• amethystdeceiver

    cool yogurt although im not often in the mood for it, fucking great coffee though. love this place cause its right by my work.

  • ForTheShorties

    Yes – the coffee is fantastic, the staff is great and it’s a nice, bright, kinda surprising space.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t love the yogurt, but I’m also not a huge yogurt fan. Most people LOVE it (6-8 different types of yogurt with 10-15 topping options from fruit to nuts – literally!). They also have oatmeal, which I found a bit on the thick side, but same thing about lots of topping options.

    I also don’t drink coffee, but my boss goes for some from Yola every day.

    One thing that I DO like from them is their muffins. The Strawberry Cheesecake one is especially good.

  • I really like the yogurt here. It is usually nice and calm here compared to the cluster down the street at Starbucks, and the coffee is much better!

  • Laura

    Yola is AMAZING. Helpful, outgoing staff; environmentally friendly; nice ambiance; great coffee (really good almond milk lattes), smoothies (all fresh fruit ingredients!), and yogurt parfaits (unlimited toppings!). They even have vegan yogurt. I go every workday – never disappoints.

  • Amy

    great space! really bright and colorful. coffee is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I will echo the coffee praise. They seem to take it very seriously. Cappuccino comes in one size, as it should.

  • Anonymous

    I love yola! I feel a little ridiculous shelling out $8 for a yogurt and coffee, but it truly is delicious. Its also, just a great space to hang out in. I they had another one near U street or Penn Quarter I’d go much more often.

  • anonymous

    dude, who eats regular yogurt? from a restaurant?

  • U-st

    Great coffee and use of space. The yogurt is a good idea but it just motivated me to purchase some plain yogurt and granola from Whole Foods rather than shell out for it.

  • Trisha

    Love Yola! I work from here often — coffee is delicious, the yogurt is great (and locally-sourced!) and the staff is super friendly.

  • P-Funk

    The yogurt and coffee are amazing. Some people knock the prices, but you’re paying for a premium good there: locally and responsibly made yogurt, direct-trade and top-notch coffee. So tasty too. The coffee (Counter Culture) is my favorite around. Try the macchiato.

  • DCSmalls

    Their green smoothies are like crack. Broccoli in them but you cannot taste it over the banana, apple, and mango. And, this place is like an oasis compared to the hellish starbucks on the corner. Yola’s a great addition to my work-hood.

  • DSCinWDC

    I LOVE all things about YoLa not just coffee and yogurt. The buildout and bright natural light reminds me of the hope that yes we can ! the owner is so cute..the older guy that is


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