Dear PoPville – Did I get a Job Offer from a Pimp?

by Prince Of Petworth May 17, 2011 at 10:30 am 89 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user HoodSweatsh

“Dear PoP,

Last night we were sitting on our porch, having cocktails and enjoying the evening. Around 9pm or so the dogs needed a walk, so while my other half took care of business, I made a quick phone call. Some guy I’ve never seen around the neighborhood came up to our gate and motioned for me to come down. I just asked him from the porch what he needed. He motioned again, I asked again. He asked if I was “Spanish,” then if I speak Spanish, and told me he needed a translator. I let him know my Spanish is okay but I’m not fluent and referred him to my neighbor two doors down who is bilingual, and was sitting on his porch.

Then the guy started in with “you a sexy woman.” Then moved on to tell me he owns his own business and asked what kind of work I do. I asked why he wanted to know. He asked again. Told him I own my own business too and I work downtown. He asked what KIND of work I do. I told him I was busy and on the phone with an 80 year old lady, asked him if he needed something, etc. Then he started asking for my number, over and over, because “you a sexy woman and I need your number.” Told him I’m not giving him my number, my husband just took the dogs for a quick walk, and I’m on the phone so I’m busy and don’t have time for this. He had his phone out, trying to add my number, asking me “it’s 202?” I told him again, firmly, that I was busy, my husband was walking our two dogs, and I did not have time for this. He takes out his wallet and starts thumbing through some bills and AGAIN asks me what kind of work I do–then tells me “I own my own business, and I know you need some extra money.” I told him I don’t, I have a job, I’m doing just fine, thank you very much. My question is–DID I GET A JOB OFFER FROM A PIMP??”

I think there is a certain point where you should probably just stop talking to him. And if it gets too uncomfortable just walk inside your house for a minute until he goes away. If you feel threatened don’t hesitate to call the police either. So what do you guys think – was this guy just an asshole or a straight up pimp? How would you recommend the OP deal with the situation should it happen again?

  • Anonymous

    wow, check out the street smarts on this lady!

    • TaylorStreetMan

      Not trying to take anything away from how well this woman handled the situation, but it doesn’t take much ‘street smarts’ to NOT yell your phone number down to some creepy dude standing at your gate. Did you expect her to walk around the corner with him to check out this ‘job opportunity’?

      • Kim

        I’m pretty sure the anon comment was meant to be sarcastic. (But, correct me if I’m wrong, anon!)

        • TaylorStreetMan

          Could be. In which case, I am the ass! My bad.

        • Anonymous

          yes, totally sarcastic. I’m confused why anyone would talk to this guy after the 1/2 second it would take to determine he’s up to no good.

          • TaylorStreetMan

            My apologies.
            The woman is a goofball.

  • KT

    Off topic, but that’s a really cool picture.

    • IrvingST

      Totally agree. This letter is lame, but that photo is pretty rad.

      • Native American JD

        Letter is really lame.

        • Anonymous

          No, the letter is really, really lame.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, PoP and his human interest stories.

  • Anonymous

    Close the door. Close the shades. Walk away. Call husband ASAP. Prepare yourself with a blunt object in case he decides to invade your home.

    • Red

      Hide your kids. Hide your wife.

      • rooty tooty

        Run and tell that.

        • Keepin’ it real


  • Patrick

    I have a suggestion: Next time you are dying to know the answer to a question like this, just ask your husband. If I was your husband, I’d say something like “Well, you were either going to be hired to be a prostitute by a pimp, or to be paid by a random dude who wanted some action right at that moment” followed probably by a suggestion to go back inside for a few minutes if something like this ever happens again.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I would have stopped talking to him as soon as he started saying I was sexy.

    You don’t owe this guy anything, you don’t owe him answers to stupid questions or your attention. Just tell him to go away and quit giving him any attention.

    • El Gringo


      • TG

        I say good post. Nothing says entertainment like stories of would-be prostitutes in the neighborhood.

