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by Prince Of Petworth May 6, 2011 at 12:00 pm 88 Comments

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

Photo by PoPville flickr user maria jpeg

  • Rant (crossposted on DCist):
    One of the biggest disappointments of my life is how reality hasn’t lived up to the promises and predictions about space travel from my youth. As a kid growing up watching Star Trek reruns, with my dad working on the Lunar Module with Grumman, I read countless articles and stories about how the Boeing SST would make supersonic transport routine, we’d have a big, rotating space station with centifugal force-induced gravity by the 1980s, a moonbase by the 1990s (remember Space 1999?), a human landing on Mars by 2000, and so on. It seems like we’ve diverted all our society’s resources from BIG scientific/space advances into consumer electronics, gadgets and toys. It’s VERY depressing to think I probably won’t live to see humans walk on Mars, or make contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. It seems like we’re actually regressing, now that the Concorde has been retired w/o a replacement, just like the Space Shuttle. I want to fly in a spaceplane, dammit. They lied to an entire generation!

    OK, rant over…

    • anon

      I’m sure your friends find this charming, but… zzzzzzzzz

    • WDC

      Dad, is that you???

    • Anonymous

      Talk to virgin galactic. Bring your checkbook.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Who lied? Futurists? They’re wrong 90% of the time, and the other 10% is pretty much luck. Long range space travel and permanent settlements won’t be of interest until humanity’s existence is threatened on Earth.

      The process of launching anything into space in one piece is extremely expensive. Putting a living organism into space and keeping it alive is more expensive. Bringing it back to Earth, even more expensive. Plus, it’s highly taxing on the organism. I highly doubt we’ll see regularly scheduled orbital flights for John Q Public anytime soon, if ever.

      On the other hand, consumer electronics and advances in communication have made it easier than ever to come together and exchange information. Yes, part of this is a generation of people who kind find nothing better to do with this amazing technology other than surf porn and play Angry Birds on Metro, but that is more of a reflection on people than it is the technology.

    • I read a book from the 40’s or 50’s that explained that in the year 1980, cars were not going to have wheels anymore because they would be flying….

    • saf

      Me too. I want to go to space. I watched the moon landing, fascinated. Now it’s 50 years since Shepherd, and we aren’t really much closer.

    • Anonymous

      we do have smart phones though. and stun guns. and doors that go “whoosh” as they pen magically.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Yesterday this older lady gets on the Red Line at Judiciary Square, comes right next to me all the while ranting on her cell phone, cursing up a storm, with kids all around, saying f’in b*&tch ni^%er and stuff like that. I just had to walk away from the incursion on my brain space, and she actually cursed me out as I walked away!

    Rant: Today I getting on the bus a lady leaving the bus starts ranting at me, cursing, fortunately the bus driver had the sense to quickly close the door and drive away.

    Rave: I actually predicted this would happen before it happened, I am getting more and more pyshic with age.

    • Height. Weight. Goiter.

      Two people cursing at you on two separate days? Maybe you’re the problem…

      • Kalorini

        That’s right–blame the victim. The good nature of PoP commenters is upon us!

        • Height. Weight. Goiter.

          Victim of cursing? Haha.

          • Tres


          • Kalorini

            Yeah, verbal abuse. Honestly.

          • Anonymous

            I actually like cursing, some of our best freakin’ words that’s for sure.

            What gets me is african americans using the words “f’in bit&h nig*^er” six inches from my brain and in close proximity to many children. Lack of civility and respect big time.

            The lady getting off the bus was just mad that I saw her let her toddler get smooshed by the back door of the bus on her way to daycare, I guess.

      • Anonymous

        hahaha, I thought the same thing. White guy minding his own business on his way home and way to work. Angry black ladies acting about as rude as it can get on public transportation, all up in my face. Makes total sense to me. I missed the memo, it’s my fault indeed.

