• DCBrewer

    Rant – It’s still freakin’ hot
    Revel – It’s not so humid

  • me

    Rant- My coworker, who sits one cube away from me, keeps singing “Life Is A Highway” today, almost nonstop. Same guy that likes to chew on ice a lot, quite loudly.

    Rave- It’s not Monday.

    • me

      I would like to add to my rant. Said coworker has now just changed his notification sound on his computer (for when he receives emails) to be a very loud sound of an elephant. Awesome.

      • Graham

        Thank you for making my day.

      • Mya

        lol, I think that coworker of yours is reading this and trying to annoy u further :)

        • Another guy named Chris



  • furious

    I’m trying to move out and my landlord/building manager is only available via email TWICE A WEEK. I move out in two weeks, and this is ridiculous.

    • Veronika

      landlord/building manager read “The Four Hour Workweek” and is emailing you from Rehoboth Beach

  • Rant: Still haven’t heard back from any jobs I’ve applied for, but looking into local universities now.

    Rave: Getting lunch at Naan and Beyond today. Best cheap and yummy Indian food in town.

    • EW

      same. on the rant that is. asdly, not on the rave.

      • EW

        sadly. damn you, tuesday morning!

  • Patrick

    Ice chewers… terrible. (not sarcastic)

    Co-worker of mine talks with her mouth full. Really? Never learned that’s disgusting?

    • Veronika

      how about you tell her?

      • me

        I have a coworker that always talks while chewing. Most of the time, it is work-related as well. I’ve told him that it makes me a bit ill to see his half-chewed food and for him to even spit some crumbs out while talking, and I got an “Oh, sorry” but he still does it- just not specifically in front of my cube. He’s quite loud, too, so it’s not like an extra 2 feet make that much of a difference. So I’m wondering if Patrick has a similar story.

  • Kyle W

    Rant: The speed trap at the bottom of the hill on Military, just past Oregon, heading West. It seems terribly inefficient to have an officer sitting there quite literally 4 out of 5 work days, every day.

    Everyone knows they are there, EVERYONE slows down to 24, yet they come back every day. I love that they keep bringing out different cars, my favorite they park there is the Ford Edge. Why not just put a camera there, and redistribute the cop that sits there in the morning and evening elsewhere?

    Rave: Not Monday.

    • Kerry

      I seem get every red light no matter what time of day in that area any way so it’s not like there is even an opportunity to speed!

  • HOT Wings

    Rave: Hooters finally upped the hotness on their 911 sauce. (i used to have to put additional hot sauce on it).

    Rant: Hooters upping the hotness on their 911 wings is not a good thing the next day.

  • Laura

    Rant: Stressed about packing, movers coming, etc.
    Rave: It will all be over soon!
    Rant: Still hot.
    Rave: Not so hot that I couldn’t go for a morning run for the first time in two weeks.

  • mk

    Rave: Last day at a job I’ve been ready to leave for over a year!

    Additional rave: I have over two weeks before my new job starts!

    Mini rant: I will miss the cafeteria at my current job.

  • geeeeeeebs

    Rant: I came home early yesterday to meet with the a/c repairman and found roommate items strewn across the house. He was abandoning his room and thought the best time to do it would be while I am at work.

    2nd Rant: Now I have to take him to court for the thousands of dollars he owes me because I know he will not pay it back.

    Rave: Glad I came home to find him in the middle of it.

    2nd Rave: My a/c is (basically, needs a part still but works) fixed and I woke up this morning freezing my ass off.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Had no one to call after Obama’s speech last night because I live in the District and NO ONE CARES ABOUT MY OUTRAGE.

    Rave: Less humidity, birds singing outside my window.

    • Idaho Ave

      You could help out and Call my former/kind of still Congressman Cantor. (804) 747-4073

      Please Call. He thinks he represents the district but really the district is a product of Nepotism between the Bliley’s and Cantor.

