Wed. Afternoon Rental Option -Mt. Pleasant: For Artists, not for sleeping

by Prince Of Petworth May 18, 2011 at 3:00 pm 13 Comments

This interesting rental is located at 3308 19th street nw at Park Road:

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The Craigslist ad says:

This is a great artist space for rent with high ceilings. The space is 90 SF, 9 1/2 feet deep by 9 1/2 feet wide and 10 foot high ceilings. The space has two very large windows so there is great natural light in the studio. The studio has a storage closet to keep your paints or other supplies.

See Studio B in floor plan pictured below. The studio is on the upper level of this building pictured below and is the smaller of the two studios in the floor plan.

In the past the space has been used by a paint artist.

Electric utility is extra and the common space electric is split 3 ways between all studios, the electric tends to be minimal ($5 per month) except in the winter if you use the baseboard heat and don’t turn it off when you are not using the Studio. There is a full bathroom that is shared off the common hallway and gives water access to all.

This is not a livable space and there is no possibility of sleeping/living at this studio, the building is not zoned for this type of use.

This artists studio is yours for $300 monthly.

And on a more traditional note – does anyone have recs for a summer lease:

“Dear PoP,

My friend just finished her second year of law school at Syracuse, and she got a very last minute internship in DC. The only problem? She needs housing, stat! I recently moved out of DC, *tear*, otherwise I would have her stay with me. She will need metro access (the internship is near Dupont), and the summer internship ends most likely around the beginning of August. Obviously, the cheaper, the better. If anyone has a need for a summer roommate or knows anyone who does, please e-mail summerinternDC at gmail dot com.”

  • Shaun

    $300/month? I’m gonna rent it AND sleep there!

  • ess

    NALP has a directory of law students subletting their places to other law students…your friend could look there (a login is required).

    Other than that, when I was in your friend’s situation I ended up with good places from Craigslist…she should just make sure to have a friend check it out to reduce the chance of a scam.

  • Keep in mind that most of the condos near Dupont do not allow subletting. I lived at the Newport and every summer the management would send out a reminder memo – NO SUBLETTING.

  • So, Just Sayin’

    The intern should be advised not to lock into Metro-accessible neighborhoods, because Dupont Circle offices are so easily accessed by the 42 bus (which is more reliable and comes much much much more frequently than Metro). If the intern is freed up from thinking in terms of Metro, that would open up options in neighborhoods like Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, and Mt. Pleasant.

    • Anonymous

      also, places further east.

  • Kev29

    Raphael: “You wanna live in the box? Cost you two bucks a day.”

    Sideshow Bob: “Oh thank you, kind innkeeper.”

  • Pub

    +1 on the 42 bus. Very dependable and frequent. You will end up getting something cheaper north of dupont vs red line accessible, I think.

  • yo yo yo

    Regarding the $300 space, I would do it if it came with wifi I could bum off of the owners and a place to park during the day. I would be a good place for me to telecommute, which is too hard to do at home… to many distractions!

  • cia

    Could I live there if I just stay awake all the time?

  • H Street Landlord

    Don’t forget the 90/92, which opens up H Street NE area, Anacostia, areas further out, tons of areas off Florida ave nw, etc.

    Be prepared to pay, though, for a small sublease like that. It’s prime rentin time.

    • Jon

      True, but it’s probably a good idea to take the 90/92 for a “test drive” before committing to a 12-month lease. It’s not for everyone.

  • TG

    I was thinking a clubhouse for me and the boys when we want to seek refuge from the married life. Yep, gotta work late again tonight honey.

  • Rosie

    Craigslist always has plenty of temporary sublets available… Doing a quick search once a day is probably less trouble than creating a new email address just for people to contact you with possibilities! I’d definitely recommend Mt Pleasant or Adams Morgan bc it would be cheaper and so easy to get to Dupont on the 42.


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