        • houseintherear

          I enjoyed getting cursed out by two women (their color is irrelevant) yesterday while riding my bike on the sidewalk along Florida Ave. I stopped and pulled over until they walked past, then started to ride again when it was clear and heard a lot of, “F**in’ white b***h on her stupid bike”, etc. Good times. :)

  • MrsT

    Rant: Last night on Bones they mentioned Columbia Heights! Except that they said that a white male would “stick out like an onion in a bean field.” Which is both incorrect and offensive. Clearly, they’ve never actually been here. I know sometimes shows set in DC mess with the geography for plot purposes, but Bones gets stuff wrong when it’s just as easy to get it right, with, like, two minutes of Googling. This had no relevance to the plot. Think we should get the producers’ email addresses and send them angry emails.

    • 11th

      bones is known as being pretty terrible on getting things right re: DC, including mispronouncing anacostia a lot and assuming it stretches from the river to the line. pretty lame.

      • MrsT

        Yup. Also, apparently there’s a giant vacant lot in Cleveland Park and we have a Little India. Really want to know where that one is.

      • Emmaleigh504

        How do people mispronounce Anacostia? It seems pretty straight forward to me, it’s not like it’s Tchoupitoulas or something.

        • MrsT

          “Anacost-ya” vs. “Anacost-ee-a”

          • Emmaleigh504

            aaah interesting

          • Anonymous

            i know some old people that grew up thee that call it Anna cosh ya.

    • jch

      See : “The Event” . Don’t even get the metro right or locations.

    • WDC

      I’m always amused by how quickly they can get places. Like the time they left Booth’s FBI office to go to the Eastern Shore, saying “we’ll be there in 15 minutes”. Er, no. In 15 minutes, you’ll be sitting at the intersection of NY and Florida Aves.

      Though of course the biggest offender in this category is 24. Jack Bauer must have his own personal network of wormholes.

      • SF

        Whenever they are in the car, they drive through downtown without ever stopping at what appears to be 50 miles an hour. Seriously– they are never at a stoplight.

        That, and Booth often takes his eyes off the road for like 10 seconds at a time…

  • OB Rider

    Rant: Shooting in Petworth Metro Station last night at 9:45. 15 minutes before my wife and I got off there to go home. Getting a bit too close for comfort. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post_now/post/man-shot-in-leg-inside-petworth-metro/2011/05/05/AF9rXF3F_blog.html

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Jesus, I never even got an alert about this! I guess because it happened inside the metro. Metro police is horrible about sharing info.

      “A man was shot in the leg inside the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro station Thursday night, D.C. police said.”


      • Anonymous

        Metro police is horrible.

        That’s really all that needs to be said.

  • beer

    rant: a 6 pack of DC brau public ale cans costs $12! i want to support the local beer scene but that’s a rip-off for (what tastes like) a cheap brew.

    • pworth

      $12?!! Wowzas. Just had my first taste last weekend and was going to pick some up, but its taste equivalent (to me, at least)–Dale’s–now seems like a relative bargain at $8. I know they’re small and just getting started, but $12 is over the top.

    • jch

      any liquor stored downtown sell it?

      • Anonymous

        they’ve got it at cairo on 17th st. Cairo delivers too.

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      I half expected this would be the case, which is unfortunate. I’ll reserve judgment until actually trying one, though.

    • MtP

      DC Brau will die soon. It is getting all the attention because its new and its local, but at this price, its definitely not going to sell at the liquor stores and the charm at the bars will die soon.

      • anon

        It’s also not that good. It’s not bad really, but nothing special.

  • Kalorini

    Rant-Rave Oreo (!!):

    RAVE: The snake photo is *finally* gone from the PoP top toolbar. Honestly, it has been tortuous to read this site all week.

    Rant: I’m kind of getting sick of my job. I’m happy to have a half-decent-paying job, but this “federal government belt-tightening” is making work severely less enjoyable because we’re not being tasked to do anything..

    Rant/Rave: There’s a super-cute condo in Mt. Pleasant that I want to own, but I’ve got to shake some of this CC debt first.

    Rant: Online final exam, on Sunday, on Mother’s Day. Really?

