgement of a person is based on their flipflops.. I do believe that would be illegal to judge their work performance on your personal opinions of legally allowable clothing items.

        And I do not care what you think. Keep in mind: these kids will run you one da. I hope you keep in mind that they think grey hair and wrinkles makes you look old, out of touch with the current job market. Keep that in mind as you’re staring in the mirror every morning.

        You’ll claim their bad review is not about their flip flops but their overall professional manner. They will say your bad review is not about your age, but that you do not represent the company culture. Payback is a younger mans game. They will outlive you.

        By the by, I am not young, I don’t wear flip flops (anywhere outside my house and the beach) and I manage a nice sized staff. But I manage them on the rules of law, the rules of my company and their abilities to complete their assignments. Not my opinion of their worthiness.

        • Lisa

          @greent…Middle aged people have grey hair and wrinkles?
          REALLY !!??

          Makes your point so less valid.

          • greent

            What the flying heck are you talking about Lisa?

        • mv

          I think I love you, greent.

          If that’s the same Lisa that is LisaT in other posts, I stopped reading anything she says – it always just makes me angry as to how ignorant and hateful she is.

  • Anonymous

    Shoes aside, perhaps the US should move into the 21st century and have sensor tripped escalators that do not continuously run when no one is on them, like they do in Germany and other energy conscious countries. Eliminates wear and tear.

    • Alix


      (And thanks for not making a ridiculous and irrelevant statement concerning your opinions on footwear)

  • Petworther

    So we complain to Metro about their steampunk escalators that are always blowing a flange or something, and their response is that we should quit wedging our fat feet in the gears? Well OK, Metro. Good note.

  • SW1

    A hippie was walking down the street with one flip-flop on so I asked him if he had lost a shoe. He said, “No man, I found one”. 

    • JDC

      + One Million, sir.


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