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Good Deal or Not? “renovated into a palace” edition

by Prince Of Petworth May 6, 2011 at 1:00 pm 112 Comments

This home is located at 1001 Otis St, NE:

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The flier says:

“This is a spectacular home that has been renovated into a palace. Originally it was a standard Bungalow but the owner has bumped it out into include a huge master bedroom suite. The main level has been renovated with a new kitchen, renovated rec room, rear patio/barbecue pit and parking for 4 cars.”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 4 bed/3 bath is going for $1,500,000. Wow.

Ed. note: I really wanted to post this house at at 646 Keefer Pl NW that was going for $359,500 but I was too late and it’s already under contract.

  • Anonymous

    that house is ridiculously overpriced. it’s probably worth half that.

    • So, Just Sayin’

      The owner has truly terrible taste. S/he just ruined her/his fortunes from the exterior alone.

      I guess if you’re going to go for such a tacky stone exterior look (which looks so bad it seems fake … if that’s real stone, I feel just terrible for the clueless owner), you might as well go all out for a mid-Century mod style, a la Brady Bunch — go for flatter lines, and door and window touches that evoke a 60s/70s aesthetic. That’s the only way I can think of to salvage that horrid exterior.

      And the interiors — yee-ow. They’re not overtly tacky like the exterior, but they’re definitely inadequate to the inflated asking price.

      HGTV needs to come running. They could do a Curb Appeal / Designed to Sell / Get It Sold crossover special.

      • I Can’t Believe He

        This is the first time ever when I’ve actually trusted the Zillow estimate ($416K) more than the listing price! Usually the Zestimate is way off in the DC market, but in this case it’s way nearer the mark than the seller!

      • Richko

        Don’t forget Real Estate Intervention, for the delusional sellers and/or agent.

        • So, Just Sayin’

          YES! That one should be the lead in the crossover — stage an intervention to make the seller realize her/his delusions about that fugly house and the price, then bring in the rest to actually get that house defuglified and ready to sell!

          • Sir Douchy

            “The house, located in an up and coming neighborhood, is surrounded by high fences and stands out from others nearby. Although valued at over $1 million, the inside is fairly plain.”
            Are we talking Abbottabad or Brookland?

          • Anonymous

            sir douchy,

            well played.

  • Sleepy


    • Kevin

      +1 They must be joking.

  • A

    I think there’s a typo – there’s an extra “1” in front of the listing price.

    • ET


      • ah


  • x

    Seriously? Seriously? Wait, did I ask…Seriously?

  • victoria

    Palace for – The Thing?

    • caballero

      Victoria, you are consistently funny.

    • mark

      L O L.

      I can’t tell from the photos if that surfacing also covers the shingles, but if it doesn’t — what a missed opportunity.

  • whoa_now

    This guy obviously spent way too much on renovations..and not on the initial house-see location. This isn’t a bad location…but its not a 1.5 million location.

    • Alexis


      I think the location is not worth it no matter how nice you might think the house is.

  • Reminds me of “The Thing” of the Fantastic Four :D

    • Caroline

      Comment of the day! LOL.

  • um. no.

  • 14th St Heights

    Are you f***ing SERIOUS? That house is hideous, from the fake stone veneer, to the cheap Home Depot redo in both bathrooms. Did you see the ugly white wall for the shower? I’m not even think half the amount. I’d guess $499,000. Jeez.

    • mca

      It’s a whole HomeDepot reno. The kitchen cabinets are probably one of the cheapest type and most commonly available. The tile in the bathroom screams cheap. this house is so horrible and the sellers are very jaded in thinking it is worth that and a “palace”.

      PoP keep us posted on how much the price gets reduced and how long it takes to sell it.

  • A

    Now THIS house in Brookland, on the other hand, is awesome. Worth the 1/2 mil it was listed for. Drool. http://franklymls.com/DC7558399

  • Angry Parakeet

    The stone is not fake.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a May-fools joke.

  • andy

    We call it MYSTERY-STONETM

  • Susan

    There is NO way that house is worth 1.5 million. It is horrendous

  • Tres

    Realtor hall of shame worthy.

  • kt

    the toilet seat has one of those fuzzy covers on it!

