Boxcar Bistro Coming to Former Petite Gourmet Space by Eastern Market

by Prince Of Petworth July 26, 2011 at 10:30 am 9 Comments

Petite Gourmet was located at 224 7th Street, SE by Eastern Market. A recent liquor license application says the place, Boxcar, will be:

“Classic American Bistro with recorded music. No Live Entertainment. Sidewalk Cafe with 12 seats. Seating capacity is 75. Total occupancy load is 99.”

Were there any fans of Petite Gourmet?

  • Eastern Market

    Never went– it always seemed to be closed.

    I believe Boxcar is another project of Xavier Cervera, owner of Senart’s, Lola’s, and Molly Malone’s on 8th Street.

    • jch

      Correct. Others don’t like his restaurants because they deem them too bland. However, I think it a step up since most of them have decent beer and the food is pretty good.

      • Eastern Market

        Yeah, I’m hoping he’ll be a little more adventurous with this one. If he goes with the Molly’s/Lola’s format it won’t be offering anything new to the block since Tunicliff’s already has the tavern/sports bar thing covered. Nevertheless, any new restaurant is welcome in my book. This area gets sleepy at night, with many of the businesses closing by 7 or so, and the other restaurant options are semi-upscale like Aqua or Montemarte.

  • Stan

    I went there a couple times. They were pretty good. I don’t remember anything standing out, but I was there both times because the restaurant I wanted to go (tortilla something er other)to was closed.
    I like most of the restaurants this guy has, but did like Fin Mccools a LOT better than Molly Malones. I do like Senarts and Lola’s, though.

  • Rukasu

    Petite wasn’t too bad, I liked their caprese sandwich the few times I’ve gone. I just don’t think they had the ambition to be anything more than a small little sandwich shop, something the neighborhood is actually now lacking. But the selection of goods was quite small, and tough to compete with the Marvelous Mkt and EM across the street.

  • I predict a lot of dark wood, mirrors, and inoffensively forgettable American food.

  • Kerry

    Bummer, I liked their sandwiches and desserts

  • Steph

    I loved Petit Gourmet. It was run by a Julia Child lookalike and had great French-style sandwiches.

  • Montana

    So, sad! So, sad! So, sad! The first food I ate after giving birth to my son was one of her turkey sandwiches.


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