Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user maria jpeg

“Dear PoP,

I have noticed a lot of cracking down on usual city annoyances lately in letters and here is another.. Due to hot humid weather it sometimes brings out the nasty in people and I mean that literally. Last night for two hours there was a couple parked in my little dead in corner having jack rabbit sex.

They were so close to my window (not to be obscene) I heard bodies smacking. Now I KNOW I wasn’t the only who heard them on our corner. Not because they were screaming and moaning but after an hour inside their car they decided to venture out on TOP of there car or some other car. I was petrified to shut my window because I did not want them to know they woke me up. My dog barked at them finally but to no avail. I did not sense it was a prostitute but I looked out my window only once and it looked like young kids 17-20? I just played the pacifist let them get on with it and got absolutely no sleep.

I do not think I would have even called the cops because that sounds a little extreme for me. Has anyone else had an experience like this and if so what did you do. Things like this remind me of how small of a city/community/living space we all live in and it does feel a bit too close for comfort at times.”

It’s at that point I’d play my radio pretty loudly – I think it’s ok if they know that they woke you up. I’d blast some The Story and see how they liked the smooth sound of host Dick Gordon.


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