Washington, DC

The Columbia Heights Heritage Trail has some great info but I was especially struck by the info on 14th and Kenyon St, NW by The Heights about the old Arcade (where DC USA/Target is today) – it had a movie theater, pool hall, dancing, sports arena, skating rink cafe and more:

Do you think DC will ever have a structure as cool as the Arcade? Perhaps one day if the Uline Arena is ever redeveloped? When the Old Post Office Pavilion is redeveloped?

It’s funny how we’ve come full circle. The Arcade which rocked Columbia Heights in 1925, I think, could be a huge success today. We’ve speculated before about the possibility of Columbia Heights ever sustaining a movie theater today. Do you think any neighborhood in DC could support a new movie theater and/or bowling alley? What about somewhere like in a “new” neighborhoods such as NoMa?


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