Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user fromcaliw/love

“Dear PoP,

I have a public health / pet question for the blog: Is it legal to let your dog go to the bathroom in the middle of the sidewalk? I saw a woman letting her pup poop on the sidewalk on 15th St NW, as if that were perfectly normal. There were plenty of available tree boxes nearby. If it’s not illegal, it’s certainly disgusting and unsanitary… it’s bad enough to track dirt back into your home, but that?! Just wondering whether there were something I could say to her (e.g. “You know, that’s illegal”) to discourage her from allowing it again.”

I guess we’re looking at two issues here – first is it legal? I gotta think as long as the owner cleans it up it is legal, right? Second – if it is legal, should it be legal?


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