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Spike Mendelsohn’s Sixth & Rye Food Truck Launching Friday May 20th!

by Prince Of Petworth May 6, 2011 at 12:30 pm 11 Comments


From a press release:

When the aroma of smoked corned beef and the distinct crunch of a salty pickle are flooding your senses, rest assured that the Sixth & Rye food truck on the corner ahead is finally more than just a craving-induced mirage. Sixth & I is teaming up with Good Stuff Eatery’s Chef Spike Mendelsohn and personal chef to NBA athletes Chef Malcolm Mitchell to bring DC the old-fashioned Kosher deli cuisine it’s been longing for.

Making stops throughout the downtown DC area, including Chinatown, Farragut Square and Dupont Circle, Sixth & Rye will dish out deliciousness at a different location each week. For a limited time, the truck will be operating exclusively on Fridays, during lunch hours. Find the whereabouts of the mobile deli on Twitter by following @sixthandrye.

Sixth & Rye will launch in front of 600 I (Eye) Street, NW on Friday, May 20. The truck will begin serving the public at 11:30 am.

The truck’s signature hot smoked corned beef sandwich on fresh rye bread will combine the flavors of smoked meat and homemade hot mustard to form an undeniably delicious version of the classic. Several side dishes ranging from an inspired Israeli couscous salad to fresh cut potato chips will complement the signature sandwich. The menu will also feature a grilled vegetable wrap and a “Meal Deal” option. Menu items will range from $2 – $12.

  • Tres

    Pay no attention to the green phallus behind the logo.

  • Sleepy

    Woo! Now I don’t have to feel excluded from the lobsetr roll truck.

  • Anonymous
  • Arthur E.

    What is at 600 I Street? This poor excuse for a press release kind of ignores that altogether.

    But I hope this food truck is good. With Spike Mendelsohn attached to it, I feel like it could go either way.

    • ro

      It’s a synagogue. This venture is with them

      • the neighbors

        Specifically, it’s a synagogue which is called “6th and I” after the corner on which it sits. Hence the name of the foodtruck. Kinda clever, IMHO.

        • Arthur E.

          Thanks, that makes sense. Somehow they assumed that everyone knows the reference already.

          • a) chances are that anyone looking for kosher food downtown knows the reference already

            b) given the number of rock shows at 6th and I, it’s not exactly a secret spot…it gets a lot of shows I might otherwise expect to be at Black Cat or 9:30 (e.g. Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) and Robin Guthrie (Coacteau Twins) have an upcoming show; I’ve also seen or had friends see at the venue Imogen Heap, Over the Rhine, Vienna Teng, Dresden Dolls, etc.)

  • MichelleRD

    It is clever but that’s about as far as Spike goes, IME. His burger and pizza joints are good but don’t quite live to the hype.

    Maybe a food truck is the more perfect venue for Spike-style cuisine.

  • Monkeyrotica should be all over this with some sort of witticism.

    • Rukasu



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