• T

    Nice job — looks good!

  • Anonymous

    Sweet! The grass really is greener up on the hill.

    He left out – we now have sushi delivery too! When can we get some local beer and vietnamese bbq delivery?

    Just had our neighbors over late Saturday night for some porch time fun. That ain’t changin’ fo sure.

  • BF

    Nothing like the porch culture. My goodness, the neighborhood was HOPPING on Saturday!

  • MuzinDC

    I’m curious to see how the renovation of Georgia Ave affects PW and if it sends some of U’s development up that way.

    • MuzinDC

      Great vid, by the way!

  • brooke

    love these videos – phil makes me smile! btw, where’s carlos?

  • MichelleRD

    Very, very nice.

    Lookin good, PoP!!

  • Pennyworth

    I’ll just go ahead and ignore the racial undertones of this video. Nice video otherwise.

    • Anonymous

      racial undertones, huh? because there were people of different races?

      • Jack5

        “If you don’t know you better ask somebody”… Homie listens to too much 90s rap. Black people generally don’t like when people (who are obviously out of the mold) try to emulate slang I guess.

        • Anonymous

          people not liking something doesnt give it “racial undertones”.

        • Anonymous

          Went right over my head. I thought he sounded silly saying it though. . .
          I’d have to say there were no racial undertones. Pennyworth is being oversensitive. If we stop being so PC, all this “racial overtonality goes away . ..

  • Joey

    I live in one of Phil’s condos. First of all, he’s generally an unlikeable douche bag. Secondly, the construction of the place is beyond shoddy. He takes great pains to cover up imperfections in construction, which I’ve heard from many people. I can’t knock the hustle though, he’s just trying to make money. But please don’t fawn over this asshole and his videos.

    • Anonymous

      thats nice of phil to let you live in his condo.

      • P’worth


    • estag

      Dude, really? You better have strong evidence to back that up or you are heading pretty close to libel. Also, you sound really cranky.

      • Anon

        No, he’s not close to libel. He’s expressing his opinions about the product and passing on hearsay. Unless you’re talking about the fact he called him an asshole, which is factually inaccurate since he’s an entire person, and not just one part of a human body.

  • CHLifer

    aw this was awesome! I smiled throughout the entire video. Will be going to Mango cafe now to get some chicken :)

    • Angela Reeves

      We ate there when we lived there..its ok..wasn’t great for the price.

  • Anonymous

    Who is that blond douche bag who call’s himself the President of Petwork :-)

  • Sully

    Phil and PoP and everyone in that vid are awesome!

  • Vinnie

    This is a cool video. I give it 4 stars.

  • I thought the video was bad ass and if I didn’t live there I’d want to move there.

  • pworthnewbie

    This video was great! I am closing on a condo in Petworth next week and am even more excited now!!

  • Excellent video, I hope you make many more of these for other neighborhoods!!

  • Markus

    Definitely a good video, though this Phil guy comes across as pretty douchey.

  • ME

    I thought the background beats in that video were awesome.

  • Loved the video! And not because I was in it either.

    I can say that I was not sure what would come out of this when Phil and his team interviewed me last summer.
    I greatly enjoyed seeing the other interviews and profiles along with the broad footage of the community.

    To think of all the changes and improvements that have taken place in our community in just the past ten months!

  • snob

    The guy does a good, if a little cheesy, job with his videos. Still, it’s obvious he’s a realtor: his “Shaw” video starts off with a snapshot of one of the “beautiful streets” of “Logan Circle” to the west — T Street between 13th and 14th, which, of course, isn’t in the Logan Circle neighborhood.


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