    RAVE: celebrating the end of this hellish semester with a visit to Lunar Massage in Adams Morgan on Monday evening :-)

    • Emmaleigh504

      I tricked my sister into clicking on a link that took her to a pic of a snake. I now fear she will kill me in my sleep, but it was oh so funny!

    • Stephanie S.

      +1 lunar massage

  • Anonymous

    Rave: Completed my first plane flights since my PE in October and I’m still alive with no symptoms.

    Rant: Flying, while wondering if you’re going to die walking off the jet bridge, is no fun.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  • Early Times

    Rave: Finally got to play some golf last Sat and the weather was awesome

    Rant: I hit the ball all over the f-ing place

  • Bear

    Rave: Finally done with the most difficult proposal I’ve ever worked on. It has been a hellish two months, but I kicked ass and am finally getting recognition for my work.

    Double rave: For the first time in two months I won’t be working over the weekend. Hallelujah!

  • Jen

    Rave: My husband and I have moved! A lovely and recently-renovated 5-br with a big yard and I now only drive 15 minutes to work, as opposed to an hour.

    Rant: I am now living outside of PoP-ville. How I will miss thee! I will come back from time to time just to check on you, but I must say goodbye now. *sniff*

    • Denizen of Tenallytown

      Goodbye, and best of luck in Reston!

      • Jen

        Um, I don’t live in Reston, but thanks anyways… :)

      • Da Don Diva

        Ha Ha Ha!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Meeting this afternoon. No subject was given, so I’m walking in blind. I hate not knowing what to expect.

    Rave: My little balcony garden is doing very well! I thought one of my lavenders died, but now it has flower buds!

    Rave: Bought some new plants over the weekend and now my apartment resembles a jungle.

    Rant: I’ve run out of space for more plants unless I can convince the apartment manager to give me some of our tiny yard.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Another horrible thing about the meeting is my bossman will round up our little team and herd us into the meeting together. I’m a grown-up, I am totally capable of attending a meeting on my own.

    • Anony

      I would give you my whole front yard if you lived close to me! We can’t keep up with front and back of the house.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I’m not sure I could do a whole front yard, never had one bigger than a postage stamp before, but I’d give it the good old college try!

    • Clarissa

      Buying plants is an addiction, isn’t it. I was embarrassed to find that I was actually giddy when I walked into Lowe’s for the first time this season. I’ve created four small veggie beds in the back and have purchased 60+ plants for the (tiny, Petworth rowhouse) front yard, and yet still I wish to buy more…

      • Emmaleigh504

        I keep going to nurseries with my sister who actually has a yard. I think I’ll just have to take a patch of her yard for my plants, though we have pretty different tastes in gardening.

  • Anonymous

    Revel: 20 years with my lady. Amazing she puts up with all my crap! I love you sweetie!

    • MS

      Mazel tov. That’s inspirational.

    • Da Don Diva

      Love you too Snookums!

    • Anon

      Damn… I’ve only been with your lady twice ;-)

    • Anonymous

      Meet me in the spare room after the kids fall asleep :D

  • Kam

    Rant: I’m so tired of certain people and their feeling of entitlement. This drunk guy drops his beer yesterday at El Centro while we are on the rooftop. It spills on my friends leg and nobody does or says anything. So rather than just let the bottle lay there and have someone step on it and what have you, I pick it up and put it on the bar. I then tell the guy that he dropped his beer and it splashed on my friends leg. He tell me someone will pick it up and I say to him, I picked it up. He then says “What’s your name”? I replied with my name and then he says “Fcuk you”. So at that point I clearly get pissed and let him know how I feel, his 4 friends see it so they pull him back and start to circle me and ask me what the problem is, I tell them how wrong and drunk their friend is and they are like just let it go and then one of them has the balls to say, there is no reason to act like a savage. That further pissed me off because I didn’t do anything but of course it is the big, scary, angry black guys fault. My friend sees this and then he comes and stands next to me to let them know it isn’t going down like that. When he comes over he sets his beer down on the bar only to look up and see the guy that dropped his beer drinking the beer my friend just sat down. So they keep acting like everything is all good and blah, blah, blah and we tell them their boy is now drinking my friends beer and of course they have no response. So at that point, they buy him a beer and I am like, it is over and I shake their hands and when I shake the hand of the idiot this guy sticks his tongue out at me and I get pissed all over again. I come at you like a man and you stick your tongue out at me? OK, this story is getting long now but anyway, security comes and is all staring at us like we started all of this, saying I need to calm down and acting as if we are about to get put out. Funny how that everyone comes at the 2 black guys and not the 5 white guys in which the one who started it all can’t even complete a sentence (and isn’t it always funny how it is the smallest one in the crew? I’m a solid 6′ 225 lbs and I go to the gym everyday, this guy was about 5’7″ maybe 150 but yet he wants to start with me and act all billy badazz). It just kills me that some people really thing the world is owed to them or that their actions don’t have consequences. Gotta love the new U/14th St.