    • A

      I love those… but not enough to pay an extra mil for a house to get one :)

      • 14th St Heights

        no, the toilet cover TOTALLY makes the house. I take back everything I said earlier.

    • stinkbot13

      heh. I was going to ask if those convey. If so…then I’d pay above asking! :)

  • TEM

    I think I just threw up a little.
    I really, really hope that price is a typo.
    But even at $500k, that house is still UGLY.

    • Don’t worry…

      Even if you did throw up it would match the monochromatic color palette of the whole house!

  • Oats


  • Sherman

    $940/sf in Brookland? HAHAHAHA. Wow.

    Thanks for the laugh POP. A truly astounding listing. It’s got to mean 500k… no?

  • joker

    At first I got a little chuckle because I saw the house and word “palace”. Then I saw the price tag and I almost choked from laughter.

    1. The place is hideously ugle from the outside. There are a couple things inside that are nice, but taking a nastly looking house and putting a 7K stove in it, doesn’t make it a palace.

    2. Location. Umm, no.

    3. According to the comps on redfin and past sales, the most expensive house thats either sold or on the market within half a mile of that place is 1/3rd the cost of this one. Yes…~66% less.

    I don’t have the vocabulary to decribe just how bad of a deal this is.

  • ne

    I just spoke to the realtor and this is not a mistake. In fact after hearing some additional info I think this is a fair price. Still not for me though:

    They forgot to mention that $1.2M worth of cocaine conveys with property.

    • Caroline

      What was the additional info?

      • Denizen of Tenallytown

        The punchline was the last sentence.

        • Caroline

          Yeah I figured, but the tone still seemed a little off to me.

  • Anon

    Renovated into a palace?

    I love hyperbolic realtors, with all their gleaming floors, luxurious bathrooms, chef’s kitchens, stately exteriors, and fantastic opportunities that we should not miss.

  • Anony


    Capcha (I swear): R2D2

  • caballero

    I want to know how the seller chose the realtor, and what kind of conversations they had to determine the asking price. And I wonder whether they will still be on speaking terms when this house finally sells for a fraction of what they are asking.

  • There was a house posted a few days ago for 1.2 million in Mount Pleasant that is worth at least two of these. I’d be suprised if it got more than $600,000, and even that is a stretch. Insane .

  • jm

    this house is for a very specific type of person: the millionaire completely obsessed with brookland. unfortunately I think there’s only one person out there who fits that, and they have to move.

    • LisaT


    • Emmaleigh504


  • JenDC

    I am picturing some realtor desperately trying to explain to their client that this house is not worth the money, and the owner throwing a total tantrum – if the owner is reading this, and the realtor pressured you to go out at this price point – I’d find yourself another realtor.

  • bosaanka

    LOL! sounds like PoPville Caption Contest Winner xD

  • gk

    oh! i’m so glad you posted this one. i saw it yesterday and thought it would a perfect gdon. hilarious. somebody is on crack.

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Laugh it up now, but this is a sign of things to come in Brookland. Only steps from the Metro, restaurants, and nightlife, this amazing piece of property will not last and other sellers in the neighborhood will follow suit. Pony up the $1.5M now, or be priced out of the neighborhood FOREVER! Sell all your possessions, a kidney, and your firstborn, and get 3/1 ARM immediately!

    (This post courtesy of 2005.)

  • John

    It looks like something one would see at the Jersey Shore. It is disgusting to look at both inside and out. Everything is just simply wrong about it! Yuck!

    • Anon. Gardener

      Exactly. My first thought was “Staten Island”.

  • This is about $1 million overpriced. I would much rather get the other place someone posted for $500k. More character, and are you seriously asking $1.5 million for a reno with crappy cultured marble vanity in the bathroom from home depot? SRSLY?

    This is obviously a realtor who is desperate for business so he will take any listing (even from a delusional seller) in the hopes that once he has the listing he can convince the seller to lower his expectations…a LOT!

    Look, if I want a 3 or 4 hundred thousand dollar house, Brookland is fine, but if I had $1.5 million to drop on a house, why the F**K would I live in Brookland when I could buy a house in Bethesda or Great Falls for under $1 million, pocket the differnce, send my kids to great schools and not worry about them walking home at night?

