• jch

    Awesome, that is over in my hood. Looks like a nice place for a cup of coffee in the am. However, those homes have no back yard.

    Interestingly, THIH did a 3 part series about Gessford Court, which has some cool history — http://www.thehillishome.com/2010/03/lost-capitol-hill-tiger-alley/

    Also, this house does Jazz jam sessions once a month. Pretty cool vibe.

    • Anonymous

      What are the jazz jam sessions? I live 3 blocks away and have never heard of them.

      • jch
      • MM

        Hey! That’s my neighbor’s house! We live just behind them, facing 11th. Gessford Ct. and the surrounding blocks are one of the friendliest, most social places in the city, in my experience. Just a few weeks ago we had a lovely block party and the 21st of each month, there’s a nice get-together at this place (guess why) that is open to the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    Would love to know how this one made it past the historic review board.

    • anon

      That roof makes me think of the bad 1970s exteriors of those former public-housing townhouses on R Street. (I think one appeared in a “Good Deal or Not?” somewhat recently.)

    • Jimson Fanse

      It was grandfathered in. Otherwise, almost everything about the exterior is an historical abomination.

  • anonymous

    wicked numbers.

  • Rostorios

    Eww.. that is one ugly building…

  • Anonymous

    i love this!

  • Petworther

    Uh, so what exactly is that giant square thing in the back? I’m guessing it’s a trebuchet aiming device?

    • Anonymous

      looks like a kinetic sculpture to me.


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