Dear PoPville – Did I get a Job Offer from a Pimp?

by Prince Of Petworth May 17, 2011 at 10:30 am 89 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user HoodSweatsh

“Dear PoP,

Last night we were sitting on our porch, having cocktails and enjoying the evening. Around 9pm or so the dogs needed a walk, so while my other half took care of business, I made a quick phone call. Some guy I’ve never seen around the neighborhood came up to our gate and motioned for me to come down. I just asked him from the porch what he needed. He motioned again, I asked again. He asked if I was “Spanish,” then if I speak Spanish, and told me he needed a translator. I let him know my Spanish is okay but I’m not fluent and referred him to my neighbor two doors down who is bilingual, and was sitting on his porch.

Then the guy started in with “you a sexy woman.” Then moved on to tell me he owns his own business and asked what kind of work I do. I asked why he wanted to know. He asked again. Told him I own my own business too and I work downtown. He asked what KIND of work I do. I told him I was busy and on the phone with an 80 year old lady, asked him if he needed something, etc. Then he started asking for my number, over and over, because “you a sexy woman and I need your number.” Told him I’m not giving him my number, my husband just took the dogs for a quick walk, and I’m on the phone so I’m busy and don’t have time for this. He had his phone out, trying to add my number, asking me “it’s 202?” I told him again, firmly, that I was busy, my husband was walking our two dogs, and I did not have time for this. He takes out his wallet and starts thumbing through some bills and AGAIN asks me what kind of work I do–then tells me “I own my own business, and I know you need some extra money.” I told him I don’t, I have a job, I’m doing just fine, thank you very much. My question is–DID I GET A JOB OFFER FROM A PIMP??”

I think there is a certain point where you should probably just stop talking to him. And if it gets too uncomfortable just walk inside your house for a minute until he goes away. If you feel threatened don’t hesitate to call the police either. So what do you guys think – was this guy just an asshole or a straight up pimp? How would you recommend the OP deal with the situation should it happen again?


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