    • jp


    • Anonymous


      I’m guessing this woman has never been to a bar before; this happens ALL the time and I think we’ve all developed our own strategies for dealing with it. There’s is no limit to the persistence of these creeps, and you have to have an exit stragey or two in your back pocket becuase they will deliberately not get the hint. The only thing that makes this scanerio a little unnerving is that the guy knows where she lives.

  • notolp

    I don’t think he was a pimp.

    I think he was more of a John.

    …and he thought you were a hooker.

    • alkebulan

      Ding, ding, ding! LOL You were just solicited for sex.

  • cbr

    Holy hell. Whether he is a pimp is the least of your worries. Step one: Stop engaging, go inside. Step two: Call the copy immediately, provide them a detailed description of the individual. Step three: Get yourself to the library and check out “The Gift of Fear.” Don’t put it down until you’ve finished reading it.

    Not only did you show him you easily manipulated into engaging him, but you also did others a disservice by not calling the cops on his ass. The individual displayed classic predatory signs — I doubt he was a pimp. Propositioning people on their porches is not how women enter the sex trade. Goodness knows what he’s willing to do to the next woman who has even less of a clue than you do.

    • er


    • Chalk

      Step 3: Don’t tell him you’re alone at home while your husband is out walking your guard dogs. Geez.

  • JayCee

    Will PoP post any e-mail he receives?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Please email me that question at princeofpetworth(at)gmail

      • steve


      • JayCee

        Burn… *eyeroll*

      • TaylorStreetMan

        I’d still half expect to see it posted.

      • Eric in Ledroit


  • anon

    This post is useless without pictures.

    • ODB


  • Matt N.

    I’m thinking that this might have been a opportune moment to break out the garden hose and sprayer…

    • caballero

      Exactly. It would be a good time to casually water the plants and send some business his way, like you would do to a stray dog sniffing at your gate.

  • DCUnionGuy

    I’m sure this guy THINKS he’s a pimp, but who cares? The issue is one of your personal safety, that of your husband and (possibly) your neighbors.

    In the last few years, I’ve heard many disturbing stories along the same general lines as this one, i.e. encounters with sketchy, extremely persistent strangers. The one unifying factor is that the people involved never seem to be able to extricate themselves from these situtations easily or quickly.

    In the future, hang up the phone and call 911. Alternately, loudly alert your neighbor who was sitting on his porch. Or go in the house, lock the door and alert your husband to what he’s walking into.

    I’m not advocating being paranoid about living in our fair City, but all of us need to use caution.

    • textdoc


  • MnomeNa


    1) Never, NEVER tell some stranger who is accosting you that your husband is not at home. Even if he is walking the dogs. In doing so, you alert him to the possibility that you are home alone and vulnerable. Also, don’t engage him in conversation!

    2) Stop talking to him and if necessary threaten to call the cops.

    3) If he won’t leave you alone, follow through on that threat. Call. the. cops.

    4) OP seems very excited that she (?) may have been accosted by a pimp, and I’m not exactly sure why. This is not Hollywood. The pimp life is not glamorous. Unfortunately pimps are very common-place, even in our city. Pimps manipulate, abuse, and control women they sexually exploit.

    5) I agree with cbr and the others above – you’re probably not going to get solicited into the sex trade that way. Probably just a really creepy predatory guy. Who mistook your engagmenet as interest. Next time, call the cops.

    6) Educate yourself.(http://www.defendyourself.org/documents/C10_RE_EZ_DAILY_20031027.pdf) This is what I found with a quick google search. There’s obviously tons more out there.

    • sc

      Hey, thanks for sharing that PDF!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. If this happened to me I would mention my invented husband. I’ll casually mention him even to people who aren’t necessarily being threatening, like the homeless guy who want to sweep my front patio.

      • Anonymous

        Also I’m surprised no one has mentioned the fake phone number trick.

  • Scott

    If he was a real pimp he would of got that number. He wanted to trade money for sex.

  • jch

    I suggest renting the movie “Hustle and Flow” .