    Rave: The food was really good at El Centro DF, looking forward to going back sans the idiot.

    • Kam

      It must have been the shirt and tie that I had on.

    • Divine

      “there is no reason to act like a savage.”

      Disgraceful. Racist assholes ruining people’s good time.

    • Anonymous

      See, we white guys write memos too! Stick it to the black man.

      This racial crap certainly sucks. I am going to start wearing a shirt with “I heart black men.” Christ already.

      • Kam

        I don’t quuite understand this comment.

    • mphs

      Fred Savage? He is really not a great actor. I agree, don’t act like him.

    • anon

      I’m sorry, man. for what it’s worth, I’m a white woman and I usually assume white men are entitled, retarded, alcoholic assholes. I totally would’ve been on your side if I were nearby. I also have a ridiculous temper and I like to use it with white, entitled, retarded, alcoholic assholes. In any event, I applaud your efforts to teach him some manners and I’m sorry that nobody else did the right thing.

      • Kam

        Thank you. I normally get along with everyone but I do have a problem with people that think they are above others and owed something – drunk or not. Also it really pissed me off that everyone was quick to come at us as if we were the problem.

      • Anonymous

        if i saw that play out i would have had your back too. i hate when people are asses. and i hate when the wrong people get blamed.

        solid of you to be the honorable man in the situation.

      • anotheranon

        you usually assume white men are entitled, retarded, alcoholic assholes? well ok then.

        • Anonymous

          everyone’s got baggage.

      • Clarissa

        Odd, white woman assumer, that in your post you have exemplified the very characteristics you disparage in others. You are astoundingly self-unaware.

        Also, thoughtful people don’t use “retarded” as a juvenile insult. It’s a terrible slur against the disabled.

      • Anon

        “I also have a ridiculous temper and like to use it…”

        Sounds like she’s insulting you. She’s right, though, that you have anger issues. Sounds like the guy dropped his beer w/o realizing it splashed on your friend. You picking it up and then telling him that it splashed sounds like you’re looking for trouble. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

        • Kam

          You have got to be kidding me. First of all you don’t know me from a can of paint to tell me I have anger issues. And second of all how do you drop a glass bottle of beer and then not know it? You do that when you are totally drunk, unaware and not thoughtful of your actions.

          So I am looking for trouble because I pick the beer up and tell him that it spilled on my friends leg? The only thing I was remotely looking for was some self awareness or maybe a simple apology. It kills me how you put the blame on me when yet he was the one that said “What’s your name? Fcuk you” I guess he was right in saying that?

          I don’t know why I am waisting my time with you because you clearly are one of those people just like his friends.

          I feel very sad for you.

          • ccc

            i’m on your side kam. you played it right.

          • Anonymous

            Please write the word fuck and not the nonword fcuk. It’s really unbecoming to see it intentionally misspelled as if that absolves it of its inflection or meaning. It doesn’t even come off as intentional, like writing “[Expletive] you,” or “f*** you,” it just comes off as an error. I’m assuming since you wrote it twice it was intentional, but really it just looks kind of petty, as if you’re afraid of a word.

          • Anonymous


            please focus on things that are important. when you focus on the trivial aspects on a story, is sounds petty, as if you are afraid of substance.

