• Devoe

    Not beautiful, but anything on 6th St around there would be an improvement.

    If you want to see a stunner condo coming up in Shaw, check out the NW corner of 8th and Q – that thing is looking amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly too often builder/developers succeed and grow too fast.

    Growth trumps quality control and long term thinking, the product declines, and then they don’t grow any more.

  • Anonymous

    The R street property is such a mess. They built a stairway in front of the middle left window…looks mighty trashy from the outside. The condos on 6th can at least be repainted.

  • ET

    I don’t understand why they couldn’t figure a way to center the door and window on that part of the facade. The way it is it just looks someone didn’t know what they were doing. Which if I was looking to buy and walked up to it, would make me wonder that if they couldn’t figure that out what else would be wrong on the inside.


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