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  • Dan

    Heh. My understanding is that Old City Cafe was started by a disgruntled former Amsterdam Falafel employee. Any truth to that? I’ve never been to Old City, because I’m an Amsterdam Falafel guy all the way.

  • andy

    I liked the food at Old City. Tastier than the shawarma place across Columbia and they let you put on your choice of stuff, like Amsterdam Falafel.

    When I lost my phone there, the guy called whoever was my last call to figure out what had happened and my wife was able to pick up the phone right away. Good place in my book.

  • ah

    At least the fries are really the freshest.

  • PG

    I hope they don’t get sued by the Cartoon Network over that container of fries character.

  • RD

    is fake falafel made out of meat?


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