7-11 Coming to Shell Gas Station Space at Shepherd and Georgia Ave, NW

by Prince Of Petworth July 6, 2011 at 10:22 pm 53 Comments

Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up. It’s not clear to me if the Shell Station is completely closing or if the 7-11 will have gas pumps but I’ve always wondered why there were two Shell stations so close together (the other is two blocks north at Upshur and Georgia.)

Anyone happy to see a 7-11 coming to this space?

  • JMC

    Another 7-11 is going in at the Exxon station at Georgia & Geranium NW in Shepherd Park.

  • CTK

    I have an inexplicable weakness for 7-11 taquitos, so yes. Plus I love the convenience that they dispense.

  • Petworthy

    Thug hangout… no thanks.

    • Anon2

      That place was already a thug hangout. What’s the difference?

      • D

        Really? Have you ever been there?

  • Boomhauet

    It’ll be a Shell/ 7-11 hybrid from what the guts told me.

  • ugh

    just when you thought this corner couldn’t get any sketchier. This is a move in the wrong direction for GA ave. development.

    • SG


    • anon from Park View


  • Jason

    Georgia, come on. You can do so much better.

  • Hopefully they’ll set up a on site MPD desk there. One convenience to having a 7-11 is having a Citibank inside it.

  • andy

    I like that 7-11s now often have Citibank ATMs inside. There just aren’t enough Citibank locations near me or my office so this could be positive.

    If they don’t have a Citibank however, I am angry. They should have turned it into a KenTacoHut + Gas, ethanol and biodiesel station.

  • Onanon

    A thug hangout? Please. I’ve been going there for years and the worst I’ve seen is a couple of insistent panhandlers and noisy kids waiting for the bus.

    • bernadette

      Agreed. I was just going to say the same thing.

  • Angry Parakeet

    And two more 77 Markets (or whatever they are called). This means another beer place, probably singles…2 blocks from all the city social service buildings and methadone clinic on Taylor. Kind of cancels out the positive addition of Yes.

    • PT Varnum.

      Wrong. There has been a ban on single sales for several years now.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe 7-11 doesn’t sell singles but singles are certainly sold elsewhere in DC.

      • shayne

        I see singles at every liquor store in Petworth….

        • Stinker


      • Angry Parakeet

        Technically “singles” are cans taken from a pack and in that form are illegal. The larger cans marketed to be sold alone are legal everywhere I go in Petworth.

  • JunesMom

    I’m not thrilled by the idea of a 7-Eleven right there, but it’s not the end of the world. I used to live in MtP, and the 7-Eleven there on Mount Pleasant St didn’t seem to have too many problems.

    • Anonymous

      You’re kidding, right? Admittedly the loitering crew doesn’t mug people or anything, but the hissing, whistling, and comments keep my wife from walking down that side of the street, while the urine smell does the same for me.

  • Pahbs

    Just another place dispensing garbage. No change. Most of the crap they sell will come in receptacles that will end up on the ground within 2 blocks of the sale. True fact. Ask Wendys.

    These places shouldnt be surprised when a truckload of their own garbage gets deposited at their own front entrance.

    Haters gonna hate.

  • The Heights

    A 7-11 opening is noteworthy? Slow news day. But that’s probably a good thing.

  • jm

    in a town where the bodegas close at 9, a 7-11 is definitely not the worst thing that could have gone here.

    but man I cannot imagine the inevitable crowd of regulars this one is gonna attract.

  • Clarissa

    I’d rather have gas pumps that dispense receipts when prompted. I guess the owners hope you’ll buy some Ho-hos when you run inside to grab the receipt from the attendant. Both GA Avenue gas stations near the library do this.

  • MichelleRD

    That gas station sucks for so many reasons and the store that’s there now is open 24 hours. I’m not really seeing any net positive from making it a 7-11.

    Now with more brand name junk??

    Some type of eatery in the retail space on the SW corner just opposite would be a welcome addition, though. I’m thinking a place where commuters could stop in on their way to work and get a breakfast sandwich and a coffee. Not pushing for a Starbucks but I can’t figure out why they haven’t jumped on any of the real estate near the Petworth Metro

  • Eric

    This is great news. As others have noted, there will be a Citibank ATM. Not that I love Citibank, but for a neighborhood without a bank, I’ll take it.

  • This isn’t a “thug” hangout and be careful with that word. Sometime ago I went to the store and someone you would call a thug held the door and called me sir. 7-11 is better than what is currently there and hopefully the proximity to the police building will discourage hang-out types. Sheppard Street is one-way and ends at this corner. I’m never optimistic where police are concerned though because the Petworth Rec. Center goes largely unchecked and drug use is often evident there – a block down from the police building. I guess this 7-11 news is a big “we’ll see”

    • anon

      Good reminder on the “thug” assumption.

      I was on the Metro yesterday and there were two guys who I thought looked rather thug-like sitting on the seats near the doors.

      I was trying to find a seat and couldn’t, and was walking toward the middle of the car to stand over there… when one of them said, “Young lady, would you like a seat?”

      So that’ll teach me to be a little more careful on assumption-making.

      I still don’t think that guy’s appearance or general bearing/demeanor were doing him any favors… but this was a good lesson to have.

      • Petworthy

        I was thinking about the 7-11 in Shaw… that place has shady characters hanging in the parking lot. Any 7-11 with parking is asking for trouble.

