Judging Dupont Coffee Shop (reader request)

by Prince Of Petworth July 18, 2011 at 12:00 pm 12 Comments

Photo via Dupont Coffee Shop.

“Dear PoPville,

I’m curious to know if any PoP readers have tried Dupont Coffee Shop (apparently, a 30+ year institution). Their menu looks cheap and varied, but I haven’t heard any chatter about it…considering all of the other breakfast and lunch options in the neighborhood, it looks like they might have the best prices around. There are a few Yelp reviews, but not much else. They’ve been around for long enough; can we end the radio silence and get some people talking about this family-run business? Maybe a judging is in order?”

Dupont Coffee Shop is located at 1234 19th St, NW. You can see their menu here. Any fans?

  • En

    I haven’t been yet but my dad was just there a couple of weeks ago and raved about it. He went in for breakfast and said the owner was really sweet. He said it wasn’t crowded, which is rather odd, given the location. The food was apparently pretty decent too, nothing too fancy but definitely satisfying.

    • ET

      Doesn’t have a bit Starbucks or other chain logo out front to let people know that this is a “good” place.

  • Sounds delicious. I love pancakes and bacon, and guess what: THEY HAVE PANCAKES AND BACON!!!!!!!

    • Golden Silence


  • Anonymous

    I’ve often wondered about this, and “Universal Donuts” on the back side of the AED building above Florida Ave (directly across from the Hinckley Hilton)

  • Anonymous

    My dentist is in this building (big thumbs up for Dr Seiden at Dupont Dental!!). He’d probably be disappointed if he knew I stop her for coffee and a bite to eat after my morning cleaning. The owner is nice and the coffee is good. For such a small space they offer a wide variety of options. Everything from pastries, to fruit to fresh items off the griddle.

  • K

    Surprisingly they have great bulgogi and other quick korean food too

  • Stavros

    Just go already. Checking places like this out is one of the joys of living in a city. Enjoy the mystery and anticipation of trying a new place.

  • J

    I stop in here on Thursdays for breakfast after I get off the Dupont metro and head south. The staff is extremely friendly and the food is great – they dark toast my bagel perfectly. No minimum on debit card. I actually ordered a steak and egg sandwich on a roll once and the steak was bulgogi. I know it sounds weird, but it worked!

  • Great place for breakfast. Coffee is okay, but you definitely go there for the diner vibe and great greasy breakfast sammies!

  • Julia

    Love this place. The lady who works there everyday is super friendly and always has a smile on her face. It’s cheap and reliable for a quick simple lunch.

  • Golden Silence

    This looks like a place I’d like to check out. I like supporting local businesses and love places with a diner feel.


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