• Anony

    I like this place, but it’s a little pricey though (usually around $12 for lunch) and can get crowded. Their patio is nice for people watching during lunch.

    Never been for happy hour. It seems like it would be weird to me as it’s a counter service, chipotle-style Asian place–not a bar.

  • DrewPal

    So its called rice bar?
    This place has changed management 3 or 4 times over the past couple of years. I used to eat here plenty when it was Cafe Chopstick and I thought it was great. I went recently, the quality has declined a bit but its a good place to grab decent ramen

  • Marvin

    I was there once a couple of months ago, for lunch, not HH.

    I had a bibimbup and it wasn’t good. The rice wasn’t great, too dry. their sauce wasn’t tasty. Perhaps other dishes are good, but this is the only one I tried.

    Also, I was so excited about them serving Illy! My favorite espresso. But the execution was poor. My cappuccino was terrible.

  • Frank

    definitely dig this place. not the most “authentic”-tasting bibambap, but good enough and should appeal to the healthy-lunchers out there. went when they first opened, but the owner was there and showered us with a bunch of free food to sample. I heart good management, so needless to say, have been back many times since.

  • Anonymous

    Went there for HH a few weeks ago. It was great! Good food at a reasonable price (although the markups for extras like chicken/beef seemed high)

  • truxtonite

    Love the bimbimbap here! You can also avoid the wait by ordering online and running over to pick it up. Not a bad deal…

  • Anonymous

    They’re right next door to my office, and I love it. When they became Ricebar it was a lot more than a management change. Chopstix sold ramen/noodles, and Rice Bar specializes in Bimbimbap. You choose your rice (white, black, or brown), your protein (chicken, bulgogi/shortribs, tofu, and some others) and a few vegetables. Their choice of vegetables is pretty big and there are a lot of interesting choices–not like the standard salad bars in the area. It’s definitely a little pricey, but worth it in my opinion for what you can tell is real food.

  • Sameasiteverwas

    I thought it was serviceable but nothing to write home about. The black rice was pretty delish but a little on the pricey side. I did succeed in getting a table pretty quickly, which was nice.

  • your mother

    you’d write to PoP, but not me?
    He’s more important now?


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