  • anon

    I smell an insurance fire in 5…4…3…2…

  • anon

    I’ve seen better taste on MTV Cribs.

  • MichelleRD

    Holy heck, that is one fugly house. Hideous from every angle. Parts of the inside look nice but the taste level on the exterior is so low that it renders everything else about the property questionable.

    Good grief. Aren’t there zoning codes or something against this sort of thing?

  • ag

    Wow, they took a house built in 1923 and turned it into THAT??? If this were a 1980s ranch house in the burbs, the interior reno would be tolerable, but it should be crime to do this to a 1920s bungalow. And if you are going to obliterate all the character in a home, at least replace it with top of the line work. The exterior though is just disgusting.

  • Muzindc

    OMG… OMG… OMG… now I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have made an offer at full price…

  • DC Rez

    Hideous and probably worth $400K-450K. This is in Brookland, not Beverly Hills.

  • Brian Kraft

    A 1-inch thick layer of stone glued to the outside does not a palace make.

  • 14th St Heights

    sorta looks like where Osama bin Laden would hide.

    • x


  • rowsdower

    This reminds me of when I used to play The Sims as a 12 year old and line my house, inside and out, with whatever the most expensive material you could possibly buy was (generally a stone similar to this one).

    I like to think the residents of this house were forced to read cookbooks for weeks at a time like my Sims were…

  • PTB

    Even for $500k, I’m not sure I would take that location. Don’t get me wrong, I lived in Brookland for 3 years and enjoyed it. Even though west of 12th St may be closer to the Metro, the neighborhood is far nicer east of 12th.
    This has to be a joke right?

  • Pokerface

    I’m not sure who was higher at the time the listing was taken, the seller of the broker.

  • SF

    Worst deal in GDoN history?

  • whoa_now

    Poor owner, I bet he/she has now been alerted that his/her house is on PoP GDoN..and excitedly clicked to review the comments…poor fella. I’m not sure this house would sell for 1.5 million in Georgetown/Dupont/Capitol Hill. How many days till the price changes? I’ll say 3.

    • I’m not sure the NIMBYs in Georgetown would have allowed this monstrosity in the first place…

  • Go to Google Maps Street view and check out the brand new Mercedes Benz S63 AMG in the driveway. Guy bought his real estate ride BEFORE he sold the real estate. Not smart. Now the house AND the car are going to get repossessed by the bank.

  • Anonymous

    Ahahaha. As someone who bought in Brookland last summer (more square footage for less than 1/3 of the price), I find this hilarious. Looks like it was last purchased in 1997 for $126k and assessed in 2010 at $395k. How in the world would $1.5M EVER seem like the right number?

  • Mati

    It’s real stone, and it took real talent to make it all look so bad. I watched that exterior go up in horrified fascination. A few people tried to talk to the owner when it was happening, but most were just speechless. This is a pretty modest block of Brookland, but that small row of original bungalows could have been pretty cute with respectful renovation. This is a nightmare, and it really doesn’t help the neighborhood that this is the first thing you see exiting the Metro via 10th. The real tragedy here is that Brookland has plenty of solid brick homes further east that would be a better match for this kind of, um, makeover.

    • CaptApollo

      I also watched this travesty go down (up). At first I thought, “surely not…” and then I thought, “oh dear Lord” and now I think, “yup, that’s what I was afraid of.”

  • GM

    I heard this was Cheney’s secret undisclosed location/bunker.

    • Anonymous

      I think you mean Rayful Edmond’s witness relocation program safehouse . . . .

  • Muzindc

    Now this feels like a competition to see who will be right — the owner and listing agent or the haters on this site who can’t see through to the $1.5 million “inner beauty” of the place.

    • Caroline

      Please tell me you’re joking. “Haters”?! Seriously? Houses in Adams Morgan don’t go for this much and they are not heinous mishmashed brick monstrosities that are too big for the lots they sit upon. Between this and the $1450 studio with a loft bed over the fridge in the shoebox of a kitchen, I feel like crying over the absurdity of the D.C. real estate market.

      • Muzindc

        Please tell me you can tell I was joking.

        • Caroline

          I suspected as much but considering how often the word “haters” gets thrown around these days, I wasn’t sure.

