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Awesome – If you Live in the 5th Police District, MPD Will Check on Your House if You Go on Vacation!

by Prince Of Petworth July 18, 2011 at 11:30 am 34 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe in DC

MPD 5D Commander, Andy Solberg sends out the following message:

As many residents leave for summer vacations, the Fifth District will be instituting a program where you can call or email us to let us know if you will be away from DC during a vacation.

If you provide us the dates you will be away and provide us a local contact person, we will have our officers ride by your home when possible to keep an eye on things.

This is not a guarantee of any sort, but we will compile a list of homes and try to check on them as often as we can.

Please email your PSA lieutenant, or me, or call 698-0111 during business hours, with your request.


That’s freaking awesome. Is it realistic to think that this could be a citywide service?

  • Anon

    I don’t see them doing this in the Hood of the 3rd precinct.

    But then again, we are all working class people that don’t get to take vacations. At least our over-paid bosses in the 5th district won’t have to worry about their house when they are sipping down drinks on a beach.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think you know where 5D is located. Probably not a lot of over-paid bosses there.

      • Anonymous


    • Rukasu

      There’s probably a lot more bosses in those 3rd District Logan Circle and U St condos than Minnesota Ave

      • Rukasu

        edit: NY Ave

      • Nah, they’re all out in Virginny.

  • Mr. Poon

    This freaks out the libertarian in me. I’m sure their motives are good, but could they come in if they see something amiss? Get home, turn a light on, and have the po-po kick down your door? I’d rather lean on my neighbors.

    But I certainly appreciate their effort. Props to the cops.

    • Anon

      Uh no. Like most libertarians, your paranoia gets in the way of reason. The irony of it all is that you think you’re so rational.

      • Mr. Poon

        If you don’t appreciate the 4th Amendment issue in this, so be it. Maybe you didn’t go to law school, maybe you’re not interested, maybe Captain Rational Anon doesn’t know what the 4th Amendment is. But the issue is there, and it’s worthy of academic discussion without ad hominems. Calling the police and asking them to watch your home brings up serious legal issues.

        And there’s no irony in thinking oneself rational when they’re actually irrational. Look up the word.

        • Anon

          “Uh no. Like most libertarians, your paranoia gets in the way of reason. The irony of it all is that you think you’re so rational.”

          • Mr. Poon

            Well done. Touche. There’s never any real problem presented when you invite cops into your home when you’re out of town.

          • ah

            You’re not inviting them in. You’re tell them you’re away and to keep an eye out. If your front door is open while you’re away that’s a reason for them to come up the stairs to take a look.

            If you’re worried, just make sure your stash isn’t in plain sight.

          • Anon

            You are completely detached from reality. IF I TELL THE COPS IM NOT HOME, THEYRE GOING TO BREAK IN AND LOOK FOR MY DRUGS AND WEAPONS!!!

            4th Amendment!! I went to law school! I know everything about the 4th Amendment!!! We live in a police state!!!

          • Mr. Poon

            I didn’t go to law school. Calling the cops and asking them to watch your home is almost certainly a waiver of any 4th amendment rights you might have. If you want to call the cops when you’re out of town, so be it. But the chances of harm coming from being on a list of people out of town, available to the police and god knows who else, are greater than the chances that the cops will be driving by at the very moment some prowler is breaking into your home.

            If you can’t go out of town without calling the police, it’s you who are paranoid. You’re also an idiot.

        • mmm

          you don’t HAVE to let them know when you are gone. If you are not comfortable with the police checking on your home, don’t let them know.

  • Anonymous

    Watch out for the Wet Bandits!!!

  • Chris

    +121904380389 for the sweet Home Alone reference.

  • Disgusted in DC

    I grew up in a small town where the police used to do this.

  • inof

    Sad to say, base on the activities of some of the DC Police I would be afraid to share my information with the police. I will take my chances with the unknown bad guys.

    • Bloomingdalian

      I was going to say the same thing…
      Sad but true

    • Veronika

      i’m with you… not all systems are corrupt, but there are few bad seeds in every police force, but i’m not just freely giving up this info… ADT can take care of it and my neighbors are super nice…

    • Eric

      absolutely, with some of the cops I’ve seen and met…

  • Razman

    The police do this in Chevy Chase Village. Although they have to do it per request and they do it on foot and go in your back yard etc. I believe this is daily.

    Also I wouldn’t want the list of empty houses to get into the wrong hands.

  • ro

    I’m pretty sure this is citywide. 1D has been doing this for years. I’ve taken advantage of it several times including as far back 2005, so it’s definitely not new. It’s a nice gesture.

    • ah

      Yep. 2d district advertises this service as well

  • Maire

    I wonder how many who think this is a good idea have ever, in another thread, said “Don’t cops have real crime to fight?” when talking about traffic complaint enforcement or some other thing.

    Can’t win.

    But anyway, the police already do welfare checks. So this is just like a welfare check for yourself… in your absence… as opposed to a welfare check of the elderly neighbor you’re worried about.

  • The NeighborHood Reporter

    This is nothing new it has been done for years. I once had an issue with a ex-girlfriend and worried if she would do something dumb while I was away on a 7 day cruise (we broke up just before I left….Ya don’t take sand to the beach) and requested MPD to check on my basement apartment while I was gone which they did but continued to do so for a week after I came back. Now thats service

    • anon

      Did you get any good rebound nookie on the cruise?

    • x

      “Ya don’t take sand to the beach”

      nor class.

  • don

    Detective Harris and his partner would be happy to stop by your home in your absence for a small donation.

  • victoria

    Anybody going away ought to let at least their next-door neighbors know, and be sure they have a contact number for someone local who can deal with any problems. My next-door (rowhouse) neighbor was gone one Thanksgiving and her smoke alarm began to beep and kept beeping for 3 days. Besides being annoying, we were concerned – was it also a CO2 detector? Was there a smoldering something? We called the fire department, who could only peer in the windows and check the exterior gas lines.

  • Uh Huh

    BEWARE! All you have to do is look at the sheer number of MPD officers involved in murder, larceny, receiving stolen property to see that this might not be a good idea. You will potentially be tipping off the criminals that you aren’t home.
    Never underestimate the level of corruption in MPD.

    • Anon

      Yes, I’d love to look at the “number of MPD officers involved in murder, larceny, receiving stolen property”.

      You seem well informed, care to share it with me?

  • Anon

    I’d rather they keep a closer eye on my street when I’m home.


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