        As far as “thug”, well I’ve lived here for nearly 20 years and my experience is that if your pants are falling off your ass, you spit on the ground, and every other word is “MotherF$%*er” then the label fits. You don’t stay safe in DC by giving folks the benefit of the doubt.

        • anon from 11:13

          Agreed that it’s best to be wary of anyone who looks like a thug… better to be on your guard, better safe than sorry, etc.

          But also it’s good to keep in the back of your mind that they _might_ pleasantly surprise you.

  • e-beth

    why can’t we have sheetz instead of 7-11?

    • andy

      I was just thinking how in Baltimore they should have Sheeeee-eeetz.

  • PetworthRes

    The Shell station there is a nightmare – their “pay at the pump” machines never work, and then when you pay inside I’ve had it take 2 weeks for the payment to show up on my bank account, and more than once have had a double payment followed by a cancellation of one payment. It’s like every debit card transaction gets messed up. Plus having to go in the store makes you interact with all the drugged out people that hang out there. I hate it.

    Plus, have you noticed the Soleil condo building seems to be for sale? I think it must have gone bankrupt after they couldn’t sell units. The condos were really nice and large – but being across from that Shell is a fatal flaw.

    • TheSoleil

      The Soleil condos are not for sale. All the units have been sold and the building is fully occupied. What would give you the idea that they are for sale?

      • Girl on Kansas
        • Soleil2

          That link is for the building next to the Soleil, at 912 1/2 Shepherd Street. Like ‘TheSoleil’ stated above, all of the units at the Soleil have been sold and has been fully occupied for a long time. The Shell station is actually nice to have there because of the good lighting, and the employees have never been anything but nice to me. That Shell station isn’t the fanciest thing on the block but I’ve only had positives experiences there.

        • The Soleil

          That listing on Redfin is for 912 1/2 which is next door to the Soleil. The Soleil is 912. However, the picture is of a unit in the Soleil though, which I know is not for sale.

  • I’m all for having a 7-11 near by. Plus, It’s better than what’s there now.

  • Janie4

    The two Shells are actually owned by the same person.

    • Guy

      All the Shells and ExxonMobils in DC and suburbs are owned by the same guy.

  • Name withheld

    I had a bit of an embarrassing meltdown at the Shell station near Upshur. Last winter, for the second time in about a month, a few cents registered on the pump when I picked it up. I didn’t pull the handle; I didn’t even get the nozzle in my gas tank. It just registered $.05 on my debit card. The first time I let it pass b/c I was in a hurry. The 2nd time I complained to a smug cashier who seemed to purposely not understand what I was telling him. I demanded the $.05 after insisting I hadn’t dispensed any gas. After much arguing, he gave me a damn nickel, caving after I told him that I’d report the station to the authorities.

    I rarely get angry, but I saw red with this guy. I think a tiny bit of spittle came out of my mouth. Like I said, it was a slightly embarrassing encounter when I reflect on it…

  • Jack5

    Dunkin Donuts keeps missing the bait, They’re missing a great time to expand onto GA Avenue… Soon real estate will be gone, just like on 14th street.

    7-11 moving in only signifies a trend of development that’s now coming to GA Avenue. I for one welcome our alien invaders after over 15 years of saying there’s no 7-11 or coffee shops on GA Avenue. It still sours me towards corprate chains though as it took them this long to figure out that there’s a community to support in Petworth.

    Its amazing how fast they (7-11) and CVS set up shop, they’ll probably have the store operational, staffed, with even bums outside, by next week knowing how they operate, its like one of those sea monkey sets where you pour water in and it magically comes to life.

  • Shawn

    I am a special emotional connection with 7 eleven

    Like a loving girlfriend, she’s always there for me when I need her……..

    • Shawn

      I have*

  • ha!

    what was everyone expecting: Panera?

  • E

    It’s frustrating how many people complain about businesses that don’t fit in to their self-serving ideals. Not every new business in Petworth needs to, or should, appeal to the yuppie market. Find it in your heart to welcome a little diversity to the neighborhood you’re gentrifying.

    • greent

      7/11 is diverse? A quik syoporner store on GA Ave is diverse?

      • E

        It’s diverse in the sense that it’s far different than the other businesses that have come to Petworth in the past few years (ie Qualia, Yes, Corehaus). What I’m saying is that at least 7-11 will appeal to a different and/or broader range of people, and I wish people could see that as a positive, even if they choose to not go there.

        • greent

          Qualia, Yes and Corehaus are the diverse stores compared to what else is on GA Ave, are they not? After all, they were the 1st of their kinds on the strip and you cannot get more diverse than being the first of your kind.

          A coffee shop does not appeal to a broad range of people? Do only gentrifiers drink coffee? There are many many quick stop corner stores on GA Ave. A 7/11 is not diverse, it is a chain-corner store.

          I do hear what you are saying tho. It will appeal to a segment of the population. Just like Qualia does. Hopefully, they will both be successful and bring money and quality to the neighborhood.

          • E

            Plenty of people drink coffee, but not everyone wants to wait 5 minutes for it to be poured through a sock, but yes, those 3 places are more diverse than the average carry-outs up & down GA Ave. I agree that hopefully they can all be successful and as a result hopefully Petworth can continue to be a non-homogenized neighborhood with a little bit of something for everyone :)

  • greent



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