Washington, DC

Photo by flickr user stgermh

I think my wife’s friend summed it up best when he txt’d us shortly after visiting Bill’s Seafood Kitchen (aka Fish in the Hood) for the first time on our recommendation:

“F**k you for not telling me about this sooner.”

Some other friends of ours live close to Bill’s Seafood Kitchen (3601 Georgia Ave. NW near Otis) and raved about it for quite some time, yet we never went. In fact, we’d lived in Petworth almost three and a half years before trying it.

Now, it is like an addiction. The wife and I discuss how long it has been since we last went–and if it has been an acceptable amount of time in order to go again.

It has become our DC best kept secret. And I’d like to hear about yours, too. But first, more about this amazing place.

Bill’s (most people just call it Fish in the Hood because of the window signage) makes amazing seafood. It has been briefly mentioned here before, but it is kind of surprising how under the radar it is, even by Petworth standards. It isn’t much to look at, but they keep the focus on what’s important–the fish. It’s a little overwhelming when you walk inside. There are about a dozen or more varieties of fish (you know a place has it goin’ on when you order tilapia and they ask “male or female?”), plus scallops and shrimp. Once you order (by weight) they will expertly fry or broil your fish. The sides are pretty great too. And they have this stuff called “Mango sauce” which is the most amazing sauce for fish and chicken you’ll ever try.

Discovering Bill’s has suddenly made us interested in finding other “best kept secrets.” Of course, these places aren’t literally secrets–but they are just so sweet to discover. Sure, there are some places that might be categorized as “best kept secrets” that, literally, are best kept secret. But hey, you have to kiss a few frogs to find a prince, right?

Out most recent discovery has been Ruff and Ready just over the line in Hyattsville/PG County. They only have three items on the menu: blue crab, Alaska King Crab legs, and spiced shrimp. That’s it. No sides. No fuss. Nothing. But those three items are to die for.

So let’s hear yours? Any recent discoveries or places you think others would flip out about? Things mostly under the radar that you’d love to see more widely enjoyed?


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