• Anonymous

    The same Uni that’s currently on P Street near Dupont? I wonder if they’re relocating, opening a second location, or if this is just unrelated.

  • beth b.

    i love (and will adamantly defend) Uni in Dupont. I know they had a fire on the roof in January- i don’t know if they’ve reopened. I hope it’s them & they’re expanding. Mango Salmon rolls!

  • Anonymous

    I guess I don’t understand the market for “ipoh” with Tono Sushi right there and Mr Chen’s Organic directly across the street (and another Chinese takeout around the corner) and even a Thai joint on the other side of the street (though possibly not even worth mentioning).

  • Rand

    Ipoh was a solid spot with better prices than Tono. But, I never get why people open second level restaurants. It’s just poor planning.

  • Anonymous

    It’s definitely Umi, not Uni. No relation whatsoever to the Dupont location.

  • Food

    “Japanase”… is that a form of mayo???

    Must be Korean owners. I’ll pass.


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