    • me

      I’m in the same boat. :)

  • Anony

    Rant: No desire to work after coming back from my honeymoon.

    Rave: Most of our clients are European (meaning that they took off the end of July and all of August) so there isn’t much to do anyways. Wait, is this a Rave or Rant?

  • JW

    rant: we hauled to gifford’s at Mazza gallerry this weekend, parked, and then found they are closed over some power bill dispute left from the former deadbeat management company.

    rave: went to dolcezza instead and had AWESOME blackberry and cream gellato.

    • Anonymous

      The Gifford’s saga is a great DC metropolitan area soap opera. What a mess. My wife is a Maryland native and she is devastated by the state of Gifford’s. Was bad enough last year when they were inexpicably closed every weekend and employed only really baked high school kids but it’s just getting worse.

  • anonymous

    Rave: Exercising and eating right really works – I’ve lost 6lbs in a month!

    Rave: Less humidity

    Rant: Everyone in my office is taking vacations except me

    • Anonymous

      +1!! keep it up :)

  • Anonymous

    Hooters wings suck!

  • what

    Rant: my agency is going to hell in a handbasket and people who know what is going on won’t tell us anything.

    Rave: Leaving town on a business trip, so at least I’ll be away from the office.

  • anonymous

    Pretty sure that’s a picture of Coconut Juice, not Donut Juice (whatever that is).

    • elcal


    • Anonymous

      it’s totally Donut Juice. can’t you read?
      also, Don’t Tugo de Caco, mmkay?

    • Golden Silence

      Yeah, it’s actually coconut juice, but did you not see how the sign sitting next to it made it look like it said “donut juice”? That’s the fun of it!

      You have no imagination.

  • Anon

    Job interview today, AND it’s not going to be 100 degrees with 97% humidity, so I won’t be swimming in my suit by the time I get there!

  • PG

    Rant: Work

    Rave: Going to the Poconos this weekend and taking next Monday off.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Rave: One thing DC does extremely well is public pools. Since I have rediscovered swimming as a form of exercise, I love being able to go to the Wilson or Takoma Park Aquatic Centers. Yeah, there are pretty much no amenities – like soap in the showers. But the facilities are generally clean and the pools are in good shape. And it’s completely free for District residents.

    • P’worth

      DC public pools are the best!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: There is a potato chip shortage at work, on a day when I left my healthy snack at home.

    • HOT Wings

      it’s a test young grasshopper.

  • grumpy

    rant: people who sit in handicapped seats on the Metro and proceed to cross/extend their legs so anyone boarding the train is in danger of tripping over their feet. I’d like to give people the benefit of the doubt that they need the seat next to the door (although alot of them don’t), but please do not create a tripping hazard for everyone who has to walk by you!

  • HAHA!!! DONUT JUICE? I never thought you’d post my pic, Prince! Isn’t it accidentally brilliant? Wow…

    • You are a fool, sir.

    • Marcus Aurelius

      Accidental? Yes
      Brilliant? No.

      • TaylorStreetMan

        Accidental? No.

        Who (just for kicks, I suppose) takes a picture of their can of (anything) juice, thereby “accidentally” catching a humorous visual juxtaposition of letters? Nobody, says I.

        Brilliant? Certainly not.

        • Come on, don’t hate. The original sighting was what was funny, yes, but I decided to share it in hopes that it would make some of you all laugh while at work. Brilliant on a “WTF!” coincidental level; not actually brilliant on any person’s part. Sorry if I mistakenly offended.

          • Ginger

            Dude, don’t listen to them. I thought it was a hilarious “found art” kind of thing. or “found angle” :)

          • TaylorStreetMan

            I *did* think it was funny. Made me laugh. The ‘accidental’ part sounded to me like you were just clicking a snapshot of your juice can and – lo and behold! – it had accidentally lined up to make a brilliant picture. That’s what I was responding to.

            Sorry for misinterpreting. I don’t hate you or your juice. :-)

    • anon

      I would definitely buy donut juice if it existed.

