• Anony

    Both are pretty meh. I suppose the upper one fits the architecture a little better.

    It also looks like the upper one has a wider entrance, maybe for ADA compliance???

  • Brandon

    Those domed entrance ways are really tacky. The old style reminds me Vegas’ stucco palaces.

    • steve


    • Q-Street


  • Angry Parakeet

    I’m pretty sure that tiny domed feature is the remnant of the building that was torn down to build the huge building. Can anyone find an old photo?

  • Yunkstahn

    It looks like it’s trying to be the Duomo in Florence.


  • giacomo

    Well, the old dome from Ristorante Murali perhaps didn’t quite fit but I loved it(and yes it was modeled after the Duomo in Florence). It’s been there for what, at least 10 years? Whatever- looking forward to what comes next!

  • The old “Pearl Lounge” space from my days clubbing. I won’t miss the dome.


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