Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

Can you get the scoop on the construction on Rock Creek Parkway? My normally hellish commute has become twice as hellish because of the construction on the south bond Rock Creek Parkway during the morning rush hour. What in the hell is the Park Service thinking doing construction during rush hour? Why not in the middle of the afternoon? Or at least way early in the morning? It seems that they do the construction between 8am and 10am during the week (correct me if I’m wrong but I only notice when I’m on it, which is every morning and evening and sometimes on the weekend).

Please find out. I called the park service and they said that the construction would go on for 18-20 more months. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

I enter Rock Creek parkway from 17th St NW in Mt Pleasant. They have been closing the right lane starting on Calvert St, causing a gigantic backup.

When I talked to someone at the Park service, (the superintendent maybe?) he stated that that they were replacing pipes and then installing handrails. (I don’t remember much of the conversation). He stated that in about a 18-20 months, Rock Creek will look “really really nice.”

In any case, I understand that they are just doing their job. But I just don’t understand why they have to do it during the morning rush hour commute, when closing that lane will cause the most headaches to people.

Why can’t they do this construction work when it’s not rush hour?”

Anyone know why construction has to take place during rush hour? Is it because it would be too difficult to remove/cover the areas under construction? Anyone else experience this back up?


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