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Work Begins at 14th and Taylor St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth May 9, 2011 at 4:00 pm 6 Comments

“Dear PoP,

The eyesore on 14th and Taylor is being gutted. Hopefully they’ll start putting it back together soon. I’m sure the adjoining property owners are pretty excited. Every time I see this place I can’t help but think how strange it is that half the building is abandoned and half is really well kept.”

Thanks to all who wrote in about this development. We looked at this building back in mid-March. It was the one with the marked contrast to its neighbor. Great to see some movement.

  • caballero

    Getting some new tenants in there should help out the block. There are some shady activities on that stretch of 14th St.

  • andy

    Hooray for anything to improve that stretch between Randolph and Upshur on 14th.

  • Anonymous

    Wish they bagged the material and used some plastic inside the building. They seem to be spreading a lot of lead paint and possible asbestos material around the block….looks like a hack job to me.

  • That’s What She

    i live a few doors down, and the dust (or asbestos or lead paint, as anonymous suggested) is EVERYWHERE now. visibly floating in the air (and into my lungs), on my car, in my car, on my porch, in my front hallway, etc, etc. glad to see something finally happening, but wish they had found a better way to do the interior demo.

    i spoke to one of the guys on the construction crew, and he said they’re going to be luxury condos (the other side is rentals). time will tell, but our block could use ANY help :D

  • constructicon

    Yea I agree, I wish they found a way to demo that space without making any dust or debris. I mean, what are they doing, demolishing old interiors or something! Geeze!

  • bens922

    From experience, demo is ALWAYS a messy business, and very difficult to avoid.

    But on a more positive note – I’m excited this building is getting a rehab. The housing stock on that stretch of 14th street is architecturally quite gorgeous. This eyesore needed some much deserved TLC.


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