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Tangy Sweet Closing in Dupont on July 31st

by Prince Of Petworth June 29, 2011 at 4:30 pm 27 Comments

Thanks to Brian for the heads up on this one. I stopped by last weekend to confirm and indeed July 31st will be the last day to get Tangy Sweet at 2029 P St, NW in Dupont. The Penn Quarter location on 7th St, NW will remain open. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the space to see who moves in.

  • This is disappointing, because I eat lunch there at least once a week.

  • LCM

    Boooo :(

  • U-st

    This is sad, any clues as to why they are closing?

  • grumpy

    I don’t particuarly like their froyo or their cupcakes – I’m eager to see what opens up next in that location!

  • Robert Oriole

    Strange… TangySweet founder was on the Kojo show today, and I heard no mention of the closing… Unless I missed it.


  • Shaw Parent

    It will be interesting to see which fro-yo/cupcake/burger/bbq joints survive the demise of their respective fads.

    • Me

      Yeah, that 3000 year old barbeque fad will have to end someday.

    • Rosie

      you can’t just call every popular eatery a “fad” … cupcakes & froyo, yes.

  • TangySweetLove

    This makes me so sad, I love that place! Thankful the Chinatown one will remain open but also would be curious as to why this one is closing.

  • dues

    Hopefully something good replaces it, since I just moved to an apartment a block away. I hate to see a business close but I’m glad it was one of the four dozen froyo shops instead of something actually unique and worthwhile.

  • ro

    and so it begins…

  • I have to admit, I am a froZenYo girl. Tangy sweet isn’t ice creamy enough for me.

    • My2Cents

      Agreed! I’m a froZenYo boy.

      • Me, too. Tangysweet = too tangy, not sweet enough. FroZenYo is tastier and the line moves much faster.

        • e-beth

          No way! I love tangysweet because it is the tangiest frozen yogurt out there. FroZenYo is my least favorite. To each his own.

          I am so sad about this closing. It was always a nice treat to take a break from work to go get tangysweet.

      • Neighbor

        Why don’t you just get married already and have froZenYo babies.

  • smartmoney

    ro and Shaw Parent, so true

  • More of These, Please

    The point of frozen yogurt is that it isn’t soft serve ice cream.

    And, that is why I’m not a fan of FrozenYo. There stuff is also premixed.

    My favs are Yogen Fruz and Iceberry. Now, those are true to their name.

    • Rosie

      you’re right. it’s soft serve frozen yogurt.

      • I disagree – frozen yogurt in my opinion is a substitute for the less-healthy but tastier soft serve ice cream/frozen custard. If I had my druthers, I’d nom on rich, creamy frozen custard all day, but for health purposes FroZenYo is a decent substitute.
        The tanginess or tartness of TangySweet yogurt, again in my opinion only, is unappealing as a frozen dessert, since to me sweetness and creaminess are essential parts of the whole dessert concept. Judging from the business that FroZenYo does, lots of folks apparently agree.

  • Jackie

    I also quite like Tangy Sweet, but this location had issues. There have been a couple times in the past year when I’ve gone there during what was supposed to be their normal business hours and they have been closed.

  • LA

    Yeah, not a fan of Tangy Sweet. There are better places around Dupont/West End, namely Sweetgreen, Freshii’s, and soon-to-be open FrozenYo.

    • Neighbor

      Mr Yogato!!

  • Jill

    And then there’s TCBY, The Country’s Best Yogurt, which is, as its name says, the best, and has been around since before most of you were born. Stick with the original, mates.

  • Neil

    Long live Mister Yogato!

  • Sean

    I really hope a frozen yogurt shop opens in its place!

  • Lisa

    Frozen Yogurt is just pointless and annoying. I’ll be glad when they all just disappear. (not sure what the yuppie foodies will do then but who cares)

    Open a walk-up Soft Serve Custard Ice Cream shop there and watch the masses flock to it. Don’t forget the old fashioned swirly ice cream cone sign.


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