  • Florista

    Agree with pretty much ALL comments, however her first line indicates that they were “sitting on the porch having cocktails.” Perhaps it was obvious to the perv there’d been several cocktails and he might get lucky.

  • I once had a different experience in which a guy was distracting me while another one was trying to steal my mom’s purse. Since then, every time someone is trying to distract me, I start looking around instead of concentrating my attention in the one in front of me.
    And I don’t think it was right to say that your husband was not in the house, you should have “called him” as if he was in the house.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      Yes. Yell into the house to your husband, telling him to bring the gun! Then go inside.

  • That Ain’t Dog Pee

    It sounds to me like this person is not used to receiving this type of attention from weirdos and therefore needs to make a HUGE deal about it and write in to a blog so that the world will know that she was hit on inappropriately in DC. Guess what, this happens to attractive women in DC every day. Get over it.

    • murrr

      LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! +1000. Sadly, OP seems proud of this situation.

    • caballero

      That sounds about right. Attractive women aren’t often flattered by weirdos hitting on them, especially on their doorstep.

    • TaylorStreetMan

      Happens to ugly women, too. Ride the bus. You’ll see it all day.

    • Bitter Elitist

      ding ding ding ding ding

      Walk in the damn house. Call the cops.

  • Marcus Aurelius

    How would you recommend the OP deal with the situation should it happen again?

    I recommend that she ask herself how she would have wanted her teenaged daughter to handle this exact situation if she was sitting on the porch by herself with no one else in the house, and then do that.

    • slb

      If it happens again, she should thank him for his concern for her financial well-being and his flattering remarks about her physique, and invite him inside for a drink like a good neighbor!

      Seriously, at the *very least*, as soon as the word “sexy” was mentioned, she should have said “I’m getting my husband,” and turned around and walked inside and locked the door.

  • PetworthRes

    Never fails to amaze me how many bitchy people post on this blog.

    Yeah, this woman responded badly in a host of ways, but what’s the point in being so snide in your responses to her?

    • anon



    • anonymous

      it makes me feel better about myself and reinforces my world view.

  • The Heights

    This is a ridiculous letter that serves only to build up the ego of the OP. It in no way disseminates information or helps the community at large. You got hit on by some random scumbag. Congratulations.

    • Anonymous x2

      Nailed it. Now the OP has a great urban story to share with everybody at the next dinner party!

      And I’m not sure where she came up with the whole pimp/ho thing. This dude was offering you money for sex. He has a job. Which can pay for things. Like sex.

    • BP

      I couldn’t agree more!

      Moreover, I’m not sure that I even believe this really happened? True or False. Who knows…

  • BF

    Here’s a true story – MANY years ago (1982 I think), I was a young woman on an adventure in California, trying to make a go of it on my own. A dude walks up to me with a limp, says he is a Vietnam Vet, and says he is opening a gym and would I be interested in modeling for it – because I looked so athletic (which I did at the time…). I, in my naivette, said I would come to his “office” to check it out. We ended up in his crappy apartment and he proceeded to show me MANY polaroid photos of young women in bikinis, etc. After a couple minutes I asked him what the deal was. He said “I’ll give you $50 for a blow job.” I told him he had the wrong girl and he politely let me leave his apartment.

    Moral of the story is that there really are naive young women out there and you folks should be a little more kind to this poster. I could have been chopped up into little pieces by that guy and was simply lucky that he wasn’t into that. Scared the hell out of me though, and that night I was in my car driving back to Blacksburg, VA where I felt safe.

    • Anon

      damn. 50 bucks in 1982 is the equivalent of 117 bucks today. Thats some serious cash.

    • anonymous

      point taken, but seriously, if you recount a lame story like this and submit it to a blog and the whole thing is about how mind blowingly naive you acted and you thinly veil it as a public safety issue but it really is a big “yipee I got hit on” then you can’t expect anything other than getting flamed in the comments.

      • BF

        I get ya.

      • Bitter Elitist

        thank you for calling this bs for what it is

  • Anon

    Was this guy’s name Bruce? Something similar happened to me yesterday.