  • Veronika

    Rant: I tell the automated woman from Verizon my phone number so that she can pull up my records only to be asked again when the representative comes on the line

    Rave: treating myself to a nice lunch today

    • C3PO

      Veronika, if that is the worst rant you have about Verizon, count yourself lucky. I spent many very frustrating hours on the phone with them when I first signed up for the joint internet/cable they offer with DirecTV. They were generally polite, but totally incompetent.

  • Kerry

    Rant: I think I’m getting a sinus infection. My face hurts and every time I say so my boyfriend says it’s killing him

    Rave: Eating dinner tonight with a family friend

    Rant: Wanted to make brownies for said dinner, don’t have a pan, won’t have time to get one before work

    Rave: Going to my parents’ this weekend for my dad’s birthday and I’m going to fly a plane. AH!

    • me

      I have sinus issues too, with recurring sinus infections in every spring and fall. However, the sinus pain and pressure that normally comes this time of year (and that I currently have as well) is actually allergies. Instead of a sinus medication (that may not work, and that’s why you think you may have an actual infection that needs antibiotics), try taking something for allergies, like a Claritin or Zyrtec. You may be surprised. Quick test- when you try to blow your nose, does anything come out? Is it, well, not clear in color? Then it might be a sinus infection. If nothing comes out or it’s clear, try allergy medicine.

    • Anonymous

      try mucinex d… it´s really a lifesaver. i only take it during the day, though, because it causes insomnia in some people (i.e. me).

  • DCster

    Rave: Got a Google+ invite
    Rant: Need to find friends to add to my circles

  • 14th St Heights

    Rave: in Santa Monica where it’s breezy and in the 70s.

    Rant: LA traffic

    RAVE: LA Museum of Contemporary Art!

  • Claire

    Rant: My boyfriend is in Denver for the week.
    Rave: He gets back Thursday night and I have Friday off.

    Rave: It’s nicer out today and I think I might bike a bit tonight.
    Rant: I’m so bad at biking (not helped by Capital Bikeshare bikes being absurdly heavy) that it takes me 10 minutes to bike a mile.

    • Claire

      As a follow-up, does anyone know the best (i.e. least traffic, most bike lanes, least hills) way to get to Georgetown (ideally hopping on Rock Creek trail) from Logan Circle?

      • Hootcha

        If you have a smart phone, download the Ride The City app. Seriously, The Best Thing. I think it may cost a few bucks but it’s definitely worth it.

        • Claire

          Thanks for the recommendation – the site looks great and it’s good to know the app is probably worth it too!

          I tried the Google Maps bike option as well as the one on the Ride The City site and they both have strange suggestions when it comes to actually getting onto Rock Creek Trail, involving going down roads that are (according to Google street view) going the wrong direction or closed to through traffic and/or getting on Rock Creek Parkway for a short stretch which seems undesirable.

      • P’worth

        google maps has a pretty good bike option too, that looks for bike lanes and trails.

  • anon

    Rave: FINALLY moving from Nova into Columbia Heights on August 1! And I’m leaving the roommates behind to live on my own for the first time.

    Rant: Construction happening right next to my window at work. Screeching power tools that remind me of the dentist office.

    • DCster

      Welcome to the area! Luckily for you they finally finished that interminable construction on 14th Street (that is, if you are moving near that part of Columbia Heights).

  • break time

    Rave: I’ll be at the Surf Lodge in Montauk by Happy Hour!
    Rant: can’t think of one


    No wonder crime is high in NW, there is always a police cruiser with a police officer inside the car with an speed camera in 14th st nw one block before Kennedy st.
    What a wasted of police resources.

  • PG

    “Donut Juice” would be a good name for a band.

  • Golden Silence

    Rave: It seems a lot cooler to me today than it did last week (though Weather.com says not by much), and I don’t feel like I’m going to collapse from the heat.

    Also, “donut juice” is the most awesome thing I’ve seen.


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