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  • Anon

    I read back through the old comments, and they were filled by douche bags bitching about dog parks. So now the humans have their park to sit, read, sleep, f*ck, piss and puke in. How many people do you see in that park they so desperately wanted? Lick my dog’s ass, hypocritical bitches. You know who you are.

    • Anon

      And don’t tell me the park isn’t finished yet, cause my dog would enjoy it anyway.

      • please

        The park isn’t finished yet…stop whining.

        • please

          And don’t tell me not to tell you the park isn’t finished and to stop whining cause I just did.

    • Sammy

      Isn’t there a dog park just a couple blocks away at 11th and R?

    • joker

      Two things:

      1. The park isn’t open yet so no, you aren’t going to see people in it.
      2. Anger, you have unhealthy amounts of it. Your life must suck.

      • Anon

        Two things:

        1. As I said earlier, the park not being open is no excuse.
        2. Anger feeds my will to live.

        • TaylorStreetMan

          You make no sense. The park isn’t open. People can’t get in yet to use it. Closed, so no people. Once open, betcha there’ll be a bunch of people. Or not. What does it matter? It’s a beautiful urban space. If it gives one person a day a place to sit quietly and read a book (do people still do that?), then it’s worth it.

          So, if you pass by a store at 4am and they’re closed, do you point and shout triumphantly: “Aha! Nobody even USES that store! Turn it into a dog park!”?

          I’m sad that without rage you have no will to live.

          • Anonymous

            you can’t argue with crazy.

          • TaylorStreetMan


    • Anon I think I saw you near this park yesterday. You and your cute teacup poodle, both wearing matching sweaters, and you were calling him Mr. Buttons.

  • Tres

    I like hearing about the short streets of DC. They always have the most interesting “off the grid” names.

  • Now that’s the way the park at 11th and Monroe should look!

    • El Gringo


  • jch

    POP, if you ever make it back to Cap Hill, there is a park opening at 13th and c st se.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, thanks! I’m on Cap Hill at least once a week!

  • Melissa Gilbert

    The place will be trashed in a year. Go look at the dog park at 17th and S. Heavily used an always clean.

    • TheRube

      And always emanating a truly wonderful smell.

      (PS, not anti dog park, but definitely anti astroturf-smelly-ville.)

  • David

    I’m always amazed that NY can manage dog parks and children’s playground, often side by side, without the same vitriol that occurs in DC. I too look back at the comments from June 08 and am amazed that any idea to improve a neighborhood (yes including a dog park) is met with so much hate.

    I would point out that in June of 08 no dog park existed in this area. Not the one at 11th & R streets nor the one at 17th and S sts. I would also direct readers to the children’s playground that the Westminster Neighborhood association championed in 2002 on their Street not two blocks away from the French street park. This effort ignored a still abandoned park at 901 S Street ONE block from either park or the also abandoned at the time French St park. I would suggest that there is indeed enough open unused space in this area for 1. a children’s playground, 2. An adult playground to sit read sip lattes dog free and 3. god forbid a dog park.

  • dtr

    If this park is going to be managed by the French Street Neighborhood association similarly to how Westminster manages their park it will still be in great condition a decade later. The Westminster park 1 block over is heavily utilized so I’m sure this one will get some great use too.

  • 9th Street Resident

    Not to digress from the tangent that this thread has taken, but I would like to say that I am looking forward to this park opening. The construction has been going on for a while and I think the final product looks great. With all the churches in the area, I expect that it will be a nice place for people to sit and socialize on Sunday following mass. Personally, I am looking forward to rocking one of those benches with a long book on a sunny afternoon.

    My only concern with this beautiful new park is that it will be vandalized or become a late night hangout for trouble makers. Note that the location of this park is only a few blocks from the Shaw Metro exit at 8th and R St where there has been a heavy up-tick in shootings in the last few months. Maybe the fence will be locked in the evenings?

  • Core787

    I think the fences are probably necessary in some areas but they look so damn ugly. The new park 10th between L & M also has a fence and just kind of makes it seem like you’re locked in there. I understand why they’re there though.

  • 1305trini

    I have a lot of questions. Who says this is a dog park? Why is gated? The gate makes it look like a private park and not a public space. I am not a fan of letting individual associations manage public parks. These parks are paid for by all tax dollars not just the tax dollars of the people who live on that block and should be enjoyed by all. Generally, I’m not a fan of privitization of public land!!! While Westminster park is well kept it feels like it is just for the families that live on that block and that’s ridiculous.

  • dtr


    Talk about stuff you actually know about.

    The Westminster park is open to all and people routinely come from many blocks away to enjoy the park.

    It is locked shortly after dark and is opened early in the morning. I know that because I volunteered for that duty for over a year. This prevents the park from being vandalized and used for illicit activities after dark.

    The WNA worked very diligently in making the Westminster park a reality. The park is almost exclusively cared for and almost all upgrades are supplied by the WNA.

    So instead of being so grumpy how about you come and hang out during the day!


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