  • Polytasker


  • MK

    I would have commented sooner but I couldn’t stop laughing. The seller has a serious stone fetish. I don’t normally recommend tearing down houses in old neighborhoods and doing a complete rebuild but after what they did to this one it’s the only solution.

    • A

      I was thinking tear-down too. Put up a condo building there. It’s right by the Metro, and there’s a 4-story building across the street.

  • dchs

    I interviewed this realtor when I sold my last place 2 years ago based on a recommendation from a friend. I didn’t go with him for a few reasons, but I didn’t think he was nuts. Apparently I was wrong.

    • victoria

      Doesn’t a listing like this hurt a realtor’s credibility for all time? If I were looking for someone to sell my house I would think a)delusional nut-job or b)Must be really bad to be so desperate for listings

  • L

    Perhaps they’re going through a divorce and someone is being forced to put the house on the market, but don’t actually want to sell?

  • post post

    honey, i am in here…the shower…behind this wall.

    • hahaha, i just noticed that wall. hahahah. this is such an awesome house.

    • CaptApollo


  • pop-up owner

    DA to Judge: “Your Honor we are applying for a search warrant for crack at 1001 OTIS St NORTHEAST
    WASHINGTON, DC 20017”

    Judge: Probably cause?

    DA: Here is the Redfin listing and print outs of the photos, please note the listing price.

    Judge… “Warrant issued, those folks are definately crackheads. You want another warrant for the listing agent’s home and office?

    • textdoc


  • anon

    Any idea how much would it might have cost to do that exterior with real stone?

    • anon

      pardon my english :)

      *Any idea how much it might have cost…

  • Dittle

    Golly – um yeah, the house is not pretty from the outside. The inside is not that bad. The price is way too high for this neighborhood. Wow – folks are brutal!!

  • Lady

    Such a ridiculous price. This 6 bed 4.5 bath recently went on the market around the corner, is under contract and listed at half the price.


    • Marcus Aurelius

      Yeah but that place is attached. Don’t you think a detached home is worth twice as much? :-)

      I’m digging Phil’s real estate videos.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Clearly this home is not in Brookland, it’s in Bedrock. Yabba Dabba Do!

    Psyched that I can save $22,500 buying it through Redfin.

    • lynn

      LOL!!! “Perfect for the modern stone age family.”

  • Brookland

    As a homeowner in Brookland, all I can hope is that it sells for anywhere over $1,000,000 ;-)
    In reality though, I hope that’s just a typo, because Brookland single family homes are normally listed between $400,000 and $600,000.


    If you subtracted $1M from the price I bet 70% of the comments would be “NOT.” Do a redfin seacrh for 1.5M and see the amazing, insane places you can get in Logan, Dupont, Georgetown, upper NW….truly the best GDON ever. Realtor and client need to have a come to jesus moment.

    I loved the comment above “brought to you by 2005” LOL “Hurry or be priced out of the (hot *Brookland*) market FOREVER.

  • lora

    I’ll check it our next time I go to the dump.

  • Anonymous

    Y’all are only laughing because you have no idea how much it costs to bullet-proof a whole house.
    P.S. You better call Tyrone and tell him to come over and help you pick up your -bleep-.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks POP you just made my day

  • DC Dude

    I’m thinking more “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” This house is pretty sad. It makes me sad.

  • Len

    What harsh comments! I mean, have you all considered the added value of four parking spaces? Or how about that custom address in the iron gate?

  • Cockster

    I feel bad for the neighbors. This is the first time ever I have to go “Damn, look at that cheap siding on the house next door.. looks great!”

  • Anonymous

    Speechless. Truly, truly speechless.

  • Anonymous

    I think the listing could be wrong — that square footage seems too low. I think it may be higher given the renovation and the listing is using older public records. But even if the home were actually twice the size (unlikely, but possible), $1.5 million would still probably be too high. Most real estate in Brookland goes for about $350/sqft.

  • Sully

    Captain Caveman Craptastic!

  • nope

    Has anyone heard of an appraisal? No bank is going to finance a sale of this house at this price. What ego.

  • on Fairmont

    u-g-l-y house ain’t got no alibi


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