  • StanleyKubrick

    I really don’t understand why people post about how stupid they think a thread is. I would categorize this thread as humorous and educational dinner party conversation and thusly blogable.

    ps. as a young woman from the midwest, I made a lot of exciting new friends by giving out my phone number to strangers on the street

    • TG

      I agree. The thread is humorous. Plus, give the guy a break, pimpin aint easy.

  • houseintherear

    Although this letter was a waste of time, it did generate many comments, which means many website hits, which means more ad sales for PoP. He’s good at what he does, I do believe. :)

    I just want to add that the worst thing you can do is piss someone off who knows where you live, so in that respect the OP wasn’t too off base. I like to pretend I’m crazy I’m “propositioned” in my neighborhood, it seems to work well. As the harasser if they have a tin foil helmet to ward off the aliens, or talk to a tree or something.

  • anon.

    I actually find this quite disturbing and am glad that the OP sent this letter in. I normally try to be friendly to the people walking down my street in the evenings. I find it helpful to know that this has happened.

    On the other hand, OP, learn to be more rude to scumbags like this! Be firm and mean, then go inside, lock the door, and call the cops. If he actually was a pimp then I would definitely want the cops knowing about this incident.

    • ah

      You can always start friendly and then stop when he pulls out his wallet.

  • MtP

    Woman.. you could have been the next Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman.. you missed out on a million dollar opportunity!

  • anon

    would it have been illegal for her to tell him that she was a cop?

    • photodork

      Do you think that would be a good path to start down for her? What if he called her bluff?

  • Rukasu

    Pics or it didn’t happen

  • Graham

    I would need photos of this woman to determine whether she would be hot enough for a prostitute in the urban environment. (Clothed and Hooched up please)

    Also, I don’t think the correct answer is always to run inside, lock your 15 locks and enter your panic room and call the police. The police are busy. They have real crimes to deal with and not some loser hitting on a woman. There aren’t enough cops to respond to that call. She should have just gone inside and that is that. Seriously people

    • Anonymous

      I guarantee the cops would find a way to blame it on her and make her feel even more vulnerable that she already did.

      • Graham

        Right, because cops get off on making women feel vulnerable. You know a lot about police officers apparently.

        • Anonymous

          Well it’s happened to me. And yes, some of them DO get off on it, absolutely. One of them told my cousin, with a great deal of pleasure, that she deserved to be gang-raped. They were responding to a call from a neighbor that a man was physically assaulting her.

          • Anonymous

            I’m sure *some* get off on it but to attribute such a generalization to the whole of the police force because one incident is incredibly obtuse and idiotic.

            I’m sure *one* soldier likes killing but should we call the whole Army blood thirsty? Perhaps I should call all women whores because one of them I know once cheated on me?

            Or maybe I should call all PoP commenters idiots because I replied to *one* of them. Geez.

          • Lemon Meringue

            She DID say some of them do, not all.

            Anyway, I’ve found it has to do with how you react to the situation. For whetever reason, if you’re crying or upset they treat you horribly, but if you’re stoic about it they’ll treat you with respect.

        • Lemon Meringue

          Maybe you should tell your cop friends to stop acting like they do, then.

        • Mike

          “Right, because cops get off on making women feel vulnerable.”

          Cops ‘get off’ making everyone feel vulnerable, not just women.

    • houseintherear

      That comment was unnecessary and disrespectful, Graham.

  • djdc

    I think I saw this skit on the Carol Burnett Show once.

  • iCANT

    Why would you entertain this conversation? I’m at my house, I’m going in and closing the door. My grandma was right, it seems common sense aint that damn common.

  • jellyroll

    i am wondering if the OP happened to be wearing her new outfit she bought that same day from Chickass.

  • kk

    This is hilarious because the same thing happened to me a few days ago. I was walking near the Shaw metro and a dude kept asking me if I was “working.”

    Now, I was pretty conservatively dressed that day, so not sure if he was just being funny or what. It made me laugh, nonetheless. Is that anti-fem?

  • Kam

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