Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

This was the scene at the New Hampshire & Georgia intersection at 6:30 (just five minutes ago). Cyclist was clearly severely injured. Despite the fact that there were lots of squads and fire trucks there already, she hadn’t been moved yet. Didn’t look good, that’s for sure.

I know this will probably start the usual vitriol between drivers and cyclists in the comments, but I think it would behoove us all to take a minute to reflect on this situation. Rational people can all agree that both cars and bikes do stupid things on city roads, and there’s no telling at this point who was at fault here. Both groups make their fair share of mistakes, but nobody can argue which group is usually in worse shape when cars and bikes collide.”


“not sure if anyone has sent this in, it happened probably 50 minutes ago. i heard it the smack and the car’s screeching breaks but didn’t actually see it at first. a mid-size car hit a 20-or-30-something, tall, slim, blonde-haired girl right in the middle of the intersection – she was wearing a helmet and a backpack but i didn’t actually see a bike anywhere, she might have been going to get one from the bikeshare right there outside sweet mango? there was a police officer there and nearly a dozen others showed up within minutes. the girl who hit her was standing there with her driver’s side mirror in her hand – her car was pulled off to the side and eventually an officer came to question her. there was a sizeable head-shaped break in her windshield and she looked pretty shaken up. the victim didn’t seem to move and didn’t seem conscious the entire 20-or-so minutes i was there — she was bleeding from a cut on her arm, it seemed. eventually EMTs put a collar on her neck and took her off in a stretcher. it looked like one of the officers might have taken her phone and called someone because i thought i saw a gentleman standing with her who wasn’t in a uniform, but he didn’t seem upset and then he got into the front seat of the ambulance. the police tried to get all the traffic to move north but eventually just closed all the streets, although they’re re-opened now. i’d say at least 100 people were stopped watching the whole scene and trying to help.”


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