Italiano Cafe Coming to 1113 V St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth May 2, 2011 at 10:32 pm 25 Comments

Thanks to a reader for noticing that V Street Cafe located at 1113 V Street, NW (in the former Gori Cafe space), is no more and in its place is coming Italiano Cafe. I peeked in the window and it looks very close to opening, if it hasn’t opened already. I’m curious to see the menu. We’ll revisit for a judging restaurants post after they’ve been open for a few weeks.

  • Vinnie

    I love authentic Italian cuisine.

    • giacomo

      I can bet you this place will not be. Just by the name.

  • Anonymous

    This place looks very cool. Great to get some more neighborhoody spots off of the main U Street drag.

  • gonzo

    we’ll see if this is real…

    • Anonymous

      It would seem like a pretty silly gag…

      Hopefully they will have paninis

    • Anonymous

      why are you skeptical?

  • Anonymous

    Please let it be an actual cafe rather than a pizza take out place…

  • Mysterioso

    After Gori closed (which was good but about 300 degrees inside and not initially very inviting for auschlanders), there was a banner that said “V Street Cafe” and “Opening Soon” for about 8 months.

    So, I am with gonzo on this in that I am dubious if it will ever open.

    • Anonymous

      I would guess that the V St Cafe venture failed and now this one seems to be moving along quickly considering the interior looks up and ready for operation and they even have the fridge stocked with soda.

      • Mysterioso

        If it failed, it failed before being open even for 1 day. So, maybe they’re sticking with the same interior for a quick opening.

        I swear it said “V Street Cafe” just last week.

  • Thor

    I don’t know why but the sight if that soda cooler tells me this place will be Italiano in name only.

    • Anonymous

      it’s a very authentic italian-american thing.

    • Mysterioso

      The Greek Spot has a pretty uninspiring interior, but I think the food is quite good, and it’s relatively authentic to the food you find at cafes in the Cyclades, which is actually where the owner’s ancestors are from.

      • Anonymous

        +1 on The Greek Spot. This is obviously not going to be high end. I figure it will either be like a panini shop with maybe a limited selection of pastas and appetizers or it will be a regular pizza take out joint. I am hoping for the former.

  • carbs for all

    Looks like it could be a jumbo slice joint for the American Ice crowd. Look for the trail of discarded crusts.

    • Mysterioso

      Would be better than the trail of discarded chicken bones that currently dominate V Street.

      • Jen

        Nah, the chicken bones are pretty much all west of 14th St on V. This is closer to 12th, and I’ve noticed no chicken bones there.

  • Robert B.

    It’s a front for money laundry. Nothing ever succeeded in this place and Italiano Cafe won’t. The Barber Shop next door also closed last week.

    • Anonymous

      You’re probably right. I mean, the location isn’t really good. It’s practically in the middle of nowhere. And I mean, who lives in this area who would patronize something that was good and convenient. No, anything here is destined for failure. *sarcasm*

      The barber shop next door was awesome and I am sad to see it go, if it truly has. But if it has, it’s probably a result of the changing demographics of the neighborhood. A frozen yogurt shop or customized yoga mat boutique would do well in that spot.

      • who dat man?

        It is truly sad when barber shops are replaced by another bland yuppie yoga or yogurt stop.

        How about a freakin’ laundromat?

        • Anonymous

          if you see a need, open one.

      • So, Just Sayin’

        You were pretty much on point until the *sarcasm* tag. It’s not a location that sets up its businesses for easy accidental discovery by people patronizing businesses in the U Street area. Maybe it would be different if that school weren’t there on the next block over, so you could have a series of businesses dotting the street between Eatonville/Busboys & Poets and there. As it is, you have to already know it’s there or live on that block before you’re likely to encounter it.

        • Anonymous

          it’s hardly hidden. i’ve walked by here numerous times and i live about 2 miles away.


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