      • Mike

        ‘I’m a white woman and I usually assume white men are entitled, retarded, alcoholic assholes.’

        Which makes you a racist, and probably a bigot.

    • Emmaleigh504

      It sucks that 1 asshat can turn a good time bad so quickly. I’m glad you had the smarts to pick up the bottle before someone tripped on it, and I’m glad you tried to resolve it, shaking hands and everything. You sound like a well mannered man, the other guy needs to be kept at home until he learns some manners.

      • EB


    • Marcus Aurelius

      Kudos to you for handling that so well. It may be small comfort, but rest assured that this dude (and his boys) will likely run across the wrong person one day (someone less patient than you) and learn a lesson the hard way.
      I don’t know if it’s privilege as much as general cluelessness and lack of regard for anyone other than oneself. The old question for someone exhibiting bad behavior was “What were you…raised in a barn or something?” The way that some people behave, you have to think they were raised in a barn. Roll a suitcase over your leg, swing a bag into you, yawn in your face with their mouths open, drop half-finished food containers and empty bottles on someone else’s lawn, not cleaning up after their dogs . . . No social graces or consideration at all.

  • Denizen of Tenallytown

    Goodbye, and enjoy Reston!

  • MAR

    Rave: BBQ down on the shore tomorrow…then up to Baltimore for the Kinetic Sculpture Race!!!

    Rant: Having a hard time finding a new place to live…any niceish places out there for me and my pup?

  • Oats

    Rant: can I please get a POP app for my iphone?

    • Wanderer

      Oooo, +100.

  • victoria

    Rave: Adorable bad-ass fledgling Mockingbird in Meridian Hill park today trying out his wings. Couldn’t quite get off the ground, but actually charged my dog! Mom was nearby flashing for distraction – a very Wild Kingdom afternoon!

    General alert to dog owners – there are lots of fledglings and baby ducks around this time of year, so let’s be extra alert and responsible especially in Rock Creek or any woodsy areas.

  • sheepprofessor

    Rant: CVS Columbia Heights. Don’t know why I even try. Called them on Tuesday if they did passport photos. THey said ‘yes.’ Brought my two children to have passport photos taken on Wednesday. They said that they couldn’t do it. I asked why. THey said they didn’t have a camera. I said that I called the day before and they said they could do it. They said they couldn’t do it because they didn’t have a camera. I said what they hell. They said would you like to talk to the manager. I said you better believe it. We waited for the manager to appear. Five minutes passed. No manager. Forget it. What’s the next closest location that does passport photos? 14th and R, she says. So we go to 14th and R. They say ‘what? We’re doing renovations. We can’t do passport photos right now. Who told you we could?’ I told ’em who told me. ‘Well, why did they tell you that? We can’t do passport photos. They should have called first. Why didn’t they call first?’ My children, meanwhile, are starving and can’t understand why I’m subjecting them to torture.

    Columbia Heights CVS 1) told us they could do passport photos but then couldn’t; 2) couldn’t even provide a manager to explain the situation; 3) the staff member who told us they couldn’t do it was not apologetic or concerned in the slightest; 4) she then directed us to another location that also couldn’t help.

    I will never, ever set foot in that place again. The people who work there all ought to be fired. Having a job is not a right. You gotta work for it, friend. If you can’t even do that, you deserve nothing. It doesn’t take much. It just takes a little humanity. I know you’re not paid very well, but maybe if you feigned a little interest in your job, somebody would pay you more to do something and your life would get better. You don’t have to be smart or beautiful or have a winning personality or anything. You just have to try a little bit. Screw you for not even being able to manage that much. Based on your attitude, I guess your life sucks. Considering how unpleasant you made my day, I hope that’s the case. I hope your life continues to be most unpleasant. Screw you and screw CVS for hiring you.

    • WDC

      You’re always better off going to a Kinkos or UPS store for passport photos. There’s one right up 14th from the CH CVS.

  • mbrowndc

    Rant: DCPS helped me celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week by excising me.


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