Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

809 Kennedy St, NW was on PoP here, a year ago.

While the disgusting flow of water did get resolved, the property is still a shoddily-fenced disaster — huge pits full of stagnant water, a wasteland of mud and debris. And it’s been like that forever. Again, it’s slightly better than it was in that PoP post from a year ago (chain-link fence surrounds it, and the piles of debris got a bit smaller, it’s not quite as smelly), but it’s worse than an eyesore, it’s dangerous and depressing.

Is there anything residents can do about properties like that? Or is it, since it’s private property, OK by the city as long as their taxes are paid?”

We need to get DCRA and Ward 4 Council Member Bowser’s office to follow up on this property. Since there doesn’t seem to be an actual property on the property – does anyone know how this affects how it gets taxed? Do you guys have any other suggestions on how to remove this blight beyond contacting DCRA and CM Bowser’s office?


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