Foundry Furniture Coming to old Boundless Yoga Space at 1522 U St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 8, 2011 at 10:30 am 7 Comments

Walking past the old Boundless Yoga space at 1522 U St, NW I noticed the door open and spoke briefly with a worker who said a new furniture store called Foundry would be opening up in the old lower level space of Boundless Yoga. A google search turns up a quote cited by Borderstan from a press release:

Freeman describes Foundry as “a furniture boutique offering vintage, antique, industrial, reclaimed and repurposed finds for the home.”

Sounds promising. I’ll def. return for photos when they open up.

  • Kalorini

    Wait, another furniture store on this block? Aren’t there 3 or so of them already?

    Sigh.. when are we getting a fro-yo shop? (kidding!)

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, honestly I think a fro-yo shop would do very well on U Street…

      • Kalorini

        But what about U Scream? They’re pretty good (
        although the Fro-Zen-Yo place has such good fruit toppings–have you seen their raspberries?)

        • Anonymous

          I went to U Scream once (because I was desperate and figured it was time to give them a try). It was terrible.

          • anon

            So is U-Scream totally different than the Maggie Moo’s that used to be in that space?

            I really liked Maggie Moo’s, and was wondering if the U-Scream might be essentially the same product but without the brand name and franchise costs or whatever.

  • Anonymous

    Please bring a fro yo shop to U Street. U Scream is ice cream – is it not? I would really like an exclusively fro yo shop. I know, I know, another yuppie addition to the neighborhood, but it would be a goldmine for whoever opened it and this is America.

  • Mark

    I’ve heard Foundry is going to be refinished junk pulled from trash bins. Good luck with that concept!


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