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Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill (owner request)

by Prince Of Petworth May 5, 2011 at 3:00 pm 28 Comments

This rental is located at 103 15th St., NE at A Street, NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Totally renovated, spacious 3BR, 2 1/2 BA townhouse on Capitol Hill, two blocks East of Lincoln Park. New stainless steel appliances, A/C unit, heating unit and washer/dryer. It also comes with a fireplace, blue stone patio in the back and 1,900 square feet that are hard to come by on Capitol Hill. Gourmet kitchen and luxury upgrades throughout. It has a living room, informal dining room area and a whole ‘nother living room. All the bedrooms are true bedrooms with ample closet space. Well-behaved dogs and cats are fine, maximum of two animals.

The house is located on a colorful block in the up-and-coming Capitol East neighborhood next to an unattractive, but convenient bodega called Bella Market, within a 10 minute walk to the hot bars along the H Street corridor and 15 minutes to Trusty’s and Wisdom on Pennsylvania Avenue. About 15 minutes to Eastern Market.”

Does “$3,100 a month, plus all utilities for a one-year lease. $3,000 for a two-year lease” sound realistic?

  • Laura

    It looks pretty nice inside, but the price seems a little bit high to me considering the location (which I think it is a stretch to call Capitol Hill).

    • JS

      I have a feeling that one day “Capitol Hill” is going to be used for everything from the building itself to the Anacostia River. That day may be soon.

      • Anonymous

        everything east of the capitol to the river has been considered capitol hill for ages. barracks row to the river is considered capitol hill.

        • Laura

          Is this by the same people who refer to everything in northeast as Trinidad?

      • Anonymous

        It isn’t officially Capitol Hill, but it’s close. The eastern border is accepted to be 14th Street NE/SE, so only one block away.

  • LCM

    I guess it depends how big the bedrooms are, but personally I think this is over-priced. If you could get 3 roommates to split at 1000 each I suppose it could be done, but I really don’t think it’s worth it for that location. I think there are far better options for $3,000 per month!

  • Anonymous

    For three (or more) people, this is a very good deal. I could see three recent college graduates snapping this place up.

    Anything fewer than three and it’s a bit of a stretch. That location is kind of in a public transportation dead zone. It’s more than a half-mile walk to the Stadium-Armory Metro, which isn’t all that far but far enough to make some prospective renters pause, especially as the sketch factor for that walk at night would be a bit high. If not Metro, then you’re relying on the D6 bus which, as anyone who ever has to rely on the D6, can be a major crapshoot.

    • Not a sketchy walk.

  • DWS

    These ads are absolutely hysterical – a “colorful” block in an “up-and-coming” neighborhood, indeed. They probably would’ve described Cabrini Green as a mid-century marvel in a transitioning area of town

    • TheRube

      Man, the mention of Cabrini-Green brings me back. I grew up in the midwest and, based on the talk of fellow midwesterners, I quickly jumped to the conclusion that stepping foot in that area meant instant death. I was deeply afraid of Chicago for several years.

      Back to current day, this area isn’t exactly Cabrini-Green. The description is appropriate, and the owner is clearly not unabashed about the neighborhood given their mention of the “unattractive, but convenient bodega.”

      I’ve read much worse truth-stretching in previous posts.

  • Saintzilla

    With all utilities included for a place that size, that knocks off $300-$400 depending on how hot you want it in the winter and how cool in the summer, but with utilities included, it’s up to the renter. I would say this is pretty spot-on considering how nice and big the place is. Not the best location, but it’s a very nice place that isn’t astronomically priced.

    • Anonymous

      I own a block north and 1/2 a block west. My house is 3 bed 3 bath, finished basement. My mortgage, including insurance and taxes is less than this. Take what you will from that. And by the way, Saintzilla, the location is pretty great. Equal walking distance to Eastern Market/Barrack Row and H street, but far enough away to be nice and quiet.

      • Saintzilla

        Don’t think you can compare a mortgage vs. a rental price. Coming from the housing industry, they are two different beasts with major pros and cons to both. I also didn’ say this neighborhood is trash, just not the best. Even the poster noted this. But it’s not Anacostia and it’s time Dupont.

      • Park View Drew

        It should be less on the basis that you assume costs, liabilities and risks when you buy that a renter does not.

        But like Saintzilla said, there are also factors that are unique to either rental prices or purchase prices that could cause the two to diverge substantially.

    • Bloomies

      I read it as $3100 plus utilities, not including utilities. With all included, it is a very good deal. But I’m not sure that is what is being offered.

  • cavish

    Hey, I live on this block! I’ve always called it Capitol Hill or Lincoln Park – who knows what’s right?

    I’ve been pretty happy here. Love being so close to Lincoln Park and Eastern Market. Oh and Suzie at Bella Market is awesome – She will accept packages for you! It’s actually only a 1/2 mile to Stadium Armory – if you are using Google Maps to route – it takes you way past the 1st entrance….you can enter just 30 feet or so off East Capitol – towards A ST SE…..

    For my sake I hope they get what their asking!

  • jch

    you could get four loco back at the day in that bodega.

    • cavish

      I think you still can……..

  • Rock

    As several commenters alluded to, the value is 100% dependent in this case by the size of the bedrooms. If all three are real bedrooms, this makes sense as a 3-person share. If, like so many DC houses, we’re talking about a large master bedroom, a medium second bedroom and a teeny tiny den/office/cage as a third bedroom, then it’s a tough sell indeed.

  • jm

    looks like a nice house and I like the area pretty well.

    having said that I was recently in the market for a shared housing arrangement and I would never go for this. as long as you put in your time on Craigslist you and your friends can live pretty much anywhere in the city for $1000/month each. while I like the area, I like others a lot better if they’re the same price.

    Also I wouldn’t sign a 2 year lease for a shared living situation.

    This could be good for a just-starting-out family. If they’re cool enough (see post for reference).

    • LCM

      Good for a just-starting-out-family? You’re probably right, but geez, how old will we all have to be to start a family in order to afford $3000/month on 2 incomes?

      Maybe I’m just too cheap!

      • Kim

        I think a lot of 20-somethings pay more than half this on one-bedroom apartments.

  • Alex

    I’m about five blocks south of here, it’s a good deal. My house hasn’t been renovated since the 1990’s, and this is about what we pay per bedroom. This one is a six block walk to the north entrance to the Stadium/Armory stop.

  • LP

    I don’t think it includes utilities, so I think it’s too high– I live in a similar sized house (also updated with similar features), but on the other side of 14th St. (Cap Hill proper, though I think the area is fine where the house is) and pay less. We have central air and pay about $120 per month payment plan for the year and $65 for gas (heating, etc.) per month payment plan. I think $2800 is more reasonable plus utilities ($200-250).


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