• JayCee

    I’ve seen it before. They were clearly rehearsing, but I don’t know if they are affiliated with a school.

  • Sarah

    I’m not sure but this might have been practice for the United House of Prayer Memorial Day Parade?

  • RegO

    Not sure about their deal but I constantly see them in the area, first time seeing them was about 2 months ago. They remind me of the random bands you see playing the streets in New Orleans

  • cbr

    Oh, it’s UHOP. Come on over to M St at 7th St ANYTIME and they’ll be playing, for better or for worse.

  • Megan

    They practice in the parking lot off of 4th Street between I and K all the time too. I can hear them from my apartment and I love it. Added bonus? My puppy is fascinated with them and watches them out the window which means she isn’t tearing up stuff. Ahh, relaxing.

  • It’s UHOP. They’ve been practicing for a good long while now.

  • Anonymous

    Lets see if they take down your youtube video when they find it. UHOP are really anti having themselves on youtube, it’s kind of weird actually. Just don’t put UHOP in the title or meta data and you should be fine.

  • Chana

    Yup, they practice almost every weeknight around 7p.m. Sometimes you can see them go up 7th street on Saturday afternoons as well.

  • ugh.

    Why would the University House of Pizza have its own marching band?

    • Veronika


  • washingtonydc

    Everyone in this area of town knows that summer’s around the corner when you start hearing the UHOP marching band getting ready for their annual memorial day parade.

  • briefly

    Love it!

  • crin

    You know it’s a UHOP church if the front door is flanked by a pair of lions. No kidding.

  • kbp

    The band is called “the lively stones”, and as others have mentioned, they are the united house of prayer band. We hired them to play at our wedding three years ago, and it WAS AWESOME!!!!!! Best party ever.

  • X-NewYorker

    Last weekend on Friday and Saturday night they marched in the rain in Chinatown until 1 am. I don’t consider this “awesome .”

  • Lisa

    Yeah, it’s the CHURCH band. Walk slowly past them when they are practicing and you’ll here them cursing like sailers while the band leader is oo’n and aw’n at the booty girls walkin’ by.

    • Lisa

      Spelling Nazis have at it.


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