Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I’m in a bit of a bind and figured PoP readers may have some suggestions. I had a rehearsal dinner scheduled for next Friday at one the Georgetown Waterfront restaurants. Needless to say, since it was inundated with about 4-5 feet of water Monday, we are in desperate need of an alternative location.

I’ve found some options, but they all fall outside our desired geographical area (Dupont, U st, Woodley Park). Any suggestions for a place that can put together a diner for 60 on short notice?”

Hmm what about Cassa Nonna located at 1250 Connecticut Ave, NW? Where would you guys recommend?

And for the Friday Question of the Day – where are the best restaurants in DC that can take care of a big group?

And on a side note: I’ve been meaning to share some good news of my own. So a month from today I’m getting married! I am beyond happy and promise to share a photo from the wedding (Pablo.Raw and Kay Campbell will be taking some shots). I know I don’t talk about personal things too much but I’m gonna be out of the loop a bit for a week at the end of May and for a week in the beginning of Sept. My fiancee is the greatest and doesn’t mind my insane blogging hours but I promised that I’ll be completely offline for our wedding and honeymoon. I hope to have the LoP, Eric Nuzum, fill in a bit while I’m gone. Thanks